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(Login Dwight_Schrute)

Re: bonus points

September 9 2016, 7:49 PM 

Everyone is of course delighted with the win. Peter getting stick here, but i'm more concerned that people aren't that bothered about bonus points and don't see a missed point as an issue.

It may not come down to bonus points, but should both teams win their penultimate match and then draw at Lord's, it will. Hardly beyond the realms..

(Login Blackpooltyke)

Re: bonus points

September 9 2016, 8:20 PM 

I think the reason that at least in modern times its so hard to keep winning the title is simply because the best team provides more players for team england.

If middlesex go on to win this season and next, you can be sure that they will supply 4 or 5 players to england just as we have done this season.

In football its much easier for a top team to stay dominant as their players are not lost to england, in fact the entire premiership and championship is cancelled should england have a match.

As dwight says, its very likely that next week both us and middx will achieve the same result then bonus points will be important. As whichever team leads will only have to achieve a draw and will be less concerned about bad weather. We may need to chase the game and end up losing, when if we had managed to eek out even a 1 point lead, it would be middlesex who would need to do better than us.

We should look at the middx game as a likely 11 or 12 point draw, in which case next week will go a long way to decide the destination of the title this season.

(Login stevebluejay)

Re: bonus points

September 9 2016, 8:27 PM 

Of course bonus points are vitally important, but i wonder if Middlesex have missed out on the odd extra point or two in similar circumstances to us this season?

Genuine question and i would expect that they have, so for me it is swings and roundabouts and i am sure that we have gleaned the odd extra point or two in unexpected situations as well, if fact i remember being at Headingley on the May Bank Holiday Sunday against Lancs when i am sure it was Hodd and Patto gave us a late 50 pus stand to get us over the 300 mark, or i was dreaming! Mind you my memory is fading.

The Durham game seems that we missed an extra point with lacklustre batting towards the end of our innings, but i wasn't there so i've left it to others to determine if that was so, but overall we've closed the gap on Middlesex, so for me it has been a good week.

I still think for both us and Middlesex the equation is easy, win both games and your champions, obviously weather and other issues will play a part, but for me bonus points and won and lost in differing ways all season and usually the best sides gain the most.

(Login stevebluejay)

Re: bonus points

September 9 2016, 8:37 PM 

I agree 100% Peter.

It is just a fact that the more successful you are, the more your players are poached, in cricket it is by England and in football, the lesser clubs see their players leave to the big boys, hence the successful clubs in both sports can fluctuate.

As has been said as well, having the England players being made available guarantees nothing, especially in white ball cricket, which i suppose is a bit more of a lottery anyway.

That is why sometimes we have to look at the transfer system as well as promoting our promising younger players, as call ups severely test a squad strength over a long campaign in differing formats.

That is why i can see the sense in a club like Northants gearing their campaign towards the T20 competition over the other formats although it guaranteed nothing, having a settled squad for them obviously helped!

(Login Blackpooltyke)

Re: bonus points

September 9 2016, 8:43 PM 

everyone talks about settled squads become more successful, but really its the other way round.

A successful club becomes more settled, after all who would want to change a winning team?

perhaps thats where we went wrong in white ball cricket this season, being obliged to change our winning team when our england players became available, had we stuck with the team that got us to 2 semifinals and we may still be on for the treble.

(Login sooty-yorkie1)

Re: bonus points

September 9 2016, 8:58 PM 

I think it is true, chopping and changing rarely brings a winning team.

(Login Spanishnick)

Re: bonus points

September 10 2016, 2:27 PM 

Having just scanned a couple of comments I really cant be bothered to read the rest of this thread. All I know is that was a commanding 4 day performance which had champions written all over it. I was unexpectedly able to attend on the last day and I cant recall when I was last so relaxed watching a fourth day. From first ball to last it never once crossed my mind that we wouldn't bowl Durham out and win handsomely. I glanced up at the clouds far more often than I did the scoreboard. Somerset got the better of a freakish game at Taunton this week but I cant imagine theyre looking forward to coming to Headingley. Middlesex are a very good team but they must feel like a gazelle being chased by a lion.
My main concern is the unpredictable English weather. Hope its kind to us.

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