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Idle man
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Re: One Day Cup QF | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Match Thread)

June 14 2017, 8:50 PM 

There have been one or two remarks about Lees, and I am worried about him. In a highly positive team environment there seem occasional signs he is not happy. I note the reference to his poor interaction with Rafiq, and there was the very peculiar batting and response to criticism in the first innings of the Roses match. He was given a lot of publicity in 2014, and there were those who felt he should have got the England nod ahead of Adam Lyth. He must know he is way away from that now. Some people can be phlegmatic about that sort of thing, focus on the next match, etc. Others find it more difficult.

I also wonder whether his promotion and demotion as one day captain has left him disgruntled. It's possible relations with Andrew Gale, who said he would like to be in the one day side after giving up the captaincy, were a little strained, in which case Lees might not have viewed Gale's appointment as coach as positively as some others.

Very much hope I'm reading too much into this.

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Assistant Moderator

Re: One Day Cup QF | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Match Thread)

June 14 2017, 9:18 PM 

Alex Lees still enjoys my full confidence in four day cricket. He's a long way from dropping out from my first choice side. I also think he can be a success in our white ball side with some work (starting with his finess and waist line!)

However I agree with much of the above from Idle Man and a comment made elsewhere about weight gain and associated lack of mobility in the field. The lancs innings and his reaction to, what in he great scheme of things was a minor heckle from the north east upper, was concerning.

Also he must be concerned his career is going backwards - loss of one day captaincy, loss of place in one day team, signing of Tom K-C, emergence of Brooks at YCCC, emergence of Jennings and Hameeb at a national level, removal from first slip when we field - not many recent positives.

Challenge for AG and MM, he's good, to good to drift away but I suspect ambitious enough to look elsewhere to restart his career, AG/MM need to work with him. We'll see.

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Re: One Day Cup QF | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Match Thread)

June 14 2017, 11:39 PM 

Some good points about his career possibly going backwards or at least stagnating.

First class he's still a good player but not kicked on and taken his game to the next level. Where many thought he would and probably himself too. Still time..

White ball cricket he's massively gone backwards, real inability to rotate the strike, similar to Leaning in that regard.

Never been the most mobile in the field, body language issues sound worrying though.

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Re: One Day Cup QF | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Match Thread)

June 15 2017, 6:16 AM 

I was at the first day of the Roses match . Lees short innings was shall i say interesting . He had a wild swipe which he got away with . This actually caused a little mirth around me "does he think its T20" comments etc. He then played another awful slog and again got away with it. Mirth now changed to "what is he playing at?".
If memory serves me Adam went done and had a word with him but he was out a couple of balls later .
I did not hear any heckles but those around me knew the dismissal was coming .
On that day it did seem he had no interest in battling it out .

Idle man
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Re: One Day Cup QF | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Match Thread)

June 15 2017, 7:29 AM 

In response to one or two replies/reactions to my concerns about Lees, some here, others on the Harry Brook thread, I should say that I did not suggest, nor do I believe, that Lees should be dropped. I'm just a little worried about his state of mind. He needs an honest chat with Gale and/or Moxon, not a spell in the seconds

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