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Lovely day for cricket!

May 6 2016 at 7:48 AM
Geoff B  (Login Coastalview)

I know it's impossible to forecast the weather but it looks like we have 3 lovely cricket watching/listening days between games.

On a personal level I was reduced to listening to the usual politically driven drivel on the radio yesterday instead of my favored cricket drivel.

We do when it comes to late May and June start getting cricket everyday and the regimented Sunday starts go out of the window to fit things in.

Would it not be worth a shot staggering the starts in the early season so that cricket is available for those that crave it every day!

Perhaps div 2 matches could be played Wed to Sat. It would certainly give them more air time and would quite likely increase the walk-up from starved cricket lovers whose team aren't playing.

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(Login matthefish2002)

Re: Lovely day for cricket!

May 6 2016, 9:36 AM 

I know that county championship games are started on a Sunday so clubs can host T20 games on Friday nights but don't understand why this has to apply this early in the season. Why not start games on a Friday in April and early May then working people have more chance of seeing some cricket.
On an earlier thread low crowds at Derbyshire, Northants and Leicestershire was discussed. Sometimes cricket doesn't help itself with getting more people in.
Be interested to see how the season is structured with another reorganisation in 2017.

(Login marskeman)

Re: Lovely day for cricket!

May 6 2016, 12:03 PM 

Historic data shows Saturday has the lowest championship crowds. Most championship followers are also interested in league cricket. Playing, umpiring, supporting. Avoid Saturday championship cricket like the plague.

(Login Otley)

Re: Lovely day for cricket!

May 6 2016, 12:55 PM 

And yet our Championship game at Old Trafford starts on a Saturday. Not only that, it's the first day of the Premier League season so there's a 50:50 chance there'll be a soccer game on as well on Sat or Sunday. Just been booking hotels and, for those nearby, they cost 3 times as much on Sat night than Sun or Mon.

We're playing them at home over the traditional May Bank holiday and 2 years ago also played the away game over Aug Bank Holiday - why not this year?

I think the idea of Div 2 starting on Tues or We'd at this time of year is brilliant. There were several Leics members (getting in free I believe) at Trent Bridge this week, I wonder how often their home games clash. I had a lovely day at Chesterfield last year watching their Div 2 game v Glamorgan when we weren't playing. Can't go this year as we are playing at Scarborough. Met a guy there during our Div 1 game 3 years ago who is trying to see every County at home v every other county. He was half way through the mission a dozen or so years after retiring. Now there's a challenge worthy of Jim Phelps!

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