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Is QbasicNews hacked?Anonymous on Dec 28
 That site suffers for too much security in the wrong places.Pete on Dec 28
  That is to say..The site suffers from too much security in the wrong places.Pete on Dec 28
  Re: That site suffers for too much security in the wrong places.BadMrBox on Dec 28
  Re: That site suffers for too much security in the wrong places.E.K.Virtanen on Dec 30
   The Webmaster should just make and manipulate a ROBOTS meta tag for that.Pete on Dec 30
ComputerGhost Website V4.0 is uploaded!ComputerGhost on Dec 29
ASCII-World 2.0E.K.Virtanen (ex lurah) on Dec 10
 yeah, that "key" is great until it's your "turn"mennonite on Dec 10
  Hello mennoE.K.Virtanen on Dec 10
   *tunge se perseeseesmennonite on Dec 10
    That replyE.K.Virtanen on Dec 10
     which brings me right back to my original point!mennonite on Dec 10
      boring.E.K.Virtanen on Dec 11
       *don't let the door hit your ascii on your way back to lurahisrightworld!menno on Dec 11
 Pimp my website!That guy from Extreme Homepage Makeover. on Dec 10
  Re: Pimp my website!Anonymous on Dec 11
   Re: Pimp my website!take a guess on Dec 11
    I guess you!Pete on Dec 11
     Re: I guess you!10 points and parrot sticker. on Dec 11
      Rats, I already have a parrot sticker!Pete on Dec 11
       what "2.0" means and why lurah will be back to arguemennonite on Dec 12
        Hey, it was mennoshow issue #15E.K.Virtanen on Dec 12
         i prefer to call it "radio lurahisamoron"mennonite on Dec 12
        I realised that im gettin enjoy of this.Hey, im back. on Dec 13
         no i'm not suddenly tiredmennonite on Dec 13
          MorningParrot on Dec 13
           uh, i didn't ban drv, i banned the other guymennonite on Dec 13
            that was better i actually waitedE.K.Virtanen on Dec 14
       Re: Rats, I already have a parrot sticker!Anonymous on Dec 12
        No, don't go! Now I'm going to miss out on having what most married men have...Pete on Dec 12
         Re: No, don't go! Now I'm going to miss out on having what most married men have...E.K.Virtanen on Dec 12
          Funny, I thought you were all Finnish here?Pete on Dec 13
           hi peteE.K.Virtanen on Dec 14
  Just wondering.E.K.Virtanen on Dec 14
   Me thinks not, but then I really don't track these things...Pete on Dec 15
 I'm a few days late on a response, but...ComputerGhost on Dec 12
  P.S.: The FAQ's font color differs from that of other areas of the site.ComputerGhost on Dec 12
   **no text aboveComputerGhost on Dec 12
*Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still deadThe "Qmunity" on Dec 9
what wrong with on May 24
 What "useful downloads"Mac on May 24
  * Libraries and mouse routines probably.rpgfan3233 on May 25
  *VBD, etc.Fumador on May 26
 *QB45all it's still closedFumo on Sep 10
  somad_man1 on Dec 6
My site I have been working on...Corey on Sep 6
* Did ASCII-World disappear?Kristopher Windsor on Sep 1
 No, it didn't, it changed servers.MystikShadows on Sep 1
  * Oh, okay. I liked the old link better, though. :-DKristopher Windsor on Sep 1
My QBasic SIteKristopher Windsor on Jul 29
 * Windsor on Aug 1
QB Express #21Pete Berg on Jul 18
My First TutorialKristopher Windsor on Jun 21
 Cool tutorial -- Would you be interested in having it published in QB Express?Pete Berg on Jun 26
  * Speaking of QB Express, will you release it soon? {:-D)'TzmNe!!! on Jul 6
   * Latest QB Express has been released.Moneo on Jul 17
A little friendly competition to liven things up. ;-)MystikShadows on Jun 12
 Cute idea. Hey, if you ever publish a centerfold issue, let me know.Donald Trump on Jun 12
A Programmer's Search MachineFumador on May 22
QB Express #20Pete Berg on May 14
QB Express #19!Pete Berg on Mar 27
 * Where is the next QB Express? :DKristopher Windsor on May 11
My new QB site...matthewr2_1 on Mar 22
QBE still on the waynot really pete berg on Mar 18
HELP ME PLZdrew on Feb 20
url's to 'apostrophe (*um, URL's....)mennonite on Feb 14
QB Express #18Pete Berg on Jan 29
QB Express #17Pete Berg on Jan 13
The Code Post is returningDav on Jan 8
 it's about time, toomennonite on Jan 8
  Thanks ...Dav on Jan 9
NEW QB site being launched (URL*)Benjamin on Jan 6
 Nice designmennonite on Jan 6
'apostrophe [issue 1] now availablemennonite on Jan 2
QB Express #16 Now AvailablePete Berg on Nov 26
 layout errorMichael Calkins on Dec 3

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