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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 4:40 PM 

Come on Yorkshire

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 5:07 PM 

Looks like we're starting the season with a defeat, really poor considering what an excellent position we were in. The batting still looks pretty suspect and this should have been thoroughly addressed over the break.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 5:18 PM 

We are learning the hard way that Bresnan is not a new ball bowler like Sidebottom, Willey or Fisher who all get movement with swing or seam - indeed, I would have preferred Patterson (at his best) and Coad with second new ball and give Rafiq early chance to get breakthrough, with Bresnan subsequently replacing one seamer. We need to break this stand soon to have any chance now .... After day one, we really should never have been losing this game. There we go, that got Bressie key wicket!! And now he's got the other! Must be nail biting.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 5:46 PM 

First three days of season, and already I can't stand the tension

(Login Rey2)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 6:17 PM 

Not sure I'd want the two bowlers who haven't taken a wicket in the match bowling together at this point in the game.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 6:29 PM 

Should have used Rafiq soon after new ball was available and certainly before wicketless Shaw.

(Login davidgeoffrey)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 6:37 PM 

Well that was exciting but a depressing result. On the positive side thought we played reasonably well considering our weak bowling attack - Patterson and Shaw did not take a wicket in the match.
Looking forward to the return at Hants - should have Sid / Plunkett / Rashid / Willey all available + Root and Bairstow . So Hants will do well to compete with us then...

(Login overman8)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 6:46 PM 

I agree Dave, but we really should have won considering the position we were in. Patto unusually ineffective and Shaw not up to standard (yet?) tbh. In the main it has been our batting that has let us down again.

(Login WibseySimon55)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 6:47 PM 

Exciting, yes, but pretty cheesed off. Should have put more runs on the board yesterday. Throwing away a first innings lead like that is unforgivable.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 6:52 PM 

Don't know if we could have done much more with the bowling attack at our disposal. Unfortunately it's the batting that has let us down. The top 3 had 5 starts between them but no score over 30. In addition to that numbers 5-8 had 6 single figure scores between them, you can afford to have 1-3 OR 5-8 fail but not both.

(Login Tyke1950)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 7:05 PM 

Just back from my first day of cricket this season. I didn't stay until the bitter end. The rapidly cooling weather drove me back to the car.
It was glorious to be back watching Yorkshire. The Memorial Garden had been given a clean up and looked lovely. The tea was as foul, lukewarm and expensive as ever but I didn't mind because the view from the North East Upper was grand. Players were going through their paces. Hampshire's lads were studiously batting in the nets; Yorkshire's were doing something bonding that was only marginally cricket related. Never mind. At this stage expectations were high that a team only rescued from relegation by the ECB's vile and stupid act of brutality on Durham, would be defeated round about tea time. Hopefully Yorkshire's wasteful batting yesterday was no more than a precursor to something similar from Vince, Adams and co.
It was not to be.
The Hampshire batsmen showed application and discipline. Yorkshire dropped catches. In retrospect, the dropping of Adams by Lyth (pretty easy) and Carberry by Handscomb (quite tough) decided the match.
It was the first time I'd seen Coad. He has a pleasing, loose action and generates some decent pace. He bowled well. Bresnan also bowled a testing opening spell. Had the openers been removed in the first half hour, as they should have been, the day would have taken on a different pattern.
Instead, Carberry and Adams dug in and batted splendidly on a wicket that seemed not to have much wrong with it. Carberry was quite subdued and determined until he pulled a ball from Coad to Patterson in the deep. His evident annoyance indicated how determined Hampshire were. Adams batted in a competent but somewhat ungainly way. Vince played several lovely shots and another stand developed either side of lunch.
Although Bresnan and Coad always demanded respect, the others were less testing. Rafiq bowled well but apart from the wicket of Adams seemed fairly easy to play. Patterson bowled as he almost always does but never really threatened. Perhaps his line needed to be a bit straighter on this occasion. Shaw was markedly less effective than the other seamers. I can't help but think that Rhodes might have been a better all round selection.
Apart from Ervine, all the Hampshire batsmen worked hard for their cause. Very little beat the bat.
Yorkshire's ground fielding was pretty sound but the team seemed lacking in potency. As the weather became less balmy the outcome became clearer. Yorkshire simply didn't have the tools to do the job.
I left at about the time the new ball was due. It seems as if Bresnan gained some late consolation but in a losing cause.
My highlights of the day were a smart caught and bowled by Coad; an early sighting of the Cheeseman and two or three lovely drives by Vince. My low points were the bad drop by Lyth; the mediocre bowling of Shaw; the slightly irritatingly corporate tones of the announcer (Radio 5 training course reject?); the nagging sense that this is going to be a very testing season.
The crowd was decent - 2,000ish.
Off to Edgbaston next. Something similar there and we have cause to be anxious. Two consecutive Championship defeats at Headingley. The times they are a changing - sadly.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 7:19 PM 

A dissapointing start to the season but any team missing 5 senior bowlers would struggle. Against a team with some good players and 3 Kolpaks. It was good to see Coad do well; hopefully the a star in the making. Even with the dissapointing batting yesterday I think with Rashid and Brooks in the side we would have won that I think. Long way to go yet obviously this season, and I still think we've got a team good enough to challenge for the title. If not, though, in one-day cricket we will be challenging for honours. Move on to Warwickshire when we'll have Rashid available which will make a difference, and hopefully Plunkett and/or Sidebottom

menston yccc
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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 7:37 PM 

disappointing but a big ask for that line up to bowl out a very experienced Hampshire batting line up twice

as others have said the batting let us down

realistically with this batting line up and with the absence of a second spinner we are not championship contenders

the concern is there do not seem to be youngsters knocking on the door batting wise so difficult to see the improvement

the league is very competitive as others have said with no poor teams so the danger is with we get into a batting slump we could end up in a notts type scenario
of last year

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 7:39 PM 

Although I am Rashid fan, not sure that change in spinner would improve team much at Edgbaston. We really need two from Sidebottom, Willey and Fisher to be fit to come in to strengthen seam bowling. IMHO! It was mistake to include both of the young but inexperienced seamers instead of playing all rounder Rhodes and it was asking a lot to bat our new overseas player at number 3 on debut in English conditions. It is just ridiculous that Bairstow is being prevented from playing first class cricket at a time when batsmen are needing time in middle, especially someone like Johnny who thrives on playing as much as possible to be in form. How can ECB make such stupid decisions when allowing contracted players Stokes and Buttler to go to India and keep playing?

Sorry about being lost for words, some might say, thank goodness 😀

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Steve C
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Assistant Moderator

Disappointing but not disastrous..

April 9 2017, 7:43 PM 

Its a game of fine margins.
If Lyth had held a sitter at 11.30 or Handscomb pulled off a stunning catch at gulley it might have been a different day.
Batting seemed to get easier - Bresnan bowled with a lot of heart but a nasty limp and was clearly struggling towards the end. Coad impressed but Shaw didnt really look the part. Rafiq bowled well in the afternoon session but was taken off and replaced by Lyth which seemed odd - i would have liked to have seen them bowling in tandem. I would have bowled Rafiq for an hour in the afternoon.
We fielded well but looked a bit lifeless in the field. I don't like to see Ballance with his hands in his pockets - body language is even more important when you're the captain. When we came out after lunch and tea i didnt get the sense that there was a plan -we just picked up where we left off. I like to see some sort of strategy being applied - we didnt bowl a short ball until 6.15...
The batting is an issue. We should have picked Rhodes instead of Shaw - and i'm afraid that Leaning has to be read the riot act. He's not a promising youngster any more - he looks the part and he walks with a swagger but he just doesn't score enough runs.
Similarly - and i know they had a field day against the students - but when our openers get a start they need to go on and get a big score. I'm sick of Lyth getting attractive forties.

I'm sorry we lost to Hampshire. To me they represent the worst face of County Cricket - but they applied themselves well today and deserved to win.

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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 7:44 PM 

Alibor must lost for words!

(Login Papag1)

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 7:48 PM 

Lads battled as well as they could today the early dropped catch which Adams survived I suppose was crucial. Cant get over why /how we have such a non available list for the start of the season think it was similar last season as well, we have all the top of the range facility's at the club strength and conditioning qualified employees and we turn out such a weakened team. The ECBs availability list of our players always seems to baffle to an extent where I just accept it now. Disappointing crowd on a glorious day for April for a non work day no local cricket or local distractions. Well that is 4 (sorry 3) of our 20 days of CC cricket at Headingley gone think next game is June 2nd sad.gif


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Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 7:56 PM 

Last night I finished with 'we had to take our chances'. Sadly we didn't. lyth eventually dropped a low but regulation catch & Handscomb got two hands in a dive but couldn't hold on. As a result the first pair put on 90 and it was Yorkshire who had to fight. And fight we did, but sadly it wasn't enough. On another day we could have won. All the bowlers beat the bat but some edges went wide for 4 whilst others fell short of the slips.

And please don't get at Bresnan. Tim has bowled his heart out. His caught & bowled of Dawson, diving to his left was absolutely brilliant, it sadly also injured Bressy. But he gainfully limped back on, but Hants won the match before he could bowl.

A slight criticism of Ballance's captaincy. Patterson has been most effective when he's been at the other end to an attacking bowler. Today it's been Bresnan/Code or Patterson/Shaw.

Kevin Owens
(Login kevinowens)

CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshre vs Hampshire (day 3)

April 9 2017, 8:13 PM 

Spoke to Dave Willey during the tea interval today. He said he's available if selected for next week so that's something. Has to come in for Shaw for me

(Login sid-don)
Assistant Moderator

Re: CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Hampshire (Day 3)

April 9 2017, 8:55 PM 

I ended day 1 with

It'll be interesting how the pitch ages, I think it might go 'dead'. We're ahead but getting 10 second innings wickets wont be easy. Games tend to speed up, at Headingley they occasionally slow down.

and so it came to pass.

Summary of today: two killer drops in the first half hour, very determined batting, lots of Yorkshire fight, increased playing and missing as the innings went on, but from 140ish for 1, the game was always away from us. Lacked a high quality spinner or a hostile fast bowler, Ras and Plunkett would have made a difference.

I'm not sure we could have done much more with the 11 we had. Div 1 is full of good teams, weakness will be exploited.

One discussion point: Don't pick players you don't trust. Ballance obviously didn't want to bowl Shaw and was reluctant to use Rafiq, although I thought Azeem did well and looked better than 2016. Bres, Patto and Coad were on their knees by the end, you cant do a 96 over day with three bowlers.

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