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To everybody who's dying to know 'bout LMdJ..

April 29 2004 at 2:52 PM
Arwen Evenstar  (Login stylo_babe23)
from IP address


Please check this link. A visitor has made a post about the final episode of LMdJ.

Warning : This message contains some major spoiler!!!




Murder spoilers

Honestly I haven't watched the entire episodes and the final episode, now LMJ only aired twice a week in Indonesia. But I'm trying to make the chronology of murders for my own assumption since the first death.
What I know that Altagracia is the leader of the gang. Isabel and Juan Morela's death were done by Altagracia and perhaps Juaca helped her. Isabel's ghost met Gloria - if I'm not wrong - saying about a betrayal among those people (Laura or Marina ?)and she will be eliminated.
I think the women cooperated for the first time (actually their first victim is Adalberto - the other worker beside Leoncio - who they killed 20 years ago as he raped Laura) when they kill the two workers. And the woman who going around in the bunker one night before two workers killed was Laura - Buenaventura recognized her. Laura owns the key while Chichita's hands wounded as she killed the female worker with the rope.
I think Buenaventura's murder was out of plan since Laura wouldn't agree of it and Altagracia said to herself that she didn't do it. So it's probably Chichita who did it.
Who killed Sagrario was Ismael.Ivon and a police were also the hands of LMJ. But all of them were murdered to keep the secret of LMJ. I think that Simone was in this group too but it was never solved until the end - probably for the audience's ambiguity.
Who tries to attack Gloria might be Ricarda because it's impossible for Chichita to leave hospital and brought camera from her home.
And these people don't pretend they hate each other. I think there is a strange spiritual commitment that joined them.
And Laura didn't involve in Carmen's death because she wa sbeing followed by Ernesto to the church.
The murderers of two police: They must be Chichita and Ricarda.
Two women who shot Marcos are Gloria and Juaca.
I haven't watched Emma's homicide, so I can't make any assumption. Do i miss something ?

It's a warning for audience in Malaysia:
After 100 episodes I think almost all secrets have been solved - including the priest's murderer - except who LMJ is. I think the scriptwriter had been running out of idea and there's no plot anymore. They just kill the characters as many as possible so you won't care about the victims anymore, you just want them to open the judas mask - they even create the silly love story between Calixto and the female investigator

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The spoilers actually don't really matter

April 30 2004, 3:37 PM 

Actually there are many holes in LMJ script. But who cares ? This is the best worst telenovela ever made with guilty pleasure. A mistery series usually ends leaving the audience with full of ambiguity.

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