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September 22 2006 at 5:00 AM
Samuel Lock  (no login)

Dr Bernard Cheong,
Just today, I read an interesting write-up by Dr Thomas Mao on the tourbillon craze in "Tic Talk" magazine. The article talks about traditional tourbillons versus mass produced ones. Subsequently, an analogy was used on high grade chronographs and calibre 7750 powered chronographs. I'm interested in what your views are on chronographs. What is considered a high grade chronograph? Manual winding versus automatic winding? Attributes to look for in a chronograph? Appreciate your time & help.

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Samuel Lock
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Would Like Dr. Bernard Cheong's View

September 25 2006, 11:19 PM 

Please kindly read the previous post and elaborate on your views. Thank you for your time...

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(Login bernardcheong)
AP Discussion Group

Hi Samuel. Apologies for the late reply.

September 26 2006, 5:34 PM 

The making of a "great" chronograph is a question that has not yet been totally adressed.

My personal take on this is that there is an incredible amount of headroom for the addition of sophisticated arrangements that are still possible with this "stop watch cum watch" arrangement.

Of course, the classic Datograph and the RM004 are the current exotic and probably the most respected chronos around.

That taken, if you look at the cost of those machines...they are incredibly expensive.

It cannot be compared to a 7750...however, that did not stop me, as a collector from avoiding any 7750 or other more basic calibers of chronographs.

Imagine how much we would miss out on the Omega Speedmasters, Rolex Daytonas, Zeniths, IWC with and without splits, and so many other aesthetically and interesting chrongraphs.

I still love chronographs because of their visually appealing dials and the additional two to three bottons on the case...it sounds almost playfully childish, but it is true...it makes this a hobby, and a study of what makes life "interesting"...there is no really absolute "better or best", there are too many soft parameters of comparison.

I still love my old Omega Speedmaster manual wind original moonwatch model...and it is a hundredth of the price of an RM004!

Manaul wind, or automatic, and the amount of finish to the movement...these comparisons will be the same as for any watch, without a chrono.

For the hardcore chronograph fans, there will always be specific items...like how the clutch operates, or the column wheels architecture, or even the absence of a column wheel....endless.

Expand the collection you have with watches you LOVE...they will become a legacy of your own life, the values you have chosen...take a touch of what others say, including my own two cents of advice, but for what it is worth...the watches you collect, has to reflect the values you hold most dear.

Personally, at this moment, the scientifically desirable timers are electronic...that's what we use in surgery.

These mechanical devices are at this point in time, for me, pieces of technical art...accuracy and performance are important, to the extent of expressing itself as an artform. But not to the overwhelming state that may make the watch..ugly.

Hope this helps!

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