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Re: leeds

September 3 2016, 10:01 PM 

will you be there Blackpool peter for all four days?

I cannot get there tuesday or wednesday, but will be there thursday and friday as long as the game is still alive and not dependant on yorkshire setting, or chasing a target.

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Re: leeds

September 4 2016, 12:08 AM 

Peter, you are an absolute clown. As it happens I agree to an extent that Yorkshire could be more assertive at times, but the way you express yourself- your self-righteous, dismissive, arrogant, obtuse manner- renders your argument absolutely worthless. You talk about Moxon and Gillespie as if they haven't got a clue: they have over 40yrs experience in FC and international cricket; you're a hotelier from Blackpool with an inordinate obsession with weather forecasts (despite them again being proven incorrect on Friday). We all have our opinion but most are able to recognise thay ours isn't the only valid comment on any situation...

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Re: leeds

September 4 2016, 2:17 AM 

You can't rely on the forecast, Franklin said the exact same as Gale. Just look at T2O finals day according to the forecasts we'd be lucky to get any play let alone 3 full matches.

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