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Dave Morton
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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 7 2017, 8:00 PM 

Wonderful day of real cricket; been waiting all winter for this.

Initially, the pitch looked lifeless, though there was some movement. Some lovely drives down the ground by Lees, and a dismissive pull for 6 by Lyth, from one of the very few short balls bowled. Then Lees was bowled by a full ball, seemed to play it on the walk, a bit, and Lyth touched or gloved one that he was trying to leave alone.

Plenty of playing and missing by Handscomb and Ballance, but they stuck it out to lunch; 96 for 2, a really competitive morning's cricket. Neither is the prettiest player to watch, but they are both battlers.

Handscomb became the 3rd batsman to get out after making a start, and the Hampshire attack upped their game, with Berg, Edwards and Abbott all superb. And quick. Suddenly the wickets fell, batsmen out to good balls before they got in. Thankfully Ballance was now playing with calm authority, putting away the rare bad balls, too.

Once again that legendary depth did it for us. Not Bresnan nor Hodd nor Rafiq this time, but Patterson. Brilliant partnership with Ballance turned the day round. In the end Ballance was bowled by Dawson, on the full-stretch forward defensive - somehow it snook through. I don't think any wicket was thrown away in the entire Yorkshire innings. There was a lot of good Hampshire bowling.

The batting effort was put into perspective by Coad, in particular. Also bowling a full length, he troubled the left handers at the top of the order. Adams and Carberry both defeated, loose shots under pressure from Vince and Ervine. I missed the final wicket of Roussouw, but clearly Yorkshire's day.

And Ben Coad's day.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 7 2017, 8:21 PM 

I'm quite annoyed at myself for leaving at tea.

A good days cricket for me, Hampshire bowled well but some excellant resistance from Ballance and Patterson in the afternoon session put us slightly ahead. Abbott, Berg and Edwards bowled well all day, Edwards seemed to bowl faster than I had seen him before. Genuine pace, and aggression when he unsuccessfully tried to bounce out Patto. His aggression got the better of him when he threw the ball into the turf, prompting the first North-East Upper groan of the season.

My personal highlight was listening to two American men watching their first game of cricket. They had watched before and were well-informed, but their questions were well answered by the gentlemen in front of them. Put a smile on my face.


(Login dpressed)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 7 2017, 8:42 PM 

A few extras. The floodlights were on until mid afternoon, or rather 3 of them were. The set by the hotel were turned off. It's claimed that the rain has got in & if they turned them on the station would be electrified!!

On the up side the Dickie Bird clock was correct & the Hutton gates were open.

It was cloudy before lunch but the Hants attack looked more potent when it got a bit warmer & the clouds were higher. For a while it looked like there would be a wicket every ball. Patto looked as likely as anyone when he first came in, but managed to survive for long enough to get himself in. Ballance showed he had confidence in Steve by taking singles off the first ball of an over.

It's an indictment of the Hants fixation with overseas players that it was 15:15 before an English born bowler ,(Liam Dawson), completed an over. But it was Dawson who finally beat Ballance, who certainly played a captain's innings.

Coad deserved his figures, although there were some poor shots from the Hants batsmen. Patto again took a couple of overs to get 'in the groove'.

Ps Coad's figures are good, but we had someone who did better at Headingley against the students. Paul Huchison got a 7 for in his debut match against Pakistan A, then a week or so later got a 7fer in a Championship match at Portsmouth.

(Login sid-don)
Assistant Moderator

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 7 2017, 9:12 PM 

It was riveting. A wonderful days play.

Hampshire bowled well all day. At times everyone was impressive, in their post lunch spells Edwards and Abbott were high quality. Edwards was quick. The one person who was better was Ballance. I can't overplay how well he played, it was Gary circa 2013 / 14. Merciless on anything short or over pitched. He was playing so well his dismissal audibly stunned the crowd. No-one gave it away and it was a pity one from Lees, Lyth and Handscomb didn't go on. Lyth and Lees looked in good order and I was surprised one or other didn't make a significant score.

I don't like to be negative but Bres, Hodd and Rafiq at 6,7 and 8 is weak. We wont get away with it every time and today for all the excellence of Ballance and Patto, Patto used up a seasons worth of 'playing and missing' however full marks for determination, Edwards bowled a hostile couple of overs at him. I thought our total was about 75 light, but it was far more than looked likely at one stage.

Coad looked good against the students last week but I never for a moment expected 5 - 18 from 8. The catches to Lees and Ballance were poor shots although Ervine looked uneasy and had been beaten a couple of times before he fell. We deserve praise for our bowling efforts but Hamps made a pretty poor job in decent conditions against an attack weaker than they could reasonably expect. Leaning held a sharp head high 3rd slip catch to account for Carberry, Lees a good low one at mid wicket and Ballance a routine one at mid off.

The ball swung all day and Abbott seamed it around. If Abbott and Edwards stay fit and there batting holds up, Hamps certainly have more than they've had in recent times. It'll be interesting how the pitch ages, I think it might go 'dead'. We're ahead but getting 10 second innings wickets wont be easy. Games tend to speed up, at Headingley they occasionally slow down.

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East Coast Type
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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 7 2017, 9:53 PM 

I remember so many uneventful and meaningless days of championship cricket in the 70s and 80s when i was at school (that big division we were nearly always two-thirds of the way down), but we hardly seem to get any these days !!

Great news that GB played so well (note to England - leave him be, he needs time).

What a legend Patto is.

Very promising Coad performance. Hampshire commentators on BBC after Cally had left were a bit grudging, but amazing effort. In the context of a 30-something first line attack, a performance of potentially huge significance for the club.

The definition of madness is said to be doing the same thing over and again but expecting a different outcome. There is an element of that with our batting.

(Login WibseySimon55)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 8 2017, 12:02 AM 

Great set of reviews of the day above. What a delight to start the new season with such a classically good day of County Cricket. And we can look forward to the sun shining on us tomorrow.

Question: can any of our tracking-down-stats specialists tell how long ago is it since a single Yorkshire bowler took all the first five wickets, to dismiss the opponents' top 5, (without any other bowler yet getting on the score sheet)? I doubt that Hutchison's 7 against the Universities did that. Did Gough? Or Hoggard? I think it might be back to Trueman?

Was Coad more than a bit lucky today, or is he very good? He looks slight of build for a fast bowler -- I guess it's his fast run up and smooth fast action that makes a difference. Opinions?

(Login Backward_Point)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 8 2017, 12:30 AM 

Tom, bravo for the Morse Coad post earlier.

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Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 8 2017, 8:37 AM 

Only got the first session in unfortunately due to baby minding duties.

Seemed to be a decent crowd on a grey morning, cold, but nothing like last season. Heartening to hear the very warm welcome for the new overseas player.

Looking forward to a good day on Sunday in the sunshine.

I thought Coad looked to have something about him in white ball cricket last season.

In the CC only saw him up at Durham on the last day when all the bowlers found it tough against a very obdurate Keaton Jennings.

Good luck to the lad and well done the skipper. Leading from the front is the best way. Just hope Leaning and co get the message.

(Login MattyH1)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 8 2017, 10:32 AM 

Just watched the highlights on the YCCC site, wow what a ball to remove Bresnan! Good ones got Rafiz and Hodd as well.

(Login Wharfester)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 1)

April 8 2017, 11:30 AM 

Can I just be the first to say... NLOC

Not a bad start to your CC career when you beat Patto's career best in your second match. Some of our bowling legends may struggle to get a match!

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