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Back2BASIC #7 Deadline

by Imortis Inglorian (no login)

It's that time again. Back2BASIC #7 needs submissions. And this time there is a surprise!

A very generous person who wishes to remain anonymous has offered a $25 USD prize for the best article to be released for this issue! The offer did come with some conditions though.

The conditions are as follows:

1) The winning article should be in English.
2) It must be related to FreeBASIC.
3) Articles must be unpublished elsewhere to qualify.
4) A good technical article or tutorial should be judged as better than a political/rant/comic type article.

I added my own two conditions:
4) Must be submitted in a format that fits with my style guide
5) All staff of Back2BASIC (that would be me) are taken out of the running for the prize money.

All submissions will be excepted for this issue, but only ones that follow the above rules will be eligible for the prize money. The articles will be judged by me, using the following 20 point breakdown:

Up to 5 possible points for content.
-This is for grading the information in the article. Is it correct? Is it useful? 5 points will be awarded only if the information can not be considered common knowledge (ie. something you could find in the manual or freeBASIC wiki)
Up to 5 possible points for style.
-This is grading how the content is presented. Is the article entertaining as well as informative? Are lots of example given? Lots of pictures and code? 5 points will only be awarded for submissions that use code, screen shots or graphs, and detailed information about code to help explain their content.
Up to 5 possible points for Topic
-This is for grading how related the content is to freeBASIC. Is is using another language? If so, how much of the article as actually about freeBASIC, and how much is related to the other language? Any library that can be used in freeBASIC is considered related to freeBASIC. 5 points will only be awarded for submissions which are totally about freeBASIC

The final 5 points will be awarded based on the type of article:
1 point for comics
2 points for editorials/Rants or "political" type articles
3 points for simple tutorials (something that is easily figured out)
4 points for more complex tutorials (something that requires a bit more knowledge of programming to do, maybe explanations of how to use a library particular)
5 points for technical articles about techniques, algorithms, etc.

I know this is not a freeBASIC forum, but if this contest is successful, I would like to do it again for a general best article, not just freeBASIC related.

The deadline for submissions is July 31.

As always, send your submissions to

And may the best writer/coder win! Good luck!

Posted on Jun 24, 2012, 8:00 AM

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