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Idle Man
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Re: Ballance

December 19 2016, 12:11 PM 

I agree. He's pretty reserved, and of all the British Asians who have played for us, my guess would be he's the one most firmly embedded in his own family culture. I suspect that had a part to play in an issue which all the significant people involved say is over and done with. Though I found it extremely hard at the time, I'm very glad that's the case.

In general though I think this view of the team's tactical approach is an encouraging one. Even under a skipper like Close, the sixties side has been referred to as a 'players' cop-operative'. It's a good model.

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Re: Ballance

December 19 2016, 9:36 PM 

I also like this approach.

Brooks in his interview didn't name the players who run the first team but I'll amend my original guess. He said '5 or 6', my guess was Gale, Bres, Sid, Lyth, Lees and Brooks. On reflection I'd add Patterson but not Ras whose always struck me as a very quiet member of the team and slightly on the fringes. Plunket and Rafiq are often in the on field decision making cluster.

My observation is that Ballance wasn't hugely involved when the brains trust met, but I think the older pros (Bres and Sid) respect him.

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