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Re: Ground Sponsorship

March 28 2017, 2:09 PM 

Judith Blake interviewed on Look North this lunchtime and said the £35m funding is dependant on "the 3 of us (presumably Leeds CC, YCCC & Leeds Rhinos) coming together and working out a lease."

This implies that the new stand won't belong to either YCCC and/or Leeds Rhinos but to the organisation putting up the money. Might mean YCCC won't have to borrow any more money and pay it back but might have to pay rent to use the stand.

If this goes ahead might the organisation putting up the money be in an ideal position to get naming rights for the stadium?

Looks like plenty of financial swings and roundabouts still to come. Stay tuned!

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Re: Ground Sponsorship

March 28 2017, 4:32 PM 

As I surmised the plan is for the financial services company to build the facilities and rent them back to the clubs so looks on the face of it that YCCC won't have to borrow any more money :-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-39416664

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Assistant Moderator

Re: Ground Sponsorship

March 28 2017, 4:42 PM 

Great news if that is the case. No need for the EGM!!


Dave Morton
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Re: Ground Sponsorship

March 28 2017, 6:51 PM 

Does anyone know what sort of sums are possible from naming rights? Emirates Old Trafford, Swalec Stadium, Ageas Bowl, Kia Oval, etc.

Are we talking tens of thousands, or what? Millions? Whatever, let's get it done. I would hate us to be called Asda Yorkshire - though even that would be better than no Yorkshire - but the stadium can be Audi Headingley or anything they want to call it. I would have had us leave there years ago, and members voted to do so. Growing up, Headingley was just one of the many for me, along with Park Avenue, Bramall Lane, Fartown and so on. I've no emotional attachment to the ground whatsoever.

Anyway, it was not to be. The committee took it upon itself to overrule, they have spent millions (my money, as a 'stakeholder') on turning it into a ground currently better than Old Trafford or Edgbaston or the Ageas Bowl, for all the money spent on those places, too.

We have spent an extra fortune on drainage, which has been of benefit, on floodlights, which may pay off one day. Headingley is now a not unpleasant place to spend a day, or four days, but I was quite happy with it before. I don't go to cricket matches to enjoy a bar with a big window, nor do I really give a monkeys about toilets or wifi.

Nor do I care whether England play there or not, unless it's going to earn us big bucks. Which it doesn't.

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Re: Ground Sponsorship

March 28 2017, 7:17 PM 

Dave the YP article mentions at least £0.5m each per year for YCCC and Leeds Rhinos for the naming rights.

If you are implying that the committee overruled the move to Durkar years ago this is not correct. The new ground was to be built using EU money but the EU then changed the eligibility criteria for grants meaning the club would have had to find the finance from elsewhere. Plus Paul Caddick threatened all sorts of dire consequences for the club if they moved so the proposal fell through. The committee were all in favour of going and it was originally their proposal.

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Generation rent

March 28 2017, 7:26 PM 

Not time to relax yet but at least we have something to pin our hopes on which may get us through a few more years and doesn't mean borrowing a shed load of new money.

If it ends up being some kind of PFI deal I'm sure the terms will come back and bite us a few years down the track, but hey ho I might be past caring by then.

Paying the rent might also impact on the already optimistic plans to repay the current debt. Let us hope our great benefactor, when he is free of the ECB, feels generous.

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