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Text exchange

April 25 2017 at 8:37 AM
Guest  (Login ThirdUmpire)

@Straussy to @rootdog66 "Hey Joe, sorry I made you miss some time with your new arrival to play at Southampton but under a bit of pressure to get you chaps some cricket again. Well done for not tiring yourself out and batting for too long and thanks for passing it he massage on to Bairstow to do the same. We are up the creek a bit for the Ireland squad due to some of the chaps resting put in India still so any thoughts on in form batsmen to have a look at?"

@rootdog66 to @straussy "hi boss. Well Vincey and Carbs looked in good nick this week and may be worth a go"

@straussy to @rootdog66 " may be premature for them but whose this Ballance chap with the most runs in the country at the moment? Should we pick him in the squad but perhaps let him carry the drinks with Bairstow so he can learn the ropes?"

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Gavin Gray
(Login yorkie1863)

Re: Text exchange

April 25 2017, 12:00 PM 

@rootdog66 to @straussy "Robson and Gubbins are in great touch. They are worth picking."

@straussy to @rootdog66 "Don't be daft Root, they play for Middlesex. I'm not picking them. I want them to win the championship again."


(Login dpressed)

Re: Text exchange

April 25 2017, 12:25 PM 

That explains why Finn hasn't been picked

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