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I can't seem to do a whois lookup...

by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
ASM Forum


something about the maximum number of requests for the day had been reached.

This is what I got from GoDaddy:

The domain is expired.

Does anyone remember the IP address? The website may still be there, but just with no domain name. If it has a dedicated IP address, you should just be able to type the IP address into your web browser and still get to it. If it is sharing an IP address with other websites, then it is not quite as simple.

If the domain isn't renewed within 40 days of expiring, I guess someone can pull a Mark Wilhelm and grab it... :-P



Network54 did not let me post the quote from GoDaddy. It said: "Warning - Can not post this message. Please login and try again.". So, I am posting the link instead of the quote.


Network54 won't let me post the URL to GoDaddy. Same error message.

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Posted on May 14, 2011, 7:24 PM

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XOR 1Michael Calkins on May 14
 Re: XOR 1 * Hilarious! :-PChronoKitsune on May 15
 Just called him! TWO years ago I had to CALL him when he forgot to renew!Clippy on May 15
  * Wow. That's one busy guy! But really I jest. :)ChronoKitsune on May 15

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