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Re: Member's Forum 27 June

June 27 2017, 6:03 PM 

Silly points?

Ball Sup (Phil)
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Re: Member's Forum 27 June

June 27 2017, 6:40 PM 

To be fair. The more strident comments were directed at the ECB BogeyMen. Not really any direct criticism of Moxon, nor YCCC. Moxon just had to repeat himself a few times. He was honest about Yorkshire's on field problems. And, calming & sensible about the Pink Ball Experiment.

He was forthright about Ballance's selection for the Lions. Deffo against it. A couple of Members wanted, and had, a say about ECB, Strauss, T20.

Twelfth Man
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Re: Member's Forum 27 June

June 27 2017, 6:44 PM 

Forget the ECB. The real issue is what on earth has happened to the rest of our players, and why? Our bowlers, Siddy aside, have been well short of their high standards of previous years. And that's without mentioning the batting.

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Re: Member's Forum 27 June

June 27 2017, 9:09 PM 

I was present at the meeting and Martyn did do very well indeed in fielding a wide range of questions, not all of which were silly. Some of the insights that he provided were excellent; particularly with regard to pitches and their preparation. He also clearly voiced his frustration at the ECB's inability to give proper/fair consideration to the issues facing the counties.

There were indeed some "silly" (not my word) questions/comments and Martyn coped with these well. However, it is important not to dismiss them out of hand, because they reflect a growing concern about the disconnect between county members and ECB driven developments, not all of which are sensible, rational or in the best interests of the game.

More seriously still there is clearly a feeling that the ECB does not listen to these concerns when they are raised. For example, when Martyn had protested about Ballance's selection for the Lions game, as it conflicted with the important day/night match against Surrey, he (Martyn) had been told that it was none of his business as Gary is on an incremental contract. This does not seem to reflect a healthy relationship between the ECB and a county which nurtures many England players. That Martyn is prepared to say these things in public, would seem to demonstrate his frustration as well as his willingness to "tell it as it is"!

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Idle man
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Re: Member's Forum 27 June

June 27 2017, 10:00 PM 

Yes, I've been incredibly impressed by the degree to which Martyn, and others, are willing to engage frankly at these forums. It's not always sufficiently appreciated.


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Re: Member's Forum 27 June

June 27 2017, 10:06 PM 

Sadly Mr Moxon has had a long negative association with the ECB. In December 2006 we came across Martyn at Scarborough Beach, about 10 miles from Perth in Western Australia just before the 3rd test. At the time he was officially still Durham coach (but had probably already signed for Yorks). As the 4 of us had obviously recognised him he had a quick word. We asked about Harmison (it was the winter where Steve bowled 'that ball' at Brisbane) ... Moxon basically blamed the ECB for not letting Harmi play for Durham when he was recovering from injury in at the end of the previous season.

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