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Headingley bet365 stadium.

March 21 2017 at 9:33 PM
Geoff B  (Login Coastalview)

I thought when I make my annual trip to the Bookies just before the Grand National I might put a couple of quid on Yorkshire for the treble, just a couple of quid you understand.

If Leicester City can win the premiership, who knows what can happen!

Checked a couple of sites for an idea of the odds, but couldn't find any for that particular bet. Watching the adverts on TV you would think you could bet on just about anything happening in any sport, Cricket is a bit different though, or perhaps I was looking in the wrong place.

That's when I had my brainwave!.

We can't find a ground sponsor and I'm sure the big betting companies would like to make a bit more money out of cricket.

I'm not talking about giving odds on a no ball in the 17th over here, we don't want to put temptation into anyone's way obviously, I mean proper sporting bets.

Mark Arthur could get together with Leeds Rugby and pitch the idea of stadium naming rights to the big betting companies.

The best bit is they can quietly share the money, while each insisting it was the other teams idea and how much they are against it.

Bet365, or whoever pays the millions can't lose either, they get two sports for the price of one.

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Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: Headingley bet365 stadium.

March 22 2017, 12:23 AM 

There's a huge amount of advertising for the betting industry at the moment. The theme of the TV campaigns seems to be that all real men bet, that betting enhances one's enjoyment of sport, and if you don't have a bet you're some sort of dodgy pervert loser.

You must bet responsibly, of course.

Well, I think gambling is one of the main social problems in our society - up there with hard drugs. I know people who have had their lives ruined by an addiction to gambling, one a member of my cricket club who stole from the club to feed his habit and ended up in prison.

I would not be in favour of making it illegal, because then you drive it into the hands of criminals, but I would like to see it outlawed for sports sponsorship, as tobacco is.

(Login Pyrahtechnics)

Re: Headingley bet365 stadium.

March 22 2017, 1:28 AM 

I suspect bookmakers will be finalising markets and odds on County Cricket events as we discuss, normally they are up and running a week or so before the season begins.

Banning gaming related companies to sponsor sports teams, events and federations is financially unviable as they are one of the very few industries who can put down significant sums of money in professional sport. If anything I am surprised there isn't a gaming company sponsoring a domestic competition because cricket is a good sport to place bets on, has potential to attract new audiences and fills the end of season football void.

(Login Dwight_Schrute)

Re: Headingley bet365 stadium.

March 22 2017, 2:26 PM 

'Dodgy pervert loser'



(Premier Login AlexRoberts)

Did you say "odds?"

March 22 2017, 4:38 PM 

Click on the links tab on our website and there is an odds link in the miscellaneous category.

(Login CaravanShaker)

Re: Did you say &quot;odds?&quot;

March 23 2017, 11:09 AM 

Gambling is similar to drinking, in that certain people do it in moderation and with control for recreation. However, there are those (and I have experience of such people) who are not moderate and not controlled, and for them it can be a life-destroying compulsion.

Like Wonga at Newcastle, sponsorship by betting companies may be legal, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is morally right. The industry may make cursory efforts to protect people at risk, but I don't see the value of blocking your account with one website only to open a new account on a new website owned by the same company the following day.

It looks like the ECB are beginning to take this a bit more seriously too:



Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: Did you say &quot;odds?&quot;

March 23 2017, 1:44 PM 

Thanks for posting that, CS. Nice coincidence that this news should break in the middle of our discussion. It seems the PCA (Professional Cricketers' Association - not Pakistan!!!) is ahead of the game and understands the dangers posed by gambling to (relatively) wealthy young players in exactly the same laddish environment that the advertisers like to portray.

Is the ECB up to speed? Dobell's article mentions them for having connections with the drink industry - the brilliant Hardy's campaign has lightened all our lives - but there is no suggestion I could see that the ECB as an entity was supportive of Leatherdale's and Gooch's initiative.

Personally, as someone a 'bit left of centre' (middle and leg) I am not easy about burning books or banning things generally. I am very much at ease with the modern tolerance of gays, for example, and wouldn't mind seeing the decriminalisation of some drugs. Except for on-course betting on dogs and horses, gambling itself was illegal, back when I was a kid, and therefore the domain of criminals.

I don't know the answer(s). But I do know there's a problem, a moral problem, and sports organisations should be very beware of courting the betting industry. It needs self-regulation, I think, rather than legislation. Given that our society bestows knighthoods on rule-breaking, drug-fuelled (but winning) athletes, I am not confident anything will be done.

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)


March 23 2017, 9:08 PM 

I was being a trifle facetious when I started the thread. I do remember being a bit worried for a short while when one of my sons and his friends seemed to be forever talking about bets. Just a phase thankfully.

Of course Rugby league is now sponsored by Betfred. I'm sure that has nothing whatever to do with some of the ridiculous swings in form we are seeing lately, obviously.

Putting aside the moral issues it would be nice if the betting industry put some money back into cricket. I'm not totally sure how the betting levy works in horse racing, but an obviously smaller levy to reflect the profits the betting companies make on cricket might be useful, as long as it doesn't go anywhere near the ECB.

I believe the betting companies are already made to pay into a fund to tackle gambling addiction.

Mark Arthur at the AGM was asked about stadium naming rights, which it seems haven't met with any success. Any naming rights for Headingley would need to involve both sides of the Main stand I presume. Two for one, what company could resist that! Perhaps they should try harder and cooperate more.

We should of course draw the line at following St Helens RLFC. They no longer play at Langtree park, but at the Totally Wicked Stadium!

(Login CaravanShaker)

Re: Did you say "odds?"

March 24 2017, 9:50 AM 

I'm largely with you on this - decidedly left of centre (though it seems rather more statist and authoritarian), and agree that gambling is one of those things that would disappear underground if banned - witness betting in India, prohibition in the US, and most drug policy.

However, I'm not comfortable with the industry legitimising itself by associating with sports sponsorship. Drink-driving, smoking and other things have decreased partly through legislation, but also partly because of being stigmatised - as a smoker myself, I accept that I am treated as a social pariah (in fact that might be why I smoke), and while this may not make the majority of people stop, it can certainly stop people starting. As a 10-year-old I remember us winning the John Player League, magazines full of oh-so-clever Silk Cut adverts, and those sweet cigarettes they used to have by the tills in Tesco. Smoking seemed normal back then, and quite exciting and grown-up. There are 10 premier league teams sponsored by gambling companies this season. I just don't like the idea of kids seeing their heroes (if anybody actually has heroes at West Ham and Stoke) being walking billboards for one of the most cynical industries around.

(Login Dwight_Schrute)

Re: Did you say "odds?"

March 24 2017, 10:44 AM 

Ban FOBTs in shops and the casino/gaming side of sites online.
Then they might actually have to lay a bet on Sports.

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