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Message TitleAuthor and Date
New site ASCII-Worldlurah on Apr 8
QB Express Issue #8 Now Available!Pete Berg on Apr 8
V'GERMac on Apr 8
New Forum FormatMac on Apr 8
Need your helplagas on Feb 27
Pyramid IssuePodrock on Nov 3
 *Wrong forum... go to "The QBasic Forum" linkIldûrest on Nov 4
Comments/Suggestions/Requestswildcard on Dec 12
 Re: Comments/Suggestions/Requestsrae_rae on Oct 13
  Care to elaborate on "formatting a phone number output"?For wildcard on Oct 14
   I wrote a program that will correctly format the user's input to a phone number.Solitaire on Oct 16
    thatd be coolcody on Oct 17
    Program to format the user's input to a USA phone number.Solitaire on Oct 31
   sorry for the late replyrae_rae on Oct 31
    Heh, pretty late OK, rae-raeMac on Oct 31
DelaysThe Editor on Aug 3
If you need another contributor for articleslkt153 on Jan 10
 I'll send you an email*wildcard on Jan 10
Volume 4 Issue 1 releasedwildcard on Jan 4
 Two points:Mac on Jan 4
  Re: Two issueswildcard on Jan 5
Qbasic: The MagazineMagnaUnum on Dec 11
 windows xp /ms-dosDon Miller on Dec 16
  I posted this on the QBasic Forum, tooto Don Miller on Dec 17
I've just decided to cotribute full time in this mag. ;*)Relsoft on Dec 16
This magazine needs a forum - OK - Here is one!Mac on Dec 11

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