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Re: Weather forecasts

September 4 2016, 9:27 PM 

Why the obsession with taking players from other counties? We seem to the doing well enough as we are!
If feel further outside additions would not be beneficial for the long term development of the team.

My addition to the rumour mill: I was talking to a Durham official at York when the 2nds played a recent 50 over game. He said neither Duckett or Brothwick should end up at Yorks. Surrey and Warks were mentioned as possible destination IF they move. Brothwick was considered the more likely of the two to change counties.


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Re: Weather forecasts

September 4 2016, 10:40 PM 

Have you been checking our scored S-D? Apart from when we've had Bairstow (& for one match Root) our top order have been missfiring all season. Our most consistent batsman has been Bresnan whilst Patterson, Brooks & Sidebottom have saved our bacon in a few matches.

Admittedly England are partially to blame. Early on the season Ballance looked awful, then managed to score a hundred at Scarborough. Anyone who saw the knock would have realised that Gary needed more matches to recover his form. Of course England called him up. He returned to Yorkshire still out of form.

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Re: Weather forecasts

September 4 2016, 10:46 PM 

I was responding to comments made about Duckett, replacing Hodd with him to me would benefit the long term development of the side. I don't see what is wrong with looking to bring in 2 domestic players given we're continually let down by our top order and we continually fail to win silverware in limited overs.

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Re: Weather forecasts

September 4 2016, 11:59 PM 

To be fair, we're doing as well as we are partly due to players that have been signed from other counties. Aside from that, we've been very lucky with a lot of talented players coming through our academy in a short period of time, that is not guaranteed to continue though and the credentials of the next generation are not as strong. Finally, the talk is of signing a domestic player in place of an overseas as we would be more sure about their availability, so this player would not be taking up an extra slot anyway.

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