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Idle man
(Login Idle_man)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 1:37 PM 

So the possible explanations seem to me, in reverse order of awfulness:

1) Adil has an illness in the family, a private matter about which he said nothing until negativity developed about his absence.

2) Gillespie, Gale and Moxon were aware of the family issue, but made no reference to it in their own critical comments.

3) there was no relevant family issue of any gravity. Adil panicked at the negative comments and invented or massively exaggerated it.

I hope to God it's no 1 or something else I haven't thought of.

(Login tykeowl)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 1:44 PM 

Why mention tiredness at all if the reason is a family illness? If family comes first then why is tiredness relevant? Hope said family member is out of hospital soon or clearly he won't want to travel with England. I trust Gale and Gillespie instincts on this one unless they come out and support Adil's reasoning. Some of you guys are easily placated.

(Login Blackpooltyke)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 3:02 PM 

I have always liked Rashid, but I am sorry, I do not believe a word of his statement.

For me, he asked for a rest, thinking its no big deal and was surprised at the adverse reaction he got, so 'invented' a family emergency.....

I really do hope i am wrong.

(Login Martinh00)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 3:20 PM 

Maybe it is best that we just leave this to rest and see what transpires. Not sure it is particularly helpful to continue speculation about his motives. Seems to me we have to accept what he says and move on

(Login Fraisse10)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 3:23 PM 

When Patto's personal issue arose, it was clearly stated as such.

If Rashid had a similar issue, no way would Gale have commented as he did.

I smell smouldering undergarments.

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Leg Glance
(Login legglance)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 4:03 PM 


Further clarification, or obfuscation, from Rashid's discussion with Cricket Yorkshire

(Login Pyrahtechnics)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 4:20 PM 

Seems to me Rashid's withdrawl from the Middlesex game is an on-going revelation and one that can affect his availability with England. If Rashid is not fit to play in an all important title decider, he is clearly not fit to tour with England for two and a half months. This may explain why England are taking four spinners to the sub-continent.

I highly doubt Yorkshire CCC would intentionally hang Rashid to dry. When it comes to making press statements regarding players and speculation, the club are very open and transparent when doing so.


(Login matthefish2002)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 4:26 PM 

It does cross my mind that Adil Rashid has exaggerated a family illness to cover up after the negative reaction following his withdrawal from the squad yesterday. He must be very naïve though if he couldn't have predicted the response it got.
If the other players and coach believe him and they will know more about it then us I think we have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

(Login Fraisse10)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 4:51 PM 

Mike Selvey in the Guardian reports that Rashid's granny is ill and that the player reported being physically fit but mentally distracted.

What you think of all that is up to you.

(Login CaravanShaker)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 4:56 PM 

He also hints (in the article and on Twitter) that there's more to this story, and seems generally unsympathetic. I like his writing, but I find it quite annoying when he trots out his there-are-things-I-know-but-if-I-told-you-I'd-have-to-kill-you routine.

(Login paulyorks)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 5:39 PM 

Selvey also has a history of Rashid-bashing which is as inexplicable as it is annoying. Then again, perhaps he knows things we don't know blah blah blah...

I must say I'm a bit disappointed with how quick many on this forum have been to stick the boot into Adil. He's been one of our finest and most consistent players for several years now, and was a major part of our Championship successes. I think he deserves to be given the benefit of any doubt until more is known.

(Login Jacobus24)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 5:56 PM 

I personally feel elitism has crept in just like with Joe Root.

Steve C
(Login stevecowton)
Assistant Moderator

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 6:26 PM 

The truth will come out eventually i guess - it always does.
Dizzy and Gale are always loyal to the players - #strongunit.
they wouldnt do this to Adil.
I suspect its to do with next years contracts - has Adil be lured elsewhere or has he been made aware of a new signing for yorkshire that pushes him down the pecking order....

Its always politics i'm afraid.

(Login sid-don)
Assistant Moderator

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 8:20 PM 

I'm going to be more simplistic about this. I don't think Adil is the sharpest knife in the draw and how he's presented himself to the coach and captain has been the root cause of the problem. Given this broke over the weekend, it stopped the club managing the news as well as they should.

I'm really hope bridges will be built and he'll continue to have a long and successful career with YCCC. I think they will.

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 8:27 PM 

I've tried to hold back from posting on this thread as I suspected there was more to the story than initially published and even now I suspect there is more to be revealed.

I was not sure whether to be angry, disappointed, frustrated or shocked. Probably all four emotions at some stage.

Anger that someone could turn down the chance to play in a massive game and let the team down.
Disappointment over not just the unavailability but also perhaps the poor messaging.
Frustration that another obstacle has been put in our way even though this may be self inflicted.
Shocked by the strange timing of it all.

It did not add up yesterday and I'm not sure it does today.

Adil is a wonderful talent who thrives on confidence, but can appear fragile at times. It was only a couple of seasons ago that he was behind Rafiq in the starting eleven and pre season he was making noises about leaving the club. He then scored heavily in a few warm up games and never looked back and it was Rafiq who left rather than Rashid.

But he has been messed about by England for so long that his confidence levels were impacted. He travels around the country more in hope than expectation of getting a crack of the whip and is then whisked back to play for us at short notice. No preparation whatsoever, no thought of the players state of mind and no logic when it comes to the supposed better player treatment they now crave and value so highly.

Whether there is tiredness, family illness or both is not the point. He does not appear mentally strong enough to play and if that is the case he should not do so. If I was about to head off to Bangladesh for several weeks I think my mind might be on other things. If I saw some of the spinners selected alongside me I might also wonder if I was going to be a drinks waiter once more.

Adil needs to be loved and have an arm put around him. His timing is perhaps not unusual when he has been rumoured to have had minor niggles ahead of other big games for Englsnd in the past. His family are close to him and if he is going to be away for two or three months he has little time to spend with them now. Would a home game this week have made any difference? Who knows.

But we should be careful not to dive in too quickly with bold statements about letting him go, never playing again and being a bottler. Let a few days pass, let's get the game out the way and let's review when time has healed the raw emotion of the situation. I'm not against fair criticism but again there are some stepping over the mark when the whole story may still not be known.

The communication has been poor by all parties. This has not helped.

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 9:05 PM 

Can't remember, think it was a one day game or maybe a must win T20 but Adil has form in asking to be rested. Sooner he stayed at home if he's not mentally up for it.

(Login _JG_)

Re: A very curious decision

September 19 2016, 11:31 PM 

Don't agree that England have messed him around recently; he's been a first choice in both white ball formats for the past 18 months and done well- Morgan has handled him better than any other captain I've seen Rash play under- while with the Test side there was only really Old Trafford where he might have played, but England stuck with Moeen who in fairness did well. Rashid also got all 3 Tests out in the UAE despite only bowling well in one innings. I don't know what the situation is here, but for once I don't think we can blame England!

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: A very curious decision

September 20 2016, 7:05 AM 

Oh for sure Englsnd haven't messed him around as much as before. My comment is in relation to the summer just gone. He may be in the one day squads but he was regularly picked in the test squad and went off to prepare for the test match only to be omitted the day before or on the day of the game. He was then ushered to a fast car to be whisked off to play for Yorkshire somewhere hundreds of miles away. Presumably arriving not in the luxury coach we saw departing for Lords yesterday and presumably not in the company of his team mates.

I'm not disputing Morgan skippers him better than Cook although managing bowlers in odis is different to tests with the limitations imposed.

But it highlights how Adil has spent his summer and also Bairstow to some extent but he handles it better. Interesting that Bairstow wanted to rest after the recent odi series so was told to do so by the ECB but Rashid presumably said he was fine and came back and played last week. There is little criticism of Bairstow for telling the ECB he was tired but Rashid is being slated. Inconsistency due to timing, the players or what?

I'm not for a minute criticising Bairstow for saying he needed a rest but offer this to provide some balance as to why another player who played in the odis and t20s plus traveled in test squads should also feel the need for a rest. Just wish it was last week rather than this week.

(Login Royalnavy)

Re: A very curious decision

September 20 2016, 9:24 AM 

I really think the anger is unwarranted in this thread. i dont know how tired adil is or how ill any member of his family is but come on some of the bile ive seen written here is uncalled for.

Whatever your views there is no excuse for personal insults at all.

(Login marskeman)

Re: A very curious decision

September 20 2016, 10:59 AM 

And Michael Vaughan still being a total dinosaur.

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