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Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Re: Coad

April 17 2017, 5:22 PM 

Better judges and people with better memories than me will probably scoff but Matthew Hoggard comes to my mind.

Remember a few of his early games, particularly one dayers, were nothing to write home about.

Whatever, a career along the Hoggard lines would be quite acceptable.

(Login JollyD)


April 17 2017, 6:11 PM 

Not too many plaudits, please, or the England Lions will be calling him up for extended net practice at Loughborough.

Steve C
(Login stevecowton)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Coad

April 17 2017, 6:40 PM 

Oh - and the nickname is Highway apparently....

Does anyone remember that remarkable season from Tango Kirby...?
His luck never ran out.

(Login NewBrian)

Re: Coad

April 17 2017, 9:29 PM 

Buffalo Bill ?
The nearest comparison I can make is with the much improved Chris Woakes. As I watch from side-on I can't speak for the swing he's getting, but he's dismissing some good players and at the moment has such great control of length. Very impressive to have the confidence to bowl so full. Hope he's going to avoid the injury problems that hit so many good young 'uns: Would be sad to see him overbowled too early in what could be a fine career.
I wonder how much influence, if any, Gillespie had on his bowling style.

(Login Backward_Point)

Re: Coad

April 18 2017, 12:21 AM 

If he keeps up this form (currently the country's leading wicket taker at an economy rate of less than 3) he'll get nabbed by the England Lions and then drafted into the Test team this summer. No doubt the ECB will be keen to bring his development 'in-house' as quickly as possible and protect him from the amateurs in county cricket.

For our sake I hope the wickets get shared around a bit more in the next match. I'd be happy to see players like Patto with no chance of an England call taking some of the limelight.

(Login Lewis_116)

Re: Coad

April 18 2017, 6:40 AM 

Its amusing. A couple of weeks ago we were all a little worried with our constant bowling injuries, loss to England and even some ageing bowlers.

Coad comes along and Fisher is free from injury. All of a sudden you start to envisage the future...

(Login trombonetime)

Re: Coad

April 18 2017, 3:28 PM 

I'm backing DaVinci - bowlers like to think of themselves as artists.

(Login devon_outcast)

give him some time

April 18 2017, 5:27 PM 

Before I start sounding dull and negative I hope that Coad continues to take 5 wickets an innings for the next 15 years and is somehow missed by England each summer.

He's clearly a very good bowler. He has bowled in 2 games since his winter's development and done very, very well. He is different and new to what the batsmen have faced before from Yorkshire. With the level of filming and analysis which each team has it is possible that he may soon start to be more understood. He may not get so many wickets- this does not mean he is a bad, sloppy or unmotivated bowler.

If and when he has a game which fails to deliver on the stats sheet, let's keep the support going then.

I suppose I am suggesting that we done praise him too highly or dam him so much later in the season. Let's sit back and quietly be happy in the knowledge that the yorkshire seam attack will continue to be strong.


(Login _JG_)

Re: Coad

April 18 2017, 6:51 PM 

Woakes may be a good comparison- the extra yard he's put on in the last couple of years has certainly taken his bowling to the next level anyway, perhaps as Coad has managed over the winter.


Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: Coad

April 18 2017, 8:46 PM 

Wise words, Ian from Devon. Supporters over-praise and they (we) over-criticise. It's because we're so proud of our players when they do well, and so disappointed when they don't.

Back in my playing days, after getting out second ball, I was told by a club supporter (there were only two of them) that I had batted like a (extremely nasty expletive deleted) today.

Anxious not to offend me (!) he went on to say that I had batted very well the previous week.

I pointed out that I had played and missed a couple of times early on last week, that I had been dropped once, too, in making 60-odd. And I couldn't possibly have played more than two bad shots today. All I'd done was nick one, before my eyes and hands and brain were fully in synch.

(Login Dewsburian)

Re: Coad

April 18 2017, 10:15 PM 

Coad was the one player who was getting visibly impatient on Monday morning. He also bowled slightly less well than before, with a few loose deliveries down the leg side. I felt someone should be telling him that you can't take a wicket with every ball, but he probably doesn't see the world like that at the moment!

Gavin Gray
(Login yorkie1863)

Re: Coad

April 19 2017, 12:22 PM 

Just been on Twitter and watched all his wickets. Only 2/3 batsmen played bad shots. Great line n length from this lad.


Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: Coad

April 19 2017, 12:34 PM 

The bad shots are also created by the good line and length, the building of pressure, 'joining the dots', as they used to say when the world was young (before T20).

In the second innings, when Willey joined the party, there was no loose stuff at all, no respite. Brilliant!

(Login paulyorks)

Re: Coad

April 19 2017, 8:51 PM 

Re 'joining the dots': I actually wrote in to Cricinfo last year to complain about their illiterate use of this idiom to mean any sequence of dot balls, regardless of whether runs had been scored earlier in the over. The commentator gave me short shrift - he'd obviously never been a scorer!

Gavin Gray
(Login yorkie1863)

Re: Coad

April 20 2017, 11:12 AM 

Glad he has been given a new deal. He deserves it.


(Login dpressed)

Re: Coad

April 20 2017, 4:33 PM 

According to what I've read on 'social media' much of Coad's improvement has been put down to help he's received from Rich Pyrah. I hope this is true (& recognised by the club). As someone who made the most of his talents I'd expected (Pyrah) Maniac to be a good coach.

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