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(Login Danum)

Re: Cricket on TV.

April 21 2017, 9:03 AM 

I can dimly recall when Yorkshire Television started, taking over from Granada that came from Manchester (1968?) they made a big thing of covering a Yorkshire match live (it may have been Roses) only to leave it on the final day in the critical closing stages for an advert break followed by some evening magazine programme (Bill Grundy?). They never recovered their reputation for televised cricket after that.

Someone with a better memory than me might be able to fill in the match details and the state of play when they switched away from it.

(Login YorkTyke)

Re: Cricket on TV

April 22 2017, 9:23 AM 

I remember watching a Roses match from Headingley on the BBC. Must have been in the 1970's. Boycott was injured and was part of the commentary team.

(Login TheLoiner)

Re: Cricket on TV.

April 22 2017, 11:32 AM 

One of my earliest cricket memories was a Yorkshire one day match televised on BBC, probably on a Sunday.

Darren Gough was bowling lethal in swinging yorkers at the death. Can still picture it in my head. Think it will have been early 90's

(Login YorkTyke)

Re: Cricket on TV

April 22 2017, 11:46 AM 

Danum - I don't know for sure but it might have been the 1969 Roses match at Bramall Lane when Yorkshire needed 65 runs to win from the last 19 overs of the game and ended on 64-6.

(Login Saltaire)

Re: Cricket on TV

April 22 2017, 1:21 PM 

I can recall watching the Roses matches on TV in the 1960s. ITV and BBC both covered one of the games each season.

The main ITV commentator was (I think) Crawford White, who was a distinguished cricket correspondent for many years with the Daily Express. George Duckworth did some of the summarising.

I can remember thinking – even at the time – that the ITV graphics were a bit shaky; the scorecard seemed to wobble on to the screen and then off again. And (as with the BBC) there was only one main camera, which meant that half the time we were looking at the back views of the batsman and wicketkeeper. But we were grateful for the coverage – again from memory, most of the morning’s play, snatches in the afternoon and (sometimes) the last 20 minutes of the day.

And the commentators knew when to let the (black and white) pictures speak for themselves. Not for them the continuous inane chatter that most of their modern-day counterparts seem to prefer. (Apologies for drifting into “grumpy old man” mode).

Gavin Gray
(Login yorkie1863)

Re: Cricket on TV.

April 22 2017, 1:44 PM 

With all the digital channels available i don't see why we can't have free to view championship matches on BBC/ITV with Cally n Co commentary. Let sky have the 50over and Mickey mouse cricket.

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