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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 4:49 PM 

Well JollyD if it makes you feel any younger, I was also at Headingley (age 10) with my Dad to watch my first Test Match. We went on the third day, really to see Don Bradman but he was out early, bowled by Pollard and Miller was soon out, but Neil Harvey in his maiden test then scored a century accompanied for rest of the day by Sam Loxton. This was the match when Morris and Bradman scored centuries in the second innings amassing over 400 for 3 wickets to win the test. My son and I were at the Sydney New Year test in 1999 and were sitting in front of Harvey and Loxton and so was Dicky Bird. I took a photo of them together and gave Dicky a copy at Scarborough a few years ago! Happy memories. I am booked for Scarborough in August, just before my 80th!

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 5:17 PM 

My first live match was very recent. The match at Scarborough v Durham which cemented the visitors as Champions. As I child, I was transfixed by the Pakistan team in 1992. Waqar and Wasim in particular. The players seemed much better then as an uninformed 9yo. Now as an uninformed 34yo, things seem a little different.

England were terrible at this time and Yorkshire not hugely better, so it was the tourists who inevitably caught my imagination back then.

remit 1
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reluctant spectator

June 28 2017, 5:20 PM 

What a coincidence this thread should come up just now…today marks the 70th anniversary of the first game I saw - Yorkshire v Middlesex at Headingley. I didn’t want to go - I wanted to play in the street with my pals, but my Dad told me it was a ‘special’ day - Bill Bowes’ benefit match. My Mum told me to keep my eye on him, because he did ‘funny things’ with the ball. When I asked, ‘What sort of funny things?” she said he didn’t stoop down to pick it up - he stamped on the ground as the ball neared his foot and it shot upwards into his hand - at least, that’s what I understood her to say.

Yorkshire were duly in the field and I watched attentively, but it never happened…What a come down!

Incidentally, Dewsburian, I was at the West Indies Test ten years later and the wicket-keeper wasn’t Kanhai - it was Gerry Alexander…

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 5:40 PM 

Great memories from you all. Very envious that my memory has gone and I can not recall any of the matches I have seen.

I thought I was one of our older posters at 70, but judging by the recollections, I am a relative youngster.

Idle Man
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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 5:58 PM 

Gloucs at Park Avenue, 1962, seated on the benches somewhere to the left of the pavilion with my father and grandfather. A comfortable Yorkshire win. I was taken, aged 7, to the afternoon and evening of day 1. FST got Nicholls lbw fairly immediately when Gloucs batted, and he appeared to leave his crease in some pain! Being the age I was I took more pleasure in Fred's 31 on the slog at the end of the Yorkshire innings than in watching him bowl. That came a few years later, still the most wonderful action of all.

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 6:05 PM 

Mine was somewhat more recently than many on here, almost embarrassingly so with stories of Close, Truman and Bradman. It was in the one day 50 over cup. We were playing Leicestershire, we had an early collapse and set them a (then) reasonable score. They looked to have one the game won but we ended up winning by around 30 runs. It was 1999.

Anthony Rowe
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First match 1950

June 28 2017, 8:08 PM 

Have been an avid reader of this forum for many years and , finally, this thread has inspired me to join.
Firstly, my log in name indicates that I now live in Thailand, which will be shortened to TIS. Had I used Thailand instead of Siam then it would have been shortened to TIT. So that explains the pretentious Siam bit.
I was 11 when I saw my first Yorks game, against the mighty 1950's West Indies, at Bramall Lane, on the old 3 sided ground. I vividly remember sitting on the KOP concrete terracing for 6 or 7 hours with no cushions etc. There were around 10,000 in the ground.
2 things stand out , for me. First day, WI were bowled out for less than 200 and Yorks were pretty close to that at the end of day 1. Len Hutton was 98 not out with 1 over to bowl. Frank Worrell came on as a spinner and tossed up 6 donkey drops , all of which Len played back and resisted the temptation to go for his hundred.
Come Monday morning (no Sunday play in those days) Len was out for 104 and Yorks collapsed to gain a slight lead. The second vivid memory was seeing Frank Lowson get a first ball duck and marched straight through the pavilion into the nets (voluntarily).
WI went on to win by about 30 runs with Alf Valentine and Frank Worrell both getting 5 fors. WI, in those days, had no fast bowlers to speak of and relied on Ramadhin and Valentine , although Ramadhin didn't play in that match. Worrell, Weeks and Walcott all played so what a privilege that was to see those 3 in the flesh. I can't recall how they batted but they couldn't have got many as all 4 totals were around 200.
Incidentally, Dewsburian, my favourite player was also Vic Wilson. I saw him make his highest score 185* at Bramall Lane. What a fielder he was! Hands like buckets as befitting a farmer from Malton.
The team was Hutton-Lowson- Halliday (An Harry Re: a previous thread)- Lester (our ex scorer)-Wilson -Yardley- Coxon- Wardle-Brennan- Leadbeater (a leggie, not the batsman of later years)-Whitehead. That was, more or less the team set in stone except Halliday took Willie Watson's place in this match.
May I saw what an excellent forum this is with a variety of sensible opinions and a remarkable tolerance of the few 'way out' opinions amidst such , obvious, passion

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 8:18 PM 

Welcome Tony. Having got the bug, I hope you are able to contribute more now!

This thread has made me appreciate that even in my fifties I am one of the younger posters. It's great to hear about our players and team before I started supporting them so they are not just names on scorecards of s bygone era.

I'm fortunate in that my parents were both avid fans and this rubbed off on me from an early age. I tried to do likewise with my son. First game for him was an Ashes test at Headingley where I took him aged about 5 and my parents. Sadly play did not start til mid afternoon but the Aussies batted most of the day and the first wicket occurred when I took him to the toilet only to hear the roar from behind the stand. He hasn't got the bug yet although I retain hope. His new student house in Sheffield for next year is next to Bramall Lane so I shall tell him of times we beat the Aussies there under Fred's leadership and the early tests played there in the 19th century. Hopefully he will know it's not just a football ground..

Anthony Rowe
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First match memories

June 28 2017, 8:49 PM 

Thanks for welcome, Third Umpire. Yes, I saw Yorks beat the Aussies
with Fred at the helm. What an accolade that was for the great man.
Without checking was it around 1953? Sadly no more first class cricket at Bramall Lane nor Abbeydale.
However, tell your lad to get down to Bramall Lane to see the Blades, now in the Championship.
Incidentally, Bramall Lane is one of the few grounds (if not the only one)to have housed a Cricket test Match and an F.A. Cup Final.

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first match

June 28 2017, 8:52 PM 

My first 'real' cricket match was the test v South Africa at Trent Bridge in 1965, with my mam, dad, brother granddad and uncle. Loads of memories. We sat in the sun in front of the electronic scoreboard!!!! They existed nowhere else in England then. Boycott bowled about 10 very tight overs - without a cap - and the Northants beanpole David Larter took a few wickets. I remember being really impressed by Eddie Barlow's batting. Colin Bland made only 10 - a 6 and a 4, before holing out.


Dave Morton
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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 9:10 PM 

Tony, I think you'll find Fred's finest hour was in 1968 when, as a veteran, he summoned up one final great performance to beat - thrash! - the Aussies.

Oddly, my earliest memory, though I'm sure it wasn't my first game, also involves Fred. This was a very young Fred who, playing for the Rest of England v England at Park Avenue in 1952 (I think) clean bowled Len Hutton. Len had made 80-odd, and I can still see the bails flying in my mind's eye.

This was the famous match in which, earlier in the day, Jim Laker had taken 8 for 2.

Geoff B
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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 9:12 PM 

Although I can remember being a regular at Headingley as a schoolboy from the late 1950's. I have to come clean and admit it was to see the likes of Lewis Jones, Derek Hallas and Ken Thornett on a Saturday afternoon.

I do remember being slightly interested in Yorkshire cricket around that time, checking the stop press on my Dad's Yorkshire evening news to see the scores. It would often be something like 90 for 0 with Stott and Bolus giving us a solid start, if not Fred would have nipped 2 or 3 out before lunch.

First match I can remember being at in person was a Test match at the Oval, England v Australia final day on the 27th of Aug 1968. A few of us had gone up to London on leave for a few days after finishing a course in Portsmouth.

Someone, certainly not me, suggested we go along to the Oval, more because you could get a drink all day I think rather than for any great love of cricket.

Consequently we did have rather a jolly time sheltered from the rain drinking for England for much of the day.

There weren't all that many in the ground as I remember but when Deadly Derek Underwood came on late in the day and turned it round corners on a soaking wet pitch, even this slighly drunken matelot knew something special was happening.

Idle man
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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 9:14 PM 

I was at the first day of that TB test. Tom Cartwright had SA in all sorts of trouble on a hazy morning, until the utterly brilliant Graeme Pollock just took England apart.

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Assistant Moderator

Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 9:25 PM 

Glorious summer of 76, Eng v West Indies Saturday of the 4th test at Leeds. Got me hook, line and sinker. As someone says above, somehow the touring teams were much more exciting than England and I so wanted to see Richards, Greenidge, Fredricks, Lloyd and Kalli bat and Holding, Roberts, Daniel and Holder bowl. I actually saw Greig and Knott both make 116 and Jon Snow knock over the top order in the final hour. Sat on the western terrace, as far as I recall no one was in fancy dress, no one made a beer snake, it was a jovial but sober affair, I loved it.

First Yorkshire game was a Sunday 40 over JPL match v Glamoran in Aug 76 also at Leeds, Hampshire played the significant inning and Bairstow got a few quick late runs to see us to victory. Sat under the old scoreboard at the Kirkstall entrance, where the drum banging can rattling West Indian fans had been a few weeks previously.

First Scarborough was Royal wedding day in 81, uncapped Tommy Hartley leading the side. First game without adult supervision. I sat mouse like in the Trafalgar Sq enclosure and watched every ball.

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First match memories

June 28 2017, 9:48 PM 

When I was 8 (1970) my father took me to see Hull City, then temporarily near the top of the old Division 2. He bought me a Rothman’s Football Yearbook. I became obsessed with football and walked around reading out interesting football facts. Sick of this, my father tried to distract me from my football-obsession by taking me to Scarborough to see Yorkshire play Worcestershire in the John Player League. The following year, 1972, he bought me Wisden. I became obsessed with cricket and walked around with that book, reading out interesting cricket facts.

My first match was played on 15 August 1971 and Yorkshire won by 52 runs. I recall being overawed by the size of the North Marine Road ground as I had been the previous November by Boothferry Park. We sat in the Peasholm Park end, what we always called (and still do) the ‘concrete stand’, quite high up behind the bowler’s arm. I had a scorecard (which I still possess) and I seem to remember being bought a John Player League brochure with county profiles. Initially I was very disappointed that my hero, Geoff Boycott, was missing, but John Hampshire and Colin Johnson scored some runs and helped Yorkshire to a respectable score (for those days) of 178. Worcestershire made some initial good progress but collapsed and my Wisden tells me they did not even use up their overs. Richard Hutton was the most successful bowler with 3-28 and Chris Old 2-14.

In truth it was not a memorable match in a poor season for Yorkshire, who finished third from bottom in the JPL. I have far more vivid recollections of an end of season game in 1972 between An England XI and Under-25 XI, when we were forced to shelter in a doorway under the West Stand during a break in play, and I entertained fellow spectators with ludicrously optimistic observations that the rain was clearing. I also recall queuing for Bob Massie’s autograph that year at a Festival match, and seeing the 1973 West Indies team in a three day match. An elderly gentlemen in front of us was hit in the face by the ball. Nearly 45 years on the Scarborough ground hasn't changed much - which is why I am looking forward to next week.

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 10:10 PM 

TIS, you're very welcome.

With a contributor in Thailand, and a moderator in Nova Scotia, is the WRF now the cricket forum on which the sun never sets?

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 10:21 PM 

Welcome TIS.

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 10:27 PM 

Apologies for the error over Kanhai. I've checked and he played as keeeper in the first three tests, but not in the last two at Headingley and the Oval. Well, I didn't say my Warwickshire friends were entirely reliable!
I thought someone would eventually mention trams. Again this may be false memory syndrome, but I have a really vivid recollection of leaving Headingley at one point (though it may well have been after watching the likes of Lewis Jones, Derek Hallas and Brian Shaw) and catching an old and decidedly rattly tram which took us, as far as I recall, to the Tommy Wass pub on Dewsbury Road, where we changed and caught the Heavy Woollen Transport Co. no. 1 bus back to Dewsbury. For many years, it was the only place, apart from Blackpool, where I'd ridden on a tram.
Oh dear, what with this and "special" buses earlier, I seem to be turning into Henry Blofeld. Of course, I suppose there's now a vacancy...

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 28 2017, 11:14 PM 

My first game was a Sunday League match at Scarborough in 1984. My only real memory of the game is Boycott being run out early on in our innings and my dad threatening to take us home. It might explain why I've never liked Boycott!

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 29 2017, 9:28 AM 

Does anyone remember a match at Scarborough when I think it was Simpson and Hardstaff put on a hundred before lunch for Notts with our bowlers going round the park. First ball after lunch was full toss from Johnny Wardle. Splat - it was an orange 😀
Sometimes I wonder if it really happened or is a figment of my imagination or was in a dream!!?

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