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November 29 2006 at 4:44 PM

bernardcheong  (Login bernardcheong)
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Response to May I ask who will be servicing this beauty.....

HWRT is already about to have its own fully functioning and supporting factory..more news later.

Opus devices like the Opus 5 specifically, is not a difficult to service or repair machine, like a minute repeater, but....both HWRT and the URWERK folk are more than capable. And in 100 years if they are NOT around, the Opus 5 will be serviceable...such is the beauty of its has no " ridiculously difficult to manufacture" parts inside. More importantly, the Opus 5 is a watch that does not have "breakable" parts..more likely it needs lubrication, and if dropped on the floor...reallignments.

Thank goodness that unlike cars, watches don't use combustion or high voltages as a source of power. These will damage or go out of date.

Spring driven machines using the tension of a metal coil...these will last forever. I just had a 300 year old clock with a unique balance, Opus 5 is almost "simple" to the experienced watchmaker.

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