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(Login dpressed)

Re: coach

November 14 2016, 1:56 PM 

I'm concerned but not sure if it's the right decision.

My concern isn't because it's Gale but because he's someone who's grown up in the club. In recent years we've done better when someone who learned his cricket elsewhere becomes coach. Gillespie was good because he knew the club but wasn't of the club. Farbrace would have been an excellent choice for the same reason. Sadly there isn't another obvious choice, so I can't give an alternative.

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(Login Martinh00)

Re: coach

November 14 2016, 2:00 PM 

It is a bit like the wicket keeper question. The alternatives are thin on the ground. Farbrace and Flower both said no. Same with Dawson by all accounts. Hodge looked to be lukewarm to me in what he said publicly. Are Silverwood, White et al superior to Gale?

I do think we need to try to attract a good deputy from outside if possible - maybe one of the 16 applicants for the head coach job would fulfil this requirement?

(Login StuFletch)

Re: New Coach

November 14 2016, 2:04 PM 

At least we have lost a "walking wicket" for next season.

(Login JollyD)


November 14 2016, 2:17 PM 

Those with long memories may recall the early 1970's when Don Revie left Leeds United to manage England. Almost his last act was to recommend Jonny Giles, still a player, as his successor. He knew that Giles would retain the family feeling he had engendered. The board rejected his recommendation and went for a big name from outside the club. The subsequent total failure of Brian Clough is well documented.
Clearly Yorkshire have been keen to maintain the special relationship which exists among the players.They judge that Gale is the right man to foster this.
It is significant that a couple of weeks ago in an interview for the Yorkshire Post, Alex Lees made a public plea for Gale to remain as captain. While the interview reflected his personal views, I am sure that as one-day captain he would be well aware of the feeling of his playing colleagues.
One of our posters challenges Gale's 'acumen' but provides no evidence that he lacks it. How about 40 wins and 12 defeats under his leadership ? How about consecutive championship wins ? How about all the records broken by the side in 2015 ? How about maintaining a championship challenge right to the last day of the 2016 season, often without several key international players ? I reckon Gale showed plenty of acumen in juggling an ever changing eleven.
I wish Andrew Gale good luck in his new role and hope this forum attracts far more supporters than detractors.

(Login Tyke1950)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 2:36 PM 

My attitude to Gale's appointment is influenced by the performance of Club Management over recent years.
Since the Adams debacle, it would appear that there has hardly been a mistake. We have enjoyed five years of wonderful cricket from a team whose work ethic is outstanding.
I applaud and support Gale's appointment. As a Captain he has been outstanding and has earned the respect of a superb group of players. He has always been precocious and I am confident he will grow into the role to which he has been appointed. The less background flak the better.
There are a number of issues for him and the rest of the management team to address over the next few months. They are better at this and far more informed than any of us, so perhaps it's best for us to remain supportive until such time as anything clearly goes wrong.

East Coast Type
(Login EastCoastType)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 2:43 PM 

Doesn't really matter who is coach if we have the same batting line up as last year. Relying on Leaning, Rhodes and Ballance and a carousel of overseas players for the upper middle order slots (with no pressure from up and coming second teamers) would be a formula for relegation in 2017 - and unforgivable after a season and a half of poor performances in those batting slots in second half 2015 and 2016. Hopefully, Gale's appointment will free up some money for signings.

(Login StuartRA)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 2:46 PM 

Not a total surprise. I had an inkling he would take the job, as he had hinted at that outcome a number of times.

Can not agree that it is a "cheap" option, as some have suggested, as we have to find another player and salary to replace him and he will, probably have had a pay rise.

Lets wait and see and judge him after a couple of seasons and not now before he has even started in his role.

It might work, and it may not!!

Leaves a big hole in our middle order to fill.

After the openers -- Pujara at 3? Leaning at 4? Ballance at 5, ?? at 6, followed by Bresnan, Hodd and three seamers.

(Login garywilson2)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 2:52 PM 

"?? at 6" means spinner at 6 ?

Old Feller
(Login Old_Feller2)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 3:10 PM 

I'd love to see Pujara return but can't see it happening.

(Login Jacobus24)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 3:20 PM 

Keaton Jennings could end up being a good signing if possible, i agree that the signings we make will be more crucial to our success than coaching youngsters. Jack Brooks is at the heart of our success, without him i personally think we'll struggle to win the Championship. As for T20 we need 2 overseas instead of 1, we'll have to see if this materialises.

(Login Martinh00)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 3:51 PM 

Moxon stated that he wanted to reinforce our batting, so I am sure we will be trying to sign Jennings or someone of that ilk. Equally we will presumably be trying to sign another overseas.

This is very much in line with our recent policy. Mainly home grown but with sensible signings where there is a gap. However, with several of our bowlers the wrong side of 30, it seems to me - at the very least on the bowling front - that bringing on our youngsters is vital. We are not going to sign so many quality like for like replacements, not would it be a sensible thing to try to do so.

Bringing on youngsters is partly about gradually exposing them to first team cricket, and partly about general coaching to improve skills. Our position on the batting front may not be quite as serious since all are relatively young, but the same approach should surely apply. Your first focus should always be to develop your own and then look elsewhere when that fails.

Peter (Don)
(Login Yfactor)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 4:39 PM 

Best of luck to Andrew Gale - he`s got a hard act to follow which I`m sure he knows better than anybody.

I think we are in a transition period now so at least Gale and Moxon will give us some stability. The best thing supporters can do is get behind the team and not expect miracles straight away.

(Login overman8)

Re: New coach

November 14 2016, 4:44 PM 

That's an utterly absurd decision in appointing Gale. I wish the lad all the luck but it really feels a very mediocre appointment at best. I hope I'm proved wrong but somehow I doubt I will be.

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 4:50 PM 

Congratulations and good luck to Galey on his appointment.

Hope he manages to overcome some of the vitriol towards him held by quite a few members. I'd have gone for the easy going, amusing, and easy to like Brad Hodge but perhaps a bit of Yorkshire grit is the right call. Let us hope so.

Hope he can fix things with Rashid and in future he can learn to be a little more diplomatic and keep his own counsel rather than sharing every little thing with the world.

Hope Brezzie keeps playing like a world beater, good luck having to drop your brother-in-law.

Idle man
(Login Idle_man)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 5:14 PM 

The most negative posters on this thread must live on another planet. I suspect in many cases it's planet football, where the answer to most questions seems to be sack someone or buy someone, as opposed to building a positive team ethos which - not one particular player or another, has been the cornerstone of what we have achieved.

As an appointment Gale wouldn't have been my preference, but as usual, I tend to assume that the management which delivered the last five years has been thinking sensibly, rather than dismissing their decision as the dribbling of cretins. I suspect the priority was to maintain the ethos Dizzy established, and if so there was a case for Gale, rather than an outsider who wanted to stamp his own fresh personality on things.

And yes there's a batting issue. A reliable signing would be good, but it would be foolish to write off either Leaning or Rhodes quite yet. And Bresnan has to bat in the top 6 as of right now. He's too good to be constantly relying on the tail surviving.

(Login overman8)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 5:26 PM 

As per usual anyone offering a contrary opinion is often stifled by the herd. People will have diverse views thank God, otherwise this would be a tedious forum. Jolly D, I also recall Leeds appointing the likes of Clarke, Gray and Bremner as managers with little success and that Clough went on to achieve great things. Bringing it back to the cricket, I am really not conviced by the appointment of Gale, but I guess he deserves a chance, though I can't this improving our white ball cricket.


Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 5:36 PM 

Gale wouldn't have been my choice either. To start with, it means we're losing a good batsman, whatever some folk on here might think, and secondly I prefer a coach with a bit of distance (whether time or geographical) between him and the players.

But Andrew has proved himself a damn fine captain, and he has been his own man. ALL first-class players have huge knowledge of the game and its techniques, even the very young ones. Obviously Galey will not be able to bring Dizzy's insight into the arts of fast bowling, but there's someone on our team who just might do that....about three of them, I guess.

It's now important to get the right captain. Could be anyone, including the much maligned Hodd. But we need a contrasting personality who will work with the new coach, stand up to him if necessary, and be a link between players and management, as Gale was.

And be respected. As I said, it could be almost anyone from this fine team, anyone without England connections.

Steve C
(Login stevecowton)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Coach

November 14 2016, 5:55 PM 

I think it's difficult to go from being a Team member to being a coach - from being one of the lads to being the man in charge.
But if anyone can do it i suspect Galey can - as long as he keeps his temper and learns to think before he speaks.
Time alone will tell - it feels like the end of an era in lots of ways - but perhaps its just the start of something else equally wonderful and exciting.
All i do know is that we have to give him a chance and support him and the team as we start the new season.
Incredible to think that the players reported for pre-season training today.

Kevin Owens
(Login kevinowens)

RE. Coach

November 14 2016, 6:10 PM 

I'd like to see Bres as new captain. As for Gale getting the coach job. I'm not optimistic about it. Average player, as for a good captain. The talent in our team anyone could be captain of it. Hopefully I'll be eating humble pie come the end of September next year. But I fear for this team now batting wise. We need 2 new batsman and no one is available.

(Login YorkshireAllOver)

Re: RE. Coach

November 14 2016, 6:23 PM 

But to say Gale as captain has had no or little influence on our winning the two titles is like saying Gillespie had no influence either, as clearly it was all about the players. They could have just turned up with no training and no tactics and just won comfortably as we did?? I think Gale was pivotal in our success

I also feel that our batting situation has been someonwhat exaggerated by some on here. We definitely need at least 2 players who can play all year (or 1 domestic and 2 overseas who play half each), but I think we're still looking pretty strong

Lyth, Lees, Ballance and Bresnan should all play in the top 6 imo. Then we've got Leaning, Rhodes potentially, any new signings, and hopefully someone else will step up from the academy.

In one-day cricket we're looking better than in the Championship:
Lyth, Willey, Lees, Ballance, Leaning, Bresnan and then any overseas or new players

I really don't think we're far away at all from having s strong team in all formats, just a few creases to be ironed out from last season, namely the middle order

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