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Twelfth Man
(Login twelthman)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 26 2017, 11:58 PM 

Presumably that's the number who came in after 5pm, or did 2000 people leave at 5pm?! I did have holiday booked for this but although the weather was fair today/night the forecast for the rest of the week looks like making today's events academic, so decided to cancel in favour of a couple of days in Scarborough next week.

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 6:43 AM 

A disappointing day which I feel was not helped by the selection of the attack.

We used to have variety and wicket takers. Siddy left arm, accurate and moving it, Brooks a bit of a maverick with an expensive golden arm when needed, Plunkett with pace aggression and hitting the deck, Patto with control and a nagging length and Bresnan who was an England bowler who took wickets.

Now we have an attack lacking any variety and few genuine wicket taking threats. I'm not going to throw silly comments about Moxon and Gale being a poor coaching combination as both have been involved in our progress and success over the last five years but both were batsmen and Dizzy has left a huge hole when it comes to advising and guiding the seamers. Can Siddy fill it? Is he being asked to?

On the plus side I would hope our batsmen can do as well on the track as I'd back Root Bairstow Ballance and Handscomb to do what they have done. But I fear play will be minimal today with rain this morning already. This then backfires on the England team as Ballsnces chance of pink ball batting goes out the window.

So why don't they make the first two Days of the Lions game a pink ball match?

(Login Seadog73)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 7:02 AM 

Good point regarding a bowling coach - do we have one? Is that Pyrah's role?


Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 8:15 AM 

Rich Pyrah has been mentioned as the force behind Ben Coad's rise this season. I think we all accept that our Fab 4 pace attack is coming to the end of its life cycle, though there will be good days still, if fewer of them.

Coad has advanced as one replacement; Fisher should be another; and I particularly like Jared Warner of the rest, but I'm not sure the 2nd XI management share my admiration of him.

In the shorter term, Liam Plunkett will surely have a part to play, if and when he is ever available to us. Aren't there ODIs in September as the CC reaches its climax?

(Login Martinh00)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 8:24 AM 

On days like this we look at our bowling attack quite rightly. Two observations. Willey was seen as a long term replacement for Sidebottom. If anything this looks further away than ever though we may well be seeing more of him in the future because I can't see England persisting with him. I understand that the management had earmarked Fisher to begin the championship as a first choice seamer. Injuries put paid to that. Two bowlers who should be playing in the four day team but are not.


(Login matthefish2002)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 9:10 AM 

On the whole felt a slightly strange day.
Was expecting more wickets in the day with what I had read before hand about the pink ball and playing at dusk but batsmen on the whole remained on top.

Sangakkara is a brilliant player but feel slightly fed up of seeing him.
Roy played well and treated it like a 50 over innings.
Also thought Surrey were excellent running between the wickets and always looking to turn 1 into 2s.

I estimated the attendance to be about the same as the 11am starts and not sure many people came in after work. In fact many people drifted away at the supper break.

The different times for the intervals also played havoc with my meal times.
Fancied chips but at 4pm Brett's, St Michael Lane Chippy and the one on North Lane were all closed. Settled for a Pasty from Sainsbury's.

Steve C
(Login stevecowton)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 9:14 AM 

I thought we stuck to our task quite well although the pitch seemed very benign.
We had a couple of chances - Bairstow got a glove to a leg side chance but couldn't hold on and i thought Lees missed a hard chance off Sangakarra before he'd scored. No idea why we had Lees at short leg - one of the least mobile fielders on the pitch.
Poor Alex looks increasingly slow and more of a liability in the field every week i'm afraid.

Nothing in it for Rashid but he's back to bowling a bad ball every over i'm afraid - and Roy and Sanga didnt let him off.
Our four seamers just looked very samey and there was no real aggression or hostility - i only counted three short balls all day.
Sorry to say it - but i think the captain needs to shoulder some of the blame. You cant stand at mid off with your hands in your pockets for hours at a time. We seemed to lack leadership and inspiration yesterday..

lets hope the rain relents and we can fight back today.

(Login Fraisse10)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 9:19 AM 

The press reports indicate that 500 people entered the gates after 5pm.

(Login BrickyardBoy)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 9:56 AM 

As a long-standing resident of "The Fridge" I enjoyed a lovely warm afternoon in short-sleeved shirt. The morning too had been balmy, but of course there had been no cricket.

As the long evening turned into early night the temperature started to fall and in the end became decidedly unpleasant. People started to slip away.

It was noticeable that the tone of the crowd changed and I suspect that more alcohol was being consumed than would have been the case in an ordinary daytime fixture. Certainly, there were more young (mainly) men present at the close of play, but the crowd was by then well-down on what it would have been with a conventional finish.

I cannot say that I enjoyed the experience. What could have been a lovely warm day at the cricket, became one on which we had to turn the heating up in the car on the way home and even considered boosting the central heating for an hour before going to bed.

My feeling is that we simply do not have the climate for this type of scheduling.

This message has been edited by BrickyardBoy from IP address on Jun 27, 2017 10:58 AM

Steve C
(Login stevecowton)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 10:36 AM 

Good points actually.
By the end of the day there was quite a sour atmosphere - most unusual for a County game.
The handful of Surrey supporters were completely legless.
I'm not sure the day night experiment really added anything to my enjoyment of the day.

(Login marskeman)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 10:44 AM 

there were definitely more people leaving at 6pm than arriving.
bowler to bat i could see the ball ok but after it was hit i lost it until i located it again near the boundary.
luckily it was a warm day that only marginally got cooler on a windy cool day 7pm to 9pm will be awful.

(Login BrickyardBoy)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 11:00 AM 

I found that I could see the ball clearly when it was stationary; and not at all when it was in flight. Not much point in attending a cricket match if you cannot see what the ball is doing!

Over all? Not much impressed. "New and improved" generally means, in my experience, inferior, inadequate and more expensive. As a branding devise I have come to distrust it.

In the context of County Cricket, at first attempt, it seems to have resulted in:

1. A ball which cannot be followed in flight.
2. A trade-in for colder evening weather conditions.
3. Intrusive stewarding demanding inspection of the contents of the Brett's Fish & Chip carrier bag at the tea-time break (i.e.after 6.40p.m.) It was not revealed whether they were on the look-out for terrorist devices, or alternatively, contraband alcohol. (Perhaps both, but seemed disappointed that a carrier bag with a fish on the outside, contained nothing more sinister than a fish on the inside.)

All of it amounted to a change in the culture of County Cricket; a regrettable exercise in re-branding. If it continues to will attract a different clientele. It will also repel some. One wonders what attraction/repulsion measurements are being considered and what analysis is being applied to what the outcomes might reveal.

(Login Harrogateyorkie)

Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Surrey at Leeds (Day One)

June 27 2017, 12:20 PM 

I quite enjoyed b the evening, but as someone said I couldn't follow the old ball once it left the bat. Considerably easier with the new pink ball.

Don't know if anyone else noticed, but Lee's was getting some stick from the members side, especially from one guy who was stood up near the hoarding.

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