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Re: Recent additions to the product line....

October 30 2006 at 7:20 AM
asg  (no login)

Hi Forumers,

I am the proud owner of the HW Z2. I truly love this watch and wear it at my weekend watch for doing things around the house, playing with my son and just plain sporting/casual activities. This watch is worth every penny I have paid for it as I just love the case, strap, lugs, dial, hands, luminous material etc. The watch is comfortable and truly gorgeous to look at, all my opinions of course.

With this said, I just saw the picture of the Agassi model below, which I also would LOVE to have....

I saw some advertisements recently or PR blurbs somewhere with the new Ocean chrono line, two-tone RG and Zalium I believe as a standard production Z2 model.

I must say, that seeing these "new" versions has me slightly dissapointed as I am sure the Z1 owners are as well with regard to the release of the Ocean retrograde model in the RG or WG case.

For me, part of the desire for owning a HW timepiece was its rarity. I personally enjoyed the fact that HW appeared to be able to offer extremely limited runs of a watch and didn't care if demand could be 2, 5, 20 times as many pieces. It was hard to find my Z2 and that made it more exciting...I just stumbled upon it . While I am sure that demand must have been greater than supply as I believe most of the watches are sold out from AD's, I was left with a pit in my stomach when I heard of the release of these as "standard" production offerings now.

So, I feel that I paid a premium for a HW Rare Timepiece, and that my Rarity was only exclusive for a short 10 month stint....I personally believe that HW is trying to capitalize on the success of these models thus, in a way, lessening the rarity of the models, movements, materials etc and taking away some of the lust I personally felt towards my timepiece.

AP, I feel has done this in a way as well with all the LE Offshore offerings they have come out with since the world has gone mad again for the design, and HW is not going to do the same with regular production of this model. While I am a businessman too, I completey understand that the company needs to capitalize and give the market what it wants....but there should be a way to allow the early adopters and customers to still keep what was sold to them as a concept....a Rare Watch.

There were only supposed to be 250 Z2's made, not toally rare, but rare enough for me to pay the premium. Just my personal thoughts which I felt like sharing. I still love what HWRT is doing and look forward to seeing their growth, especially in the US where the market is ripe for watcehs like the Ocean line.



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