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In the pink?

June 27 2017 at 7:56 AM
Guest  (Login ThirdUmpire)

So the pink ball experiment. Whether it's designed to give test players practice for the day night tests or whether it's to try and help boost county four day crowds by allowing more evening play is a debating point. I favour the former as everything is geared to the national game so how have our test players done with the pink ball?

Cook seems to have no problems with an unbeaten half century. We don't yet know about the three likely starters in the top order from Yorkshire and all may be revealed today.

But Hameed (17) Buttler (2) Stokes (0) and Jennings (6) seem to have struggled. As did the hopeful Gubbins and the former opener for England Compton.

Hard to comment on the bowlers with so many injured or in the lions team but Wood and Anderson in the wickets and let's hope Rashid is today

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(Login Roundhegian)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 8:34 AM 

To me the colour looked more like orange than pink.

Steve C
(Login stevecowton)
Assistant Moderator

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 9:06 AM 

It may be my eyes - but i couldn't see it at all.
When they hit it i had no idea where it had gone - and i really couldn't see it rolling along the grass..
The new ball was better - and once the lights started to have an effect it made a difference but for 90% of the day it was worse than usual.

(Login StuartRA)
Assistant Moderator

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 9:14 AM 

We seem to have bucked the trend of previous pink ball matches and most of yesterdays games.

A big score by Surrey and only 6 wickets.

In all the other matches bar the Sussex game, the first innings have been completed, most of them with low scores and a total of 81 wickets going down in the 7 matches apart from at Hove & Headingley (14 in 2 of them).

Our match --- Was it good batting by Surrey or poor bowling by us, or a combination of both. They are a very strong batting side, and our attack is very "samey" in this game.

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(Login Fraisse10)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 9:22 AM 

Our attack is very same-y, full stop. I don't think many sides fear facing Yorkshire unless it's Ryan on a cloudy morning. Coad is usefully quick but not fast-fast; I guess Plunkett is now heading into that category. Brooks is loose; Patto and Bresnan are reliable, tight and unthreatening. Adil winkles out tail-enders given time but doesn't pose too many questions to experienced batsmen.

just grazing
(Login Justgrazing)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 9:37 AM 

I couldn't be there yesterday but the radio commentary team came down firmly on the conclusion that it was very poor bowling against very good batsmen, especially in the middle session. Not a winning combination.

(Login Spanishnick)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 10:02 AM 

What ball?

Tyke 1950
(Login Tyke1950)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 10:27 AM 

Coad is distinctly not quick. He has accuracy and skill. In time, I think it likely he will do the Patterson job for Yorkshire.
Plunkett is much, much quicker than Coad - at least in short bursts. It's so long since I've seen him in a four day game I've no idea whether he can sustain good pace all day.
Brooks is having a worryingly poor season. Bresnan is best employed as our fourth seamer. We urgently require Willey to make progress and Fisher to make a breakthrough.

Any supporters who think that our seam attack is a potent force, need to review their position, as I have done over the course of this season.
We're in transition. This makes for interesting watching but not for winning Championships.

(Login BrickyardBoy)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 10:30 AM 

I found that I could see the ball clearly when it was stationary; and not at all when it was in flight. Not much point in attending a cricket match if you cannot see what the ball is doing!

Over all? Not much impressed. "New and improved" generally means, in my experience, inferior, inadequate and more expensive. As a branding devise I have come to distrust it.

In the context of County Cricket, at first attempt, it seems to have resulted in:

1. A ball which cannot be followed in flight.
2. A trade-in for colder evening weather conditions.
3. Intrusive stewarding demanding inspection of the contents of the Brett's Fish & Chip carrier bag at the tea-time break (i.e.after 6.40p.m.) It was not revealed whether they were on the look-out for terrorist devices, or alternatively, contraband alcohol. (Perhaps both, but seemed disappointed that a carrier bag with a fish on the outside, contained nothing more sinister than a fish on the inside.)

All of it amounted to a change in the culture of County Cricket; a regrettable exercise in re-branding. If it continues to will attract a different clientele. It will also repel some. One wonders what attraction/repulsion measurements are being considered and what analysis is being applied to what the outcomes might reveal.

(Login JollyD)

In the pink ?

June 27 2017, 12:17 PM 

I agree with several posters. I also could not follow the path of the ball until it became stationary.
Day/night cricket is only for balmy summer evenings. Yesterday became distinctly chilly. In fact, although I usually make it a point of honour to remain until the final ball, I left with 11 overs remaining on Monday.
I was surprised at the official attendance which was lower than my estimate. There was also a distinct if small boost of people arriving after work/school. This was certainly noticeable in the Trueman enclosure where I was sitting. Counter to that, older spectators were starting to drift away before the second interval.

(Login NewBrian)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 12:27 PM 

I could see the ball OK until the light started to fade later. My main worries on that score are that it won't offer enough to the bowlers. Whether it would ever offer reverse swing we don't know yet.
I left at the supper break, along with lots of others. I don't think these hours fit in with most people's lives. One worry is that it's much safer and less aggravating walking through Headingley at 7 than it will be at 9.30 or later because there are not so many aggressive drunks. And I for one need to have a meal before midnight.

(Login Roundhegian)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 1:46 PM 

If the round of day-night matches had been played in last week's heatwave the feedback might have been quite different.

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 8:08 PM 

Probably a good thing that the poor weather has brought us down to earth with a bump otherwise some bad decisions might have been made.

They may want to try it again next season but unless you can guarantee the weather it's not worth the risk.

(Login Papag1)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 8:18 PM 

I just wish they would take all of their stupid gimmicks and shove them all where the sun dont shine and leave us alone to enjoy proper cricket that has stood the test of time before they destroy it for good.

(Login NewBrian)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 8:20 PM 

Yes, I have much sympathy with the above.

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: In the pink?

June 27 2017, 9:33 PM 

I'm waiting for Barry Hearn to get involved and introduce a new form of snooket or cricker where at the start of an over the bowler has a box of six different coloured balls (let's say yellow green brown blue pink and black) and the bowler can select what order he bowls which colour but the batsman scores the number of runs he gets off each delivery by the number of points you get for that ball when potted in snooker. So you could get 27 x 6 runs in one over.

Instead of power plays the bowlers can also decide when to bring out the box of red balls which only score one.

Instead of celebrating a century, batsmen will raise their bat when they get to 147.

(Login Fraisse10)

Re: In the pink?

June 28 2017, 9:16 AM 

Roundhegian, if the day/night matches had been played during the heatwave, and based on what we have heard about (a relatively inclement) Day 1, we would likely to be getting different feedback indeed, relating to excessive drinking and rowdy conduct, similar to that 'enjoyed' at Test Matches and (I hear) T20 knockabouts.

Not what (this) one wants in County Cricket.


Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: In the pink?

June 28 2017, 9:59 AM 

Heatwave? We had a couple of warm days, followed by a fairly hot one, when I had to seek shelter - at Old Trafford! The following day (dressed for warm weather) I was frozen, at York.

More like a heat ripple.

I just can't see D/N working in England where if it's warm it's light, and if it's dark it's cold. We hardly ever get darkness and warmth together.

In India they play in winter because it's too hot in summer. So it can be dark at 5 pm, depending which side of the country you're on - there's only one time-zone for a huge country - and it's pretty well always warm enough, except at Dharamsala, for example.

In Adelaide and Perth it can be roasting during daylight hours, something like 45C last time we played out there, on one day. It would be a pleasure to play at 9 pm there rather than endure the heat of a very dangerous sun for 7 hours. Same at Brisbane, where it can be very humid, and gets dark quite early.

So world-wide, D/N FC cricket must have a future. In England, ridiculous. Obviously it made sense to play this round of county games D/N with the Edgbaston Test coming; it was organising the Test as D/N that was madness, but I suppose that was driven by the necessity to gain experience before Adelaide.

I did find the pink ball relatively easy to see, especially against the green of the grass; less so out of the dark of the stands. I'll see how it looks in photos when I get started on them, later.

(Login Fraisse10)

Re: In the pink?

June 28 2017, 10:29 AM 

Dave M, it was a bit different down here in London/Middlesex!

I should always remember, from my Cleveland upbringing, that it can be cooler in the Broad Acres!

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Re: In the pink?

June 28 2017, 9:28 PM 

During in play at Edgebaston in very bad light this afternoon the commentator said they certainly wouldn't be playing if it was a normal day game with a red ball, even under lights.

Some discussion followed that sounds a bit simplistic, but might have some traction, is that during a normal game when the lights start to take over from natural light, instead of going off for bad light, just change the ball for a similarly aged pink one and continue play.

Sounds like an idea worth exploring.

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