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England in India - White ball

January 12 2017 at 8:38 AM
Geoff B  (Login Coastalview)

Strong Yorkshire presence in the warm-up match against India A.

Good job from JB with a 64 and decent 71 run last wicket stand from Willey and Rashid after a bit of a mid innings collapse.

Dave would have been proud of taking the picture on cricinfo showing part of Jason Roy's helmet falling off, hitting the wicket and leading to his dismissal. Bummer.

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(Login EastYorkshireTyke)

Re: England in India - White ball

January 12 2017, 8:50 AM 

There is real competition for places in this England middle order, so much so, that I think Jonny might find it difficult to force his way in!

Root, Morgan, Stokes, Billings, Buttler, Bairstow. All very fine white ball players.

Old Feller
(Login Old_Feller2)

Re: England in India - White ball

January 12 2017, 11:45 AM 

England has been absolutely walloped in the latest game.
Look out for Pant, the next big Indian superstar.

(Login Martinh00)

Re: England in India - White ball

January 12 2017, 11:46 AM 

I suspect statistics will tell us different, but you sense that Morgan is the most inconsistent of the players listed above, and were he not captain would be vulnerable.


Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: England in India - White ball

January 12 2017, 1:05 PM 

Photo of Roy out hit-wicket:

I'm always astonished at the quality of these photos, even given the £10,000 - £20,000 telephoto lens these guys use, compared with mine, which would have been around £1,600 new, but I didn't buy it new! I assume they don't, either, not until their careers are well launched.

The photographer has got his timing right, too, in this case. Perhaps lucky...but, like Gary Player, they get lucky often.

I watched Jason Roy play several times last season, in red-ball cricket, and I think he failed every time, against both Yorkshire and Lancashire. He looks clueless; similar with Hales.

So, my question is...
Why don't they bat the same way in 4-day cricket?

If the answer is that you can't, with fields set differently, then why don't they set First Class fields and bowl First Class lines & lengths in One Day cricket?

Or is the white ball so different, in playing characteristics, that you can't do that either? Or is it just the players' mind-set? Both teams. I really would like to see Sidebottom and Brooks opening the bowling in the RL50, with three slips, a gully, and a bat-pad - even no third man! - and see what happens, what the opposition batsmen do. Has any captain ever tried it?

Idle Man
(Login Idle_man)

Re: England in India - White ball

January 12 2017, 2:41 PM 

That's what the Gillette Cup was like when it started DM.

I suppose you would have to look at the outcomes. If we bowled and set fields like that and the opposition were 60-0 off the first eight overs, then one could equally ask why batsmen shouldn't apply their one day approach in the Championship. But I'm with you, and you do see something like it sometimes, but only when a side have been bowled out cheaply and have to take wickets.

(Login Martinh00)

Re: England in India - White ball

January 12 2017, 3:14 PM 

I think 50 over cricket (from a bowling perspective) is reverting back to old style cricket. Bowling for economy has gone out of the window to a large extent - bowling for wickets is now seen as the best way of slowing the scoring rate

(Login Dwight_Schrute)

Re: England in India - White ball

January 12 2017, 3:45 PM 

The white ball barely moves off the straight, majority of the time.

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

1st ODI

January 15 2017, 8:24 AM 

England lost the toss on what the 'experts' reckon will be a high scoring pitch.

Bairstow, Billings, Plunkett and Dawson miss out.

Can't really argue with the team picked. Morgan is my only doubt and he's the captain. Suspect he's safe now until the Champions Trophy.

(Login EastYorkshireTyke)

Re: 1st ODI

January 15 2017, 9:02 AM 

Morgan averages 45 at a strike rate of pretty much 100 since taking over as captain, with performances like that why would his position be in doubt?

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 9:28 AM 

Glad to see your as combative as ever in the New Year EYT.

I'm not saying he hasn't been good, I'm saying he is no longer good enough.

Morgan's average in his last 10 ODI's is 20.6 with one decent innings.

Joe Root has an average of 45.2 in his last 10 with 4 decent innings.

If Morgan wasn't the captain, Billings would be playing, in my opinion.

Morgan has a lot to prove, lets see how he goes about it.

(Login EastYorkshireTyke)

Re: Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 10:27 AM 

Morgan is the captain though and he's captain because there's more to his captaincy than just his runs.

(Login Seadog73)

Re: Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 10:49 AM 

I think Morgan's position is safe until the Champions Trophy, we have a big chance of winning it and need a settled side in the build up to it. I would like to see Billings in the side though - the competition is both healthy and fierce in the ODI batting line up.

(Login WR_Metcalfe)

Re: Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 4:53 PM 

A good ODI. England batted well, then Kohli and Jadhav won the match with a 200 run partnership.

Twelfth Man
(Login twelthman)

Re: Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 5:16 PM 

What a fantastic player Kohli is.

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Re: Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 7:45 PM 

On the road much of the day so listened rather than watched most of it. I think the teams seem pretty well matched. Kohli's batting and Jadeja's bowling probably just making the difference.

Very good batting surface with small boundaries put the batsmen well on top, with the team batting second holding all the aces in terms of being able to pace their innings and get across the line.

(Login Seadog73)

Re: Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 7:48 PM 

Kohli is out on his own now as the world's best in all formats.

(Login Tyke1950)

Re: Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 9:32 PM 

It seems so Seadog but I'm still looking forward to his next visit to England.

(Login Lewis_116)

Re: Statistically it's all downhill.

January 15 2017, 9:45 PM 

Not sure he's out on his own in Tests. Yet to see him boss it at Trent Bridge or other grounds here.

That said he is the first batsman since Lara where I thought that there was no point even trying to get him out.

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Hales injury

January 20 2017, 11:18 PM 

With Hales out for the rest of the tour there might be a chance of Bairstow getting a game. He should at least get to remain with the squad as a replacement for Hales in the T20's.

As it's an opener that is broken seems likely that Billings will get the nod on Sunday as he has opened before.

Personally I think England have been playing a decent batsman light, with Morgan and Buttler coming in too early.

If I was King I'd go with:


With these very flat pitches and very short boundaries I can't see much advantage in playing the extra bowler.

I know England bat deep on paper, but not if the top 6 leave them too much to do.

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