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Specially Directed to Dr. Bernard Cheong

September 17 2006 at 12:01 AM
Samuel Lock  (no login)

I recently had the privilege of reading one of your brilliantly written articles on watch collecting in "The Peak Selections Timepieces," namely "Tri-Hands and Wild Cards." I'm by no means considered a big time watch collector, but I'm inspired to start my own little collection. I'm in the market for a chronograph so I wish to seek your professional opinion on the AMVOX2 Chronograph by Jaeger LeCoultre. I appreciate your time and help.

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(Login bernardcheong)
AP Discussion Group

AMVOX 2 is quite a different kinda wristwatch.

September 18 2006, 6:06 PM 

You must be referring to the ltd series in titanium.

Even the normal one is quite an unusual watch.

The vertical trigger, and locking system...with the parts in red...44mm.

It's not an art piece or anywhere near an Aston Martin even, for the sake of a marketing comparison. However, it is quite an interesting arrangement of the functions and the levers.

JLC pieces from the Master range have never been a platform for aesthetics.

What it lacks is a great dial arrangement, it could do with a more intricate and better finished dial...but that would cost a lot more. The hands too could be a tad more refined. However...that is Jaegar. It must be their DNA.

Since this is a Harry Winston forum,these external and aesthetic elements are important to HWRT. It is part of HWRT DNA to have almost a flawless aesthetic edge in the visible parts, especially the dials. This is also important in many companies with a huge tradition in fine jewelry...like Chopard for eg.

I like the AMVOX in the same way I like the IWC Cal 5000 and its cohorts.

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Samuel Lock
(no login)

Worthy "Investment?"

September 19 2006, 8:47 PM 

I do agree that the watch needs aesthetic refinements, especially the hands. Then again, JLC Master Series are lacking in the aesthetic dept.

On a different note, do you think that there's going to more watches like the AMVOX2 hitting the watch market? I think, more of less, other watch companies are going to imitate the vertical trigger system of the AMVOX2. Other than the high end watch sector, many watches lack their own unique "DNA."

The retail price of this watch is $25800 Singapore Dollars, do you think it's worth the money?

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(Login bernardcheong)
AP Discussion Group

I think it is worth it.

September 19 2006, 11:18 PM 

The upcoming chronograph movements over the next 5 years are going to cost between $35,000 to $200,000...yikes.

So...even if some new ones are coming, and even if they look like the AMVOX, they will be very expensive.

There will be one or two at $18,000 below...I expect, but they will be of a status lower than the JLC.

I am of course not talking about the old eta/valjoux/etc ones here.

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(no login)

Re: I think it is worth it.

September 21 2006, 7:43 AM 


can you please clarify the following statement :

"The upcoming chronograph movements over the next 5 years are going to cost between $35,000 to $200,000...yikes."

So are you saying that chronograph movements from Chopard, Zenith, Rolex (just to name a few in-house movements) wont be available below those prices in the next 5 years ?


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