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May 16 2017, 11:13 PM 

The competing clubs get an allocation.
A Buchan

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Those who were there

May 16 2017, 11:27 PM 

Can anyone describe the dropped Klein catch. I was listening to Cally and Rafiq was dropped on 1 I think by Klein off his own bowling. A real dolly? It looked costly as it was Rafiq's 4th ball and he went on to score 52 no from just 30 balls.At 107 for 1 I'm thinking we've lost this but it is Leicestershire! They folded to 189 for 8 losing 7 for 82 in 22. 3 overs, exactly half of their overs. But then McKay might get them home at the end. Our bowlers really stuck to their task , with Carver and Rafiq outstanding. I was pleased that Coad, Fisher and Waite got those vital last 3 wickets after they "took some tap" earlier in the innings. Well done lads!
A Buchan

Geoff B
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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 16 2017, 11:44 PM 

A bit of a roller coaster ride but it turned out alright in the end.

Shame that Worcestershire won as well but it was on the cards.

Azeem Rafiq can look quite comical on a cricket pitch sometimes and I know he doesn't always inspire confidence but he played an excellent hand today.

Think our batting was a bit cautious early on, Lees hit a six and then seemed to sit back and think he had done enough. Lyth was good but once he got into double figures he too forgot to get on with it.

Don't like Leaning batting at 3 and once again he failed badly.

Ballance and Bresnan batted steadily and Rafiq got us out of a hole with his attacking batting at the end.

Rafiq and Carver put the brakes on Leicestershire in the nick of time after the pacemen had taken an early pasting.

Bresnan and co came back to some extent when there was some pressure on and Yorkshire held their nerve to win.

Like most people there I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Geoff B
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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 12:11 AM 

The Klein drop was one of several drops which had they been taken might easily have changed the outcome.

Rafiq going for a big hit mistimed it and it went almost straight up, in most cases it would have been left to the keeper. Klein obviously called for it and waved the keeper away only to misjudge it a little and he lurched forward and it seemed to just bounce out of his hands.

He copped a bit of stick naturally but otherwise he didn't have a bad game.

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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 7:51 AM 

Tight finish but well done to our young team (and Bressie!) for sticking to the task and providing entertainment for the supporters at the ground! Will be tough for them to get us to the Final but a great opportunity for them in the absence of the England quintet.

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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 8:32 AM 

This run of games will be massive for the development of the younger lads.

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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 8:56 AM 

I remember in the off season there were a few remarks about our ageing bowling line up.

Not sure I agreed fully. Nethertheless, very exciting to see the trust and development of Coad, Fisher, Carver, Waite.

Such young lads. When you look at recent ODI teams with or without the English lads, it is full of homegrown Yorkshiremen. Its great to see.


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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 9:04 AM 

Thought last nights game was one of the most entertaining I have seen recently.
Highlight was Rafiq being dropped and then going on to smash the ball to all parts in a splendid half century.
Also Gary Ballances comical hit wicket again.
Think I am right in saying that Leicestershire would have got through if they had won, I think this pressure was too much for them in the end after Delport putting them on top.

Just a pity they wasn't a bigger crowd in at the end as some around me had to leave 30 mins before the end for public transport.
Still not 100% sure Day / Night cricket works in May but was a fairly pleasant warm evening after the earlier rain and lovely red sky was a the background to a good game of cricket.

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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 9:16 AM 

Yes Leicester would have qualified in 3rd place if they had won.

The comments on the poor crowd again show the difficulties with day/night cricket in England. I know of a number of people who didn't go because they couldn't face driving home at 10pm (yes I was one of them). The weather didn't help.

As it was a late start actually helped the cricket. If we'd had a 'normal' match it would have been 20(ish or less) overs a side due to it raining in the morning.

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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 9:17 AM 

do,nt let a win mask the fact we played some terrible cricket,if we had been playing a half decent team we would have been beaten. the number of our batsmen who gave their wicket away to bad shots. lyth lees leaning handscomb all gave it away, and we lost waite to bad cricket (never run on a misfield).
After bresnans early wicket the pace bowling was poor and only a good period of spin from rafa and Karl Carver assisted by Lyth pulled the game out of the fire.


Dave Morton
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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 10:06 AM 

I've not read any of the comments, except for Marsker's immediately above, which I don't entirely agree with; though I do in parts.

I'm enjoying this form of the game more than ever before, this season, and this was a cracker against an excellent Leicestershire side. Having lost so many home produced players (Broad, Wright, Taylor, Gurney, Buck), they have cobbled together a side of experienced Australians (Cosgrove and McKay) and South Africans (Delport, Ackerman and Klein), Pettini from Essex, youngsters Griffiths and Parkinson from Lancashire, and a home-grown contingent in Eckersley, Hill and Wells.

Their seam bowling was highly impressive in the conditions - better than ours - and the way Delport and Eckersley batted it looked like home early.

Three of our batsmen were caught in front of the wicket, but we were trying to be positive and kept going at 5 per over as wickets fell. This at least allowed Ballance and Bresnan to have a bit of a look, though still at 5 an over, and paved the way for the thrilling late assault.

Rafiq's innings was amazing. He played some ridiculous ramps and scoops - they are brilliant when they work, ridiculous when they don't, and these didn't - but when he stood still and hit, the ball went miles. Brilliant stuff. Ballance timed his assault to perfection.

Early wicket for Bresnan, then came Delport, who simply smashed everything off line, and smashed plenty that wasn't off line, too. Orthodox batting of the highest quality. Enter Rafiq, who did for both left-handers Delport and Cosgrove in the same over, nice loop, some turn. Beautiful bowling.

Ballance then turned to Carver, who bowled even better. By far the best I've ever seen from him. The fielding was keen and the game changed completely. Wells, McKay and Klein fought hard and could have edged it - but they didn't.

So many positives: Lyth, Ballance, Bresnan and Rafiq with the bat; Rafiq and Carver with the ball; good captaincy; 10 Yorkshire Academy products in the team; and not least an excellent pitch, with something there for bowlers of all types.

Not many negatives: set batsmen failing to go on; toothless seam bowling, and poor from young Fisher; Rafiq's injury; Handscomb's wicket-keeping, but without it Carver may not have played and we might have lost - so who can say it was wrong?

Currently ploughing through a huge batch of photos, which is much more fun to do after we've won.

Geoff B
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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 10:21 AM 

Of course a crushing win with a faultless batting and bowling display by Yorkshire would have been very pleasant, but Leicestershire had a lot to play for too and added to the entertainment.

Delport and Eckersely played very well, they pushed their luck and got away with it which put pressure on the young bowlers, but that's how the game is played. I don't think any of our batsmen wanted to give easy catches but that's what happens when bowlers are clever and you just can't afford to wait around for a bad ball to put away.

Towards the end if the captain is telling his bowlers to bowl short to a plan with 5 fielders on the boundary in front of the bat then the bowling does look ugly but it worked.

Onwards and upwards, lot of rain in the South I believe today so that table may well stay as it is.

Surrey at home, Essex away, Worcestershire at Lords, now wouldn't that be nice.

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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 10:32 AM 

Good to hear that Rafiq had an outstanding game. I thought he bowled well at Trent Bridge, but was beginning to despair about his batting. Does anyone else think that he should simply be told that he has two overs to "play himself in". I know it's not the way they play these games any more, but I'm sure it would be beneficial. It sounds like he should have been out early yesterday, had it not been for a bad drop.


Dave Morton
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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 10:50 AM 

Yes, Geoff, I thought Fisher came back quite well at the end, with a couple of good bouncers - bowling to instructions, as you say. In his earlier two-over spell he dropped short three times, and all three went the distance.

Carver bowled a few short balls early in his spell, got away with them, and went on to bowl absolutely beautifully. You need a bit of luck in this game, whoever you are.

On the Klein dropped catch, the ball went straight up, an obvious keeper's catch, but Klein seemed to bully Hill out of it, then dropped the thing. I think it was also Klein who dropped one at long-leg and let a routine stop trickle through his legs for four. Waite can count himself unlucky to fall to Klein's direct hit.

Was it a run on a misfield? I was watching the action through my camera and didn't get the wider view.

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Assistant Moderator

Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 11:34 AM 

Looks like a home tie against Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire. Please let it be Sussex, as we have a chance against them, but would not fancy or chances against the other two sides especially without our 5 England players and a 400 mile trek back from Taunton 16 hours before, which will surely tire everyone out.

Yes Dave, it was a "mis-field"run out.

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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 1:17 PM 

it's a funny old game is one day cricket. For the last few seasons the top dogs have been Northants and warwickshire both of whom struggled this season. But then one of them beat us convincingly.

So I'm not fussed who we play in the next round as on any given day most teams can beat anyone else. The key is preparation and a settled side where everyone knows their roles. This is where we are most at risk with the daft fixture scheduling and players coming and going at the whim of the ecb.

For once I'd be happy if sky got involved and wanted to move our game to suit their scheduling

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Assistant Moderator

Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 1:56 PM 

A 2pm start for Sky coverage would help with the late finish the day before at Taunton (it could be an 8/9pm set-off, with a late finish and the usual post-match stuff). Private charter jet could help!! Costs probably rules that out. Nothing scheduled the day after, but that would mess with supporters who have booked the Tuesday off as holiday.

Idle Man
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Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 3:08 PM 

Think we'll be lucky to progress given our loss of players, but quite a lot of positives from these games (and I should state I saw only 2 of the matches, and don't have Sky):

1) Rafiq: I know I was doubtful about his bowling at Northants, but he's now got two higher order batsmen out immediately - not just on the slog - in the last two matches, as well as producing sound figures in most games. The first of these things in particular makes me a little more hopeful that he can do a decent job again in 4 day cricket. We're about to find out.

2) Carver: I wondered whether he might have proved not quite good enough and be allowed to leave soon, but yesterday suggests he's still in with a chance.

3) Matthew Waite: there's something 'right' about his approach to the game. Superficially he isn't quite good enough with either bat or ball to merit selection in the Championship, but I just wonder if it isn't time to try him out at that level. He has a habit of stepping up and delivering.

4)Gary Ballance: not the obvious superb performance with the bat, but my impression is that he's an imaginative, confident skipper. This isn't a criticism of Andrew Gale, who had much to admire as captain, but I don't think he'd have turned to Waite and Fisher at the end yesterday.

On the downside, well, the batting still, obviously. The only positives are the dramatic return of Ballance, and the arrival of Handscomb. Either of those could be taken away from us. I don't think anyone else is even performing as well as they did last year, and that was admitted to be below the required standard. One of the reasons I'd be inclined to see what Waite can do, though in an ideal world we'd have the time to really give Leaning and/or Rhodes three or four matches batting 5-7 to come to a better judgement of where they stand.

(Login Spanishnick)

Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 3:31 PM 

Last week i saw Carver getting carted all over, and out of ,the ground at Clifton Park York - and deservedly so. Last night i watched him bowl like he'd been bowling at that level for years. Funny game isnt it?
Only managed to get there in time for the Leicester innings but really enjoyed the game. Strikes me that the fairly low scoring 50 over games always seem to be the best. 250-270 generally seems a score that almost guarantees a tight game and finish.
Of course the stats could show that I'm talking ********, but who ever cared about statistics when an ill-informed first thought came to mind.

(Login Tyke1950)

Re: One-day Cup | Yorkshire vs Leicestershire at Leeds (Match Thread)

May 17 2017, 6:58 PM 

Couldn't agree more about I'll-informed first thoughts, Nick.
You and me both.
I had reservations about Rafiq. I guess I still do. He's such a mercurial cricketer. However, there's a little touch of stardust in the lad..
He bowled beautifully at Edgbaston but he also bowls a lot of tat at times. I've seen some inept batting from him in this round of 50 over matches but clearly, his Leicester knock must have been special. I saw his performance at Scarborough last year when he and Hodd pulled the game round for us. Splendid. He was the good news story of last year and we may reap further white-ball benefits this year.

Waite also has something to commend him. I'm pretty sure bowling is, at present, his stronger suit. He has done pretty well in all the games he has been selected for. His innings at Edgbaston was sketchy initially but he clearly has a good eye and a decent temperament.

I've always liked the look of young Carver and was pleased to see him contribute so significantly, yesterday.

Fisher is a long way from the finished cricketer but he has a fine turn of pace and has shown himself capable of contributing with the bat.

Coad has been a revelation.

This may prove to be a transitional year in the sense that Yorkshire fail to win a trophy but already, the season has been extremely encouraging for the future. I feel far more confident about the next five years than I did last September.

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