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Re: Violence against Umpires on the up :-(

November 10 2016, 8:47 PM 

To the OP I'd say give it a go. Although understand your role, don't be over friendly with the players and only give it 'out' if you're absolutely sure. You'll enjoy many a happy afternoon, have the best view in the house and make a significant contribution to the game.

In the last 30 years I've played for one club, we've fielded teams in the Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Pontefract, Barnsley Sunday and Doncaster evening leagues and I've never seen any real nastiness directed at an umpire. I've frequently seen players chuntering away with some of this directed at the ump, you'll hear many 'stage whisper' conversations suggesting you'reuseless, you will occasionally have players being confrontational with each other but, the majority of games are played in acceptable spirits and if you find you've an aptitiude for this you'll have a great time. To start you'll find Sunday and evening games bring less player pressure.

Again to the OP,

i)if you're in South Yorks area you could do worse than approach the Barnsley Sunday league which is 'Barnsley' in name only as it extends to Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster. I'm sure the umps appointment secretary would provide you with local games. Teams are very friendly certainly in leagues two and three where the composition includes a lot of juniors and few old lags!

ii) do a winter umps course and get a qualification - this will give you confidence and a chance to get to know other potential umps You'll also make contacts from the leagues.

iii) Don't do it purely for the match fee. There's a massive correlation between poor umps, who create match day problems and the desperation of these umps to get their hands on their fee!

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Re: Violence against Umpires on the up :-(

November 11 2016, 11:27 AM 

Sound advice Sid.

I have umpires a bit of cricket over the years but a lot of hockey. You will never be perfect but if you are fair and consistent you won't go far wrong.

I think I now watch high level hockey and end up watching the umpires more than the game to learn more. Try that at cricket too if you get chance. Mind you they get drs to help....

Mark Smith
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Re: Violence against Umpires on the up :-(

November 11 2016, 8:22 PM 

Thanks for the advice and encouragement
I'm in York so will see what the local league throws up
I gave my details at Headingley to the association that trains officials...hoping to hear from them about a training course in the near future
Match Fee ?????.....I thought it was done for the love of it....what sort of fee is given...tenner...fifty quid....Four hundred quid ???
Cheers again and I'll let you know what happens

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Re: Violence against Umpires on the up :-(

November 11 2016, 9:28 PM 

Match fees, well expenses actually, so not taxable for umps in the leagues I've had recent involvement with:

Pontefract - Saturday cricket, 46 overs per side, assuming two umps so alternating bowlers end and sqaure leg is £35 per ump (+ a free tea)

Barnsley Sunday league, 40 overs per side, assuming two umps, £28 each + free tea.

Doncaster evening, 20 overs per side, assuming two umps £15.

Ummpire taking all bowlers end overs with the fielding team providing square leg, get a little more eg £40 in the Ponte league.

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