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And the answer is... CHINA

by Pete (Login The-Universe)


And that's one damn deep rabbit hole.

I would be more of the Soup Nazi. Want to run QB64 on a 64K Tandy? NO SOUP FOR YOU! Will QB64 run on Windows 3.1? I don't know, will a computer that has Windows 3.1 installed in it actually run?

Also crap like Environ$. Do you support the one for DOS or for NTVDM? I believe the output is different.

I applaud Galleon for NOT being like Microsoft and screwing you over every new release. Trying to provide backwards compatibility is neat, but time it's also consuming and I think he is way over doing it. Just learn to say no at some point or someone will post: I just bought Stonehenge and I want to run it on QB64! (Actually Stonehenge was just Lego Land 3000 VC, but I digress.)

So far, QB64 refuses to run any version on Windows 98. That means it probably won't run on 95 or 3.1, either. Someone posted it won't run on ME. I should have asked him how roy was doing, because he must have bought it used from him. There can't be more than a single one of those POS OS's around.

I would have planned to support Windows at XP up. I would have only planned Linux if it was easier to do so than to complete Windows and go back, which I would assume would be the case. No new features until the compiler was finished and working well when tested by a growing community of hobbyist. After that, sure, add new stuff. I would only strive to make an IDE if I knew I could make it as an interpreter or otherwise step through code to debug it. would also make it a more modern looking complier and not try to clone the QB one.

All sad and done, a few of the users in the community that may one day exist would probably be better off with Galleon's approach than with mine, but I'd have a working compiler some months ago.


Posted on Nov 19, 2009, 7:46 PM

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