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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Lancashire at Leeds (Day 2)

June 3 2017, 9:57 PM 

the forecast for monday has got much better, dry until late afternoon. tomorrow showers.


Dave Morton
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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Lancashire at Leeds (Day 2)

June 3 2017, 10:01 PM 

Lancashire have fought back well today. Yes, we are still ahead, but perhaps not quite so far ahead as at stumps on Friday.

Well played, Adam Lyth, and he received support from his partners. Ballance looked particularly fluent in the first half hour when Adam was struggling, and most of the others chipped in.

Mahmood confirmed the good impression of yesterday, and Jordan Clark also bowled some testing deliveries amongst the dross after being overlooked on the first day.

The ball seemed to zip around all through the Yorkshire innings, but then did less when we bowled second time round. I saw the Hameed lbw and thought it possibly inclined to leg, slightly, but definitely not too high. I have no opinion on the Davies decision because I was fiddling with my phone at the time and missed it. Those around me thought that one might have been high, though Davies is only about 3 feet tall.

I had to leave at 5.30 and was relieved that we got Procter, who was looking good, and Croft as I journeyed home. Chanderpaul, Vilas and McLaren could yet make life difficult - this game is a long way from being won. Two wickets early tomorrow would be gratefully received. I will be perfectly happy to see only two hours of cricket.


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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Lancashire at Leeds (Day 2)

June 3 2017, 10:34 PM 

I was also there today. Most of my comments have already been said so I'll just add a few thoughts.

Lyth should be honoursed for his ton. He went 50 minutes without scoring when he vwas on 40 (last night & this morning) but he didn't let it get to him. He mentaly relaxed once he got to 100 & played a loose shot to get out.

Leaning was unlucky ... yes it was an inside edge, but McLarens took a brilliant one handed catch to dismiss him. Rafiq started well then hit a slower ball staight down a fielder's throat.

I & those around me also though Hameeed's LBW looked high, but we were behind the batsman & a similar one against Hants was shown to be O?K.

I felt Ballance's captaincy was a bit lacking. After tea we had 48 overs to bowl. It was Ryan & Brooks, followed by Coad & Bressy, then repeat (Although the last 12 over were mixed up a bit & Rafiq bowled the 47th over). Whilst the odd ball was doing something he should have given Rafiq a few overs, just to break things up & also to stop the pacemen getting tired. Sadly whilst Tim did beat the bat he didn't look like getting a wicket. I've a feelin that Gale would have been more adventurous & the coach did come down & 'have a word' with Brooks who was fielding on the boundary.

It will be interesting when Yorks bat again. Lancs vwere -3 at the end of the Yorshire innings so are going to have to bowl spinners to get it back to 0

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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Lancashire at Leeds (Day 2)

June 3 2017, 11:10 PM 

I was right behind the line high in the football stand, and thought Davies' was plumb and Hameed's was BOTH high and missing leg!

I was really disappointed to see him go to a doubtful/poor decision. I'd just been thinking what a privilege it was for us old guys to be sitting there in 2017 watching a tussle develop between a young Lancs batsman in the classic mould and a young Yorks bowler in the classic mould.

Coad to Hameed. I hope we get to see much, much more of it.


Dave Morton
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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Lancashire at Leeds (Day 2)

June 3 2017, 11:59 PM 

Interesting with the (possibly) high lbw decisions, that in this game we have probably the two tallest umpires on the circuit. Bailey is a bit stooped in his stance, but Gough stands ramrod straight. Many years ago, umpires used to crouch down, with their eyes just above the bails, which must have been excruciating for elderly men to do for six hours.

If Hameed did get a bad one, that goes with the out-of-form territory. The guy who scored hundreds for fun in 2016 is struggling to make 10 one year later.

He will either come through his patch, older and better and wiser - or he'll drift away, gone with the wind, like Joe Sayers, whose batting style was similar. He needs to sort out his fielding also, and learn to throw.

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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Lancashire at Leeds (Day 2)

June 4 2017, 11:09 AM 

I saw Hameed play a couple of U19 internationals against SA. His captain was Will Rhodes and Fisher, Shaw and Tattersall were also in the team, as were the likes of Joe Clarke and Ed Barnard. Hameed was a year younger than most of the others, but often looked a class above them. I can't imagine him fading out of the game.

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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Lancashire at Leeds (Day 2)

June 4 2017, 11:59 AM 

Yesterday was my first day of Championship cricket this season. As others have said, it was mostly attritional stuff, with batting conditions tricky- especially when the occasional clouds rolled over- and Lancs principally bowling quite a wide line, but the sun was out for most of the day and there was a decent crowd in.

I was very impressed by Lyth's application and concentration. He had a couple of periods (in the 40s and 90s) where he 'got stuck', but never looked like playing a rash shot and just continued to play in the same way, and to be honest didn't look in any trouble all day. I think the loose shot that he nick off to from the ball after he completed his century highlighted how good his concentration had been on a pitch on which there was little reward to be had for the expansive shots Lyth is more known for. He will make plenty of flashier hundreds but few more impressive and important.

I thought the others all batted reasonably well around him. Ballance was the only other batsmen to look particularly comfortable, before he got one that bounced from McLaren; Leaning battled well but as often seems to be his problem he wad unable to rotate the strike enough, and was out to a stunning diving slip catch from Vilas; Hodd looked fluent, as did Rafiq, before nicking off and hitting a loopy bouncer straight down square leg's throat respectively. I agree with others that Mahmood looked the pick of the Lancashire bowlers: he was a yard quicker than the others (bar Proctor) and bowled a more threatening line than McLaren and the unimpressive Bailey.

I left before the start of the Lancashire second innings, and was hopeful that we might roll them a second time as the clouds came over in the evening. Not to be, but with the two internationals dismissed this morning we remain in the driving seat.

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