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Re: QB64 has to have the old stuff before any new stuff including the IDE.

by Laanan Fisher (no login)


FB had one chief, v1ctor. The "indians" were the other developers helping him to get his project done quickly. I guess v1ctor realized that user opinion is very important, so he and the other developers did all they could to make them happy, and a great language has come from it. As has been discussed, FB was never supposed to be 100% compatible, and contains just as much game-orientated stuff as QB64 does. I wish people would give some examples of this stuff..

> QB64 will have everything that FB has eventually. Including an ability to add Libraries and ASM. But how many more years do we have to wait?

I wouldn't try and compare QB64 to FB if I were you, nor would I make it a point to try and `compete`. If users want more game-orientated features, chances are it's in the best interest of the project to provide them. Same as if they want support for threading, or anything else. It's good to the people, not so much to other languages.

> I say NOT MANY or I'll go to FB just to piss em off!

That would be refreshing, though the mods over there tend to frown upon excessive fanaticism.

Posted on Nov 19, 2009, 2:43 PM

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FB people came here to ridicule QB64 2 years ago.Clippy on Nov 19
 Re: FB people came here to ridicule QB64 2 years ago.Laanan Fisher on Nov 19
  * Not true! They were told to quit by Vic....Clippy on Nov 19

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