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Re: middlesex

September 15 2016, 2:16 PM 

The idea that Gale would leave himself out in what could be his final game as captain and in a game that could win us the championship is fanciful. Even more fanciful that he would make way for Leaning.

Brooks has been good of late, but for a crucial game we probably have to gamble a bit. For me Plunkett has to play and Patto has to play. If Brooks plays as well then in effect Plunkett is replacing Lehmann, which is fine. Agree that the odds are that Leaning would not be as useful to us as a bowler who can bat given the form he has displayed.

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Re: middlesex

September 15 2016, 2:17 PM 

Middlesex 8 down and batting on . Gale would be slated for being too negative if we did that . Surely they have enough runs .

(Login _JG_)

Re: middlesex

September 15 2016, 7:13 PM 

Also agree that we couldn't rely on Leaning making more runs than Plunkett or Willey so we may as well play 5 seamers and move Bres up the order, which has the added benefit of meaning he's less likely to get stranded as he did in the first innings this week.

Brooks is the bowlers most likely to hit an inspired spell and blow a side away so must play for that reason; besides, with 5 seamers if 'bad Brooks' turns up it's not such an issue. Agree that Plunkett bowled quickly and looked threatening at Headingley as well as batting well so he's in. Patto, Siddy and Bres pick themselves.


Hopefully the lads will go into this game seeing it as an unexpected second chance rather than being affected by the thrashing we took this week...

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Re: middlesex

September 15 2016, 7:28 PM 

whats all this talk ' we need to win so must take 20 wickets'

we do not at all, need to take 20 wickets that is.

Its simple really, put middx in and bowl them out for no more than 349

bat and match somerset batting points

then if somerset are winning their game, middlesex will have to declare in order to give us a run chase in the hope that they will bowl us out to win the match. If they do not then they hand the title to somerset.

Of course, it would be better to bowl middx out twice and win by an innings, but its not the only way we can become champions.

even the bookies cannot make up their minds

middx 11/8
yorks 7/4
somerset 9/4

still think middx are a good bet at 11/8 but i will not be taking that as i got 5/2 on them after we refused to try to beat the lancys....but would be delighted to lose my bet happy.gif

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: middlesex

September 16 2016, 8:11 AM 

Too many ifs in your post To convince me.

Too many variable factors beyond our control.m

I am sure the mantra as before will be to pick the best available team to win the match. Full stop.

The fact that this means only debating one slot in the team is immaterial. We have to win and we have to aim to win by taking 20 wickets as Middlesex can bat for four days if they want assuming Somerset don't win.

Idle man
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Re: middlesex

September 16 2016, 8:59 AM 

I think Middlsex would be very stupid to expect anything from Somerset v Notts other than a Somerset win. This is why I was a little surprised that they didn't press for the win more at OT. Perhaps they are confident they can beat us. They'll get a bit of a shock if the ECB suddenly reverse their decision on Root and Bairstow, not that I'm expecting that, despite Dizzy's 'wait and see'.

There are still occasional predictions on the forum concerning the pitch, so I'm going to repeat that the groundsman is employed by the MCC, and over the years Middlesex have tended to grumble about his refusal to produce what they might need.

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