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Re: Press Conference on Monday: Gale confirmed as coach

August 8 2017, 8:57 AM 

The difference between Gale and Silverwood is that one started out as a coach in div 2 to learn his trade just like Dawson at Gloucester. The other went from being skipper to coach of a top div 1 team playing better opposition.

One wasn't connected to the playing squad as a recent player and the other was including some close friends.

One player some international cricket as well as playing for other counties whilst the other has been at Yorkshire only.

My point is that gale lacks the wider experience from outside the Yorkshire dressing room to identify new methods and ideas. Pyrah doesn't provide this either. Both may be good individually but collectively they are a poor fit.

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Re: Press Conference on Monday: Gale confirmed as coach

August 8 2017, 9:12 AM 

The bottom line is we have won nothing under a "Yorkshire coach" for 30 years, and probably never will again. Our last success prior to JG`s years were 2001 & 2002, when we had Australian Wayne Clarke as coach. Everything is far to "cosy" when coaching your friends and previous team mates.

Gale should never have been appointed, but the club took the "cheap" option. Having said that, it would be foolish to "sack" him now mid-season. The coaches job is to get the best out of the players he has available, and to get the team performing to the best of their combined abilities. Give him the rest of the season to see if he has the skills to do that. He has got us into this mess, give him chance to get us out of it. The next 6 weeks will show if he is up to the job or not, then we can make a decision on his future and everyone else around him, including MM, during the winter months.

It`s up to you Andrew. Get us out of the mess, you have got us into. Can you do it?

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Re: Press Conference on Monday: Gale confirmed as coach

August 8 2017, 9:41 AM 

Depressed - not sure that I was impressed with Gale's appointment as such, but I did point out that given his track record as captain, coaching experience (albeit in a private capacity) etc he was strong on paper. I also pointed out later on that the problem Yorkshire clearly had was attracting a credible coach from outside of our current set up. High profile coaches were not interested, Dawson was not interested. I wouldn't be surprised if Silverwood wasn't interested either. Perfectly legitimate to ask why we weren't able to make a decent external appointment - which would have been preferable - but the fact is that we weren't.

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