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Geoff B
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Re: RE: We'll get 'em in singles

September 22 2016, 10:44 PM 

Hope tomorrow lives up to the rest of the match and we certainly don't want the weather or bad light turning it into an unsatisfactory draw.

The ideal scenario is we bowl them out and get the runs by tea but if not I hope Franklin doesn't get too greedy with the declaration.

200 off 32 overs would be ideal. If we were 10 short with 9 down coming to the last over I trust they won't try and hide the ball down the leg side and we won't try to block it out.

Sorry Somerset, I know you've never won the thing and you've been great, but, I want the Champions to come from this match, hopefully us.

I suppose we have the easier decisions, if we don't win we get third place prize money anyway, Middlesex could draw and earn a decent wedge for coming second.

East Coast Type
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Re: RE: We'll get 'em in singles

September 22 2016, 11:41 PM 

Having arrived at Lords this morning thinking we were still a little in arrears, I felt a little disappointed tonight leaving the ground, as we were so close to blowing Middlesex away and taking the title. At 2-2, Jack and Ryan beat the bat on numerous occasions - four times in one Brooks over. A wicket then and it could have been a rout, with 5 or 6 out before stumps, but Gubbins and Malan didn't get a touch in those overs and stood firm for the rest of the day. Well done to both of them.

Pointless trying to predict what will happen from here - the beauty of the game we all love.

In an era of almost endless outstanding performances, Bresnan's innings stood out. Helped of course by numerous partners.

I promised my wife I wouldn't go tomorrow. Not sure I can keep that promise.

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Re: RE: We'll get 'em in singles

September 23 2016, 1:22 AM 

What a difference 24 hours makes

Day one was uninspiring, grey and cloudy, the cricket fairly dull to match, and closed off early in bad light ...
Day two was a roller coaster of hard-fought, high-quality cricket, sun shining on Lord's, Yorkshire hearts inspired by good bowling in the morning ... then driven to despair in the afternoon by three ducks and a fast ball from Finn that crept under Adam Lyth's bat on to the stumps. 50-some for four and all the specialist batsmen gone, and we really were wondering about avoiding the follow-on. Humiliation loomed, and you could feel the end-of-season post-mortems, 'Middlesex and Somerset have been the better teams, we haven't been up to it' etc. etc. Honour then rescued, but hope not really restored, by Tim Bresnan, Andy Hodd, and Az Rafiq standing up to be counted. Willey's crisp boundaries helped, but you felt you were watching a white ball man when a red one was wanted ...

Then Day three.
Well ...

Rafiq was very, very lucky in the first overs. Finn bowled short at him, and top edges flew over the slips, over the keeper, and when they put a man at short third man to deal with it, his next over-the-cordon edge fell just short of him (or was dropped). But Rafiq wears his luck well, he carries on as if he deserves it, and as if the opposition owe it to him. It's a winning attitude, and nice to see.
He then played very well, even when he took a sharp blow on the head (dislodged a bit of his helmet, I think) and had to have some treatment.
When he was on 49, and the splendid Tim Bresnan on 99, the hundred partnership and third bonus point in sight, we actually began to hope.
A key was that all those edged fours, and a bit of good stroke play, meant that we were ahead of the run rate to get to 350 in 110, further than we had been at COP last night. But the tension was palpable. It seemed sure we'd lose some wickets as we closed in on it, but how many?
Rafiq's stumps splattered, seven down. In comes Patto, and you're wondering -- will this be the Patto of this month at Headingley, out quickly, or the Patto of crisp off-drives and cover-drives that we saw at Edgbaston early in the year? Well, we got both. A couple of play-and-miss, a couple of beautiful shots, and it looked as if we'd be coming out after lunch with three wickets and just a couple of handfuls of runs to get. Then he edged to slip.
Eight down, and Jack Brooks bounced down the pavilion steps and onto the outfield, all padded up and raring to go ... only to realise that thirteen men and two umpires were walking towards him, heading off for lunch. Ah, Jack, we love your enthusiasm, but back you go.
Then he didn't last long when he really did come out to bat, and when he was out, and we'd gone from 318 for 6 to 334 for 9 in a flash, you felt it wasn't to be our day. It seemed to me to be as challenging, at that moment, as it had when Lees, Ballance and Gale had gone for nothing. Roland-Jones, Murtagh, Finn, Franklin -- they can bowl you know. And they're bowling at a number eleven.

The next fifteen runs -- eleven overs -- took the best part of an hour, and it felt like two. Or half a lifetime. The stress for us Yorkshire supporters in the crowd was immense. What were Bressie and Siddy feeling? How do these guys do it? With Siddy it can show in small ways -- he sometimes does a little half-circle dance on the off side of his crease after he's played a solid forward defensive. With Bressie, you'd never know. But he ran off at the end of the innings pumped up to high heaven, saying "We can do this!". What a hero.

When Bressie was on strike, Franklin had seven and sometimes eight men on the boundary. Three or four times we turned down a single early in the over. Then for the 349th run, Bresnan couldn't resist taking it on the second ball, leaving Siddy to face Roland-Jones for four more balls.
The umpire looked over his shoulder at the clouds above the pavilion, and we began to wonder. A wicket? A run? The spinners? Or bad light stops play? Siddy survived his four balls, out came the light meters, and off they all trooped. The catcalls abusing the umpires hadn't yet faded when the rain came pouring down.
One run to go, one wicket standing, one point to earn to keep the once-in-fifty-years triple title hopes alive. And the rain takes them off the field to kick their heels in the dressing room. You could not make it up for an old-fashioned Boys' Own comic.

The relief when Sidebottom's leg glance for four took us over 350 was extraordinary. Then some brisk hitting, the odd six, reverse sweeps, and a lead of 120 that we could not have dreamed of. The innings ended, and our players ran off the field, expressions and body language communicating 'we're bowlers, y'know, our real job begins now'. Impressive, incredible.

A good start to the Middlesex innings, getting their 'England' batsmen, Robson and Compton, at 2 for 2. But Gubbins and Malan looked untroubled once the shine was off the new ball.
Tomorrow could be an anti-climax, and a deserved title to Somerset (deserved for the four reasons ThirdUmpire gave earlier in this thread). Or it could be a thriller.

For Tim Bresnan's sake, I hope we win this. If we lose or draw, his innings will long be remembered as heroic in Yorkshire folklore, re-told as a great might-have-been by those who saw it.
But if we win tomorrow, his innings will be immortal.

A terrific report, Wibsey. Almost as good as being there. Thanks so much. - Alex

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Re: RE: We'll get 'em in singles

September 23 2016, 7:06 AM 

If Somerset do win the title, does their groundsman get a share of the players bonus?

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: RE: We'll get 'em in singles

September 23 2016, 7:34 AM 

Quality post above. Thanks Wibsey Simon. Hope you are there today to do likewise

(Login YorkTyke)

Re: We'll get 'em in singles

September 23 2016, 9:37 AM 

Bressie said on Look North last night that if we are set a target today we will keep chasing it no matter what.

(Login Blackpooltyke)

Re: We'll get 'em in singles

September 23 2016, 10:37 AM 

yep, wish we had that attitude at ot, but all will be forgiven if they do the business today.

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