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Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 5:48 PM 

A Champions day happy.gif

(Login Harrogate50)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 6:09 PM 

Hopefully the naysayers will be getting fat on humble pie....

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 6:19 PM 

I think that has to be the day of our season with early wickets when needed, a healthy lead then extended and late wickets again to strengthen our hand.

Durham and Colly won't go down without a fight but please God don't let the weather intervene tomorrow.

Well done Lyth and Lees who batted with the right urgency and caution and well done the seamers for plugging away. I hope they all had sufficient rest with their feet up in the afternoon session to come back tomorrow and complete the job.

Somersets win keeps them in the hunt and the last two games are mouthwatering clashes versus our closest rivals for the title.

My diary is stuffed full of meetings next week which limits my chances of a Headingley trip but the week after at Lords sees me with meetings on Wednesday morning. This should be done by 11-30 and then a swift cab to Lords with a half hour London meeting in need of urgent planning for Thursday at 9am the order of the day!

(Login Blackpooltyke)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 6:28 PM 

Absolutely brilliant day again.

But its not over yet. Middlesex can still win, if they do we tie at the top (assuming we win).

Big day tomorrow, and a big match next week...why can't we have this sort of cricket all summer long instead of this white ball stuff?

Old Feller
(Login Old_Feller2)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 7:24 PM 

"Peter (Login Blackpooltyke)
Posted Sep 8, 2016 6:28 PM

Absolutely brilliant day again.

But its not over yet. Middlesex can still win, if they do we tie at the top (assuming we win).

Big day tomorrow, and a big match next week...why can't we have this sort of cricket all summer long instead of this white ball stuff? "

Hard to disagree with this except that it was only watched by a relative handful of people - mainly retired with the odd student thrown in.
Unlike T20 which for at least one game had 17000 in the ground.

(Login howden73)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 7:35 PM 

Thanks to Yorkshire for the impressive way they have (almost) ground down our relegation rivals Durham - finish the job tomorrow. I hope you are not "cheated" by the weather for a second match running like you were against another of our relegation rivals Hampshire who gained an undeserved five extra points to put more pressure on us.

It looks like Durham will end up one point ahead of us with two games each to play.

I hope we do OK against Middlesex next week - a rain-affected draw might not be the worst result.happy.gif

Shame you cannot lend us any bowlers - we wouldn't take 20 wickets against even Div Two sides at the moment.

(Login howden73)

Dougie Brown

September 8 2016, 7:49 PM 

By saying this, Brown will be able to order a similar wicket in their probable "must-win" game against Lancashire at Edgbaston in the final round of matches.

If Warwicks get a two-day win to ensure safety, they can hardly expect a points penalty after Somerset escaped punishment.

500 v 500 "roads" are a blight on cricket, but two-day matches are also ridiculous.

David in Morley
(Login DavidinMorley)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 8:02 PM 

You need to give Mr. Chapple and his Zimmer frame a run out!!

(Login _JG_)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 8:27 PM 

Chapple's retirement was going to come sooner or later given his age, I think it was the loss of Kyle Hogg at more or less the same time which really hurt Lancs. On a more short-term level, the loss of Wagner to NZ duty looks to have been a big blow while Jarvis is the kind of bowler who blows hot or cold, and beyond these two there's not much quality.

Back to our game, and pretty much the perfect day for us! I had a feeling we might clean them up in overcast conditions this morning which we duly did. I totally agreed with the decision to then bat again which the two openers and Ballance did a superb job of- pushing on when ahead in the third innings not something we've necessarily done brilliantly in the past- and to cap it all off three wickets before the close to get us well on our way. The forecast for tomorrow looks fine- no more than a 20% chance of rain at any point during the hours of play- so I'm very hopeful that we'll seal a 23 point win by the early afternoon. Whether Notts can keep their side of the bargain however...

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(Login Tyke1950)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 8:39 PM 

I take your point Old Feller, but it's hardly surprising that a series of games that take place midweek over a period of days don't attract a bigger audience.
Given that the Championship takes place, for the most part, at the beginning and end of the season, when the weather is often inhospitable, when children are at school and with clubs largely deprived of international stars, I think attendances are surprisingly good. Granted the bulk of the attendees are retired and granted the competition is so low key as to be anonymous to the national news media; however, the old trope about grounds being populated by two men (a vicar and a travelling salesman) a dog, several pieces of waste paper and a few pigeons is completely wrong.
Yorkshire is exceptionally well supported - usually 2,000 plus for a day's play and often a good deal more - but other clubs also have a loyal band of devotees. Trips to Taunton, or Hove or Worcester or Canterbury will reveal good numbers present.

For me, the wonder is that so many people regularly attend the games.

I'd urge everybody who can to get to Headingley next week for the match against Somerset. Given good weather, several thousand will be there and the entertainment will be excellent.
Should the Championship depend on the outcome of Yorkshire's match against Middlesex at Lords, it may well be that attendances there will far exceed those enjoyed at Scarborough last month. Despite the best efforts of the ECB, the Championship manages to thrive.

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 8:44 PM 

I'm still waiting for England to arrange some last minute internationals over the next two weeks against Scotland or similar....

(Login marskeman)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 9:10 PM 

as well as people actually attending matches, there is a huge interest over the internet and radio commentaries.

(Login mihall)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 9:15 PM 

Attended last two days & the team's spirit has shone through. Even on day 2 when things not going well they worked hard, slowed the run rate & took wickets of batsmen who had got in. When the crowd gave players some stick over dropped catches the players remained strong. Bowling late on day 2 was excellent in good batting conditions & this morning they got their reward with continued attacking bowling making best of the new ball.

While I think we will win I think fair chance ( 50/50) Middlesex will win too. Whatever should be a fascinating day in this great finish to Championship.

(Login WibseySimon55)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 9:47 PM 

That was indeed a wonderful day, worth my 6.30 start not to miss a moment of it.

Lowering black cloud and the lights on at 10.30, so we had to open bowling with Lyth and Rafiq. I was hoping that Adam would get a wicket before 11, to complement his (five?) dismissals. But that was not to be.
The cloud turned to big fat raindrops for about two minutes, enough for the NE Upper to find its umbrellas, and for the umpires to call them off. Back on so soon I wonder if Cricinfo had time to note rain stopped play?

Then blue sky, scudding high clouds, warm sunshine and a perfect cricket-watching temperature all day, right up to the long shadows of the late September afternoon. It was beautiful.

As were Yorkshire. In the morning, a steady chipping away with good bowling; a cluster of wickets including a peach of a ball from Siddy to clip Turnham's stump; and a very good catch by Lyth to account for a still-injured Richardson (whom we peppered mercilessly). Hodd's take to dismiss McCarthy deserves a mention -- as he took it I wasn't sure that Jonny would have managed. Durham's lower order had given us such trouble at Chester-le-Street (they were two hundred and odd for 4 there, remember, and went on to 507/8) that this morning's hour-and-a-half turning them over was deeply satisfying. Well done the bowlers, and with a man missing too.

Then Lyth and Lees batted masterfully. It was 2014 all over again. They could take some chances, the game position allowed them room, and Lees rode a bit of luck early on when he was looking to give it some impetus (and succeeding). But they were stylish and strong and looked in complete control. Such a good decision not to enforce the follow-on, what with the sun shining, the pitch still apparently true, no Patto, and the batsmen clearly up for it. Durham's bowling, it has to be said, seemed indifferent or insipid. They looked as if they felt down and out from the beginning, bowling for the declaration once we had got to 50 for 0. But they did bowl to their fields; a lot of our singles were in fact firmly struck shots that found men in the deep.

The icing on the cake was three wickets in the evening session. And what wickets, given their top-order strength and their history against us -- Stoneman, Jennings, Burnham. The crowd loved that 16 over session. A hush fell -- you could hear a pin drop -- as Sidebottom ran in for each ball. But I don't think many people realised Brooks-y was on a hat-trick on the second ball of his third over. There was support, and cheering, but nothing like what he got at Scarborough. (Mind you, he wasn't flailing his arms to encourage us this time!)

Cricket can hold awful surprises, we know. But tomorrow should be ours. It's not a bad fourth-day pitch, although one or two balls steepled this evening, and one or two have already grubbed. And Patto is back.

(Login WhiteroseDave)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 10:42 PM 

Brilliant to read people's reports of what must have been a wonderful day to attend. Let's hope for just as good a day tomorrow. At least 3 wickets for us and 4 for Notts by lunch please.


Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: tomorrow

September 8 2016, 11:04 PM 

I'm surprised to see reports of poor attendances. I thought there was a huge crowd (by modern standards) on each of the first two days - perhaps 4,000? Fewer present today, but still okay, given that at least one weather site had us down for a morning deluge. I, for one, turned up late because I saw no prospects of play before lunch, and it was hissing down at 9am where I live, 40 miles west.

(Login _JG_)

Re: tomorrow

September 9 2016, 12:32 AM 

Must have been a great day to attend today. I'm planningg on going one day next week- which day is the big decision though!

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