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Re: T20 International v South Africa

June 25 2017, 5:40 PM 

Willey might lose this last game for england - he's bowling absolute tripe. they need 20 an over, mind.

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Assistant Moderator

Re: T20 International v South Africa

June 25 2017, 6:09 PM 

Roy was out, end of. He would have needed a sat-nav to get back on course for the wickets, after the detour he made. And as for Morgan stating it was a 50-50 call, he must be blind in both eyes.


Dave Morton
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Re: T20 International v South Africa

June 25 2017, 6:40 PM 

Roy interviewed very well - yes I know they're trained to - sensible and suitably modest. He may not be my favourite cricketer, but he's a damn sight better than I was!

It's odd, this idea that style is important in sport. We admire the flowing grace of a Gower or a Graveney; there was a winger who used to play for Salford, Billy Burgess from Barrow, who glided along as if he was running on air.

But I have also admired the likes of Ken Barrington, who ground out runs - a lot of runs! - like a man drilling into rock. Graeme Smith, the S African, was similar.

Even though they were not pretty, nowhere near pretty, Barrington and Smith had a method you could understand. My problem is that Hales and Roy appear to play by numbers, with random, premeditated swipes. That they score runs must be a measure of their talent - and also the form of the game they are best at.

Which pretty well sums up why I don't like all of T20, though I do like some aspects of it.

Dawid Malan, by contrast, looked a proper player, with a method, and no premeditation. He looked as though he would cope in longer forms at top level. I also thought Plunkett, Crane, Tom Curran and Jordan bowled very well today, and the fielding was a joy to watch.

Geoff B
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Re: T20 International v South Africa

June 25 2017, 7:03 PM 

Malan looked a class act and an easy win in the end.

I believe Morgan is now persona non grata in Somerset.

Why go public and promise everybody in the squad a game if you either don't intend to keep your word, or more likely you're talking yourself up and promising what you can't deliver.

If Livingstone has the talent that some say he will bounce back from this poor start.

If he's as cocky and gobby as other's say, this might well be a lesson for him.

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