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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 6:20 PM 

East Coast Type - sorry was referring to the later post not yours

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September 13 2016, 6:27 PM 

Bresnan is 18 months younger than Gale.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 6:52 PM 

Agree re Leaning but could Willey do any worse with the bat than Gale as well as improve bowling and fielding.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 7:27 PM 

To clarify, Lehmann "going off like a train" was courtesy of an inside edge just past stumps and diving keeper first ball and then a nick in between keeper and first slip third ball...

I don't think conditions have played as much of a part in this match as some people are suggesting. I didn't notice any more movement for the Somerset bowlers in the evening session, they were just able to put the ball in the right place on a far more consistent basis than any of the our bowlers bar Siddy could manage and reaped the rewards of that. More iffy batting from us helped of course, with Lees playing an indeterminate prod at a ball in the channel, Ballance getting stuck on the crease (for a change) and Gale looking wholly unconvincing. Somerset have just played better, more discplined cricket- plain and simple.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 7:34 PM 

My opening post was wrong. Today could get worse than yesterday sadly.

Outplayed so fair play to Somerset who have experience with bat and ball and some promising youths coming through. Seasoned county players like Trego and Hildreth are just what good county teams need. They have benefitted from an overseas pro available all year whereas we have begged stolen and borrowed through desperation.

I find some of the insults re Gale disappointing. His leadership and professionalism are outstanding and he has been a good county batsman for the majority of his career. He's too young to give up as a player and he won't need telling by posters or coaches his batting has disappointed. But who would you pick instead and who would lead? Rhodes and Leaning have gone backwards and Callis is injured. Let's not open up the can of worms re Root and Bairstow again.

We don't have any divine right to win the title but on three occasions we have crumbled under the pressure of a big semi final or penultimate match. Our lads don't become bad players overnight and some maybe due to scheduling and mental application to adjust.

But they are still a great team I enjoy watching and I'll still head to lords next Wednesday.

Please will the faithful there tomorrow remember it's Dizzys last home game and look beyond this match when deciding how to send him off with a Yorkshire farewell

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 7:41 PM 

Pretty much how I saw it yesterday, JG.

I think we just have to accept that Somerset have been the better side - more focussed; stronger and more determined in all the disciplines.
We don't have a divine right to be the best all the time.
It's certainly not an occasion for flat panic. There have been some issues this season that will need to be addressed next year but there's no reason to suppose that Yorkshire won't remain a very competitive team.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 7:54 PM 

If we lose tomorrow (almost certain) and Middlesex win on Thursday (80% certain) they will need 4 points to take the title next week. They could get them with a loss!!.

A loss tomorrow, and Jason will have lost his first match and last match at Headingley in Division One, with not a single loss in between.

Gregory got his highest first class score today.

Did not think it could get worse than yesterday, it did not, but it was not any better either. Outplayed in this match in every facet of the game from ball one till close of play today.

We have a big problem, that needs sorting, from 3 to 5, especially if Ballance retains his test spot. An all season long overseas at 3 will fill one of the gaps. No idea how or who we get for the other one/two positions. Gale - out of form, Leaning & Rhodes even worse, no second teamers shouting for inclusion, Borthwick, Duckett, Davies gone elsewhere or not leaving. Maybe Willey or Bresnan as a batsman primarily and back up bowler to "spell" the main four (Siddy, Patto, Plunkett, Brooks)? Maybe someone from another club? Maybe Hodd up the order and play 6 bowlers? What ever the outcome, it needs sorting. We just cannot continue match after match getting nothing from our non-functioning middle order.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 8:03 PM 

Gale should retire and Hodd should leave as well. Moxon will be out of his depth over the coming months and what happens next season will probably reflect this.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 8:24 PM 

one thing really annoyed me today, though other people may think it trivial. the large green sheets were folded as usual, but they were covered in water. rashid bowled a couple of decent overs when the ball was driven onto the covers and got absolutely soaked, an almost new ball ruined. the look of disgust on tim bresnans face as he had to retrieve the wet ball was a picture. surely the ground staff could dry the covers, especially when we are bowling. of course the result next over was a leg spinner bowling full tosses because of a wet ball.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 9:05 PM 

Jacobus24 says, "Gale should retire and Hodd should leave as well. Moxon will be out of his depth over the coming months and what happens next season will probably reflect this."

Gillespie will be a difficult, if not impossible, act to follow as first team coach. YCCC are entering period of transition. Gale is not worth his place in the team as a batsman any longer and difficult decisions are going to be a regular feature over the next few years as older players begin to wane.

One possible solution would be to combine the salaries of coach and captain and bring in from outside a truly high quality batsman as captain and do without a coach. This would reflect the successful approach adopted by Somerset. They have a Director of Cricket (Matthew Maynard), just as we have Martyn Moxon. They do not have a Gillespie-style first team coach, and therefore, responsibility for the performance of the team rests squarely with Rogers as captain.

"But who this man would be I just don't know!"

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Leeds (Day 2)

September 13 2016, 9:13 PM 

So today wasn't good. But why should we expect it to? We lost to Middlesex at Scarborough & would probably have lost to Zumerset at Taunton but for the weather. We've won matches by fighting back after the top order failed against teams who don't expect to win. Against the better teams the lower order can't do it.

Today Somerset did a Yorkshire on Yorkshire. At 257-6 there was a chance we could get them out under 150 in front, only for Gregory & Overton to put on a 100 partnership. The new ball just went faster off the bat. Interestingly Ryan bowled 2 batsmen, both without playing a shot.

When we batted it was the same old Yorkshire batting. Lees edged a ball he had to play at whilst both Ballance & Gale were bowled by balls they played at. Lehmann must have used his season's luck edging on the fine leg .... The ball could have hit the stumps & the keeper nearly got to it. In the same over one flew threw a gap between slips.

I hope I'm wrong but I don't expect the match to last beyond tea tomorrow.

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A Season too Far

September 13 2016, 10:24 PM 

Well with six players in the various England Squads and perpetual England games all the season you become very dependent on your backup players. Most clubs couldn't take losing over half their best players for most of the season.Imagine how the top six Premier League managers would have reacted if they were told this!! Root will have played two county championship games all season, Bairstow 4 and Willey (who we signed at the start of the season) only 3. You can't go on like this. No wonder there are complaints about the County Championship declining when, as a spectator, you turn up for a game and none of the top players for both sides are playing. But you need the Counties to feed the demand of ever hungry test cricket!!
They've actually done well to win two championships and get near to it this season. The ideal for a club is to have good players but not ones that are quite good enough to get picked for England. That way you can keep your best side together.
I'm very concerned about Andrew Gales batting, His average is lower than Hodd's and Bresnan's. Perhaps time for a change of captaincy? However you do need a captain that plays regularly and doesn't get sucked into the England team.

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