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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 29 2017, 10:22 AM 

I think I'm right in saying that before the orange was introduced into these islands, the colour we now know as orange was simply a particular shade of pink. So this would qualify as an early form of pink-ball cricket. In his benefit match at Mirfield in 1962, Freddie Trueman bowled the first ball with an orange.

Richard Holdridge
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First Match Memories

June 29 2017, 11:52 AM 

Anthony Rowe
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First Match

June 29 2017, 4:45 PM 

Thanks for welcome Wibsey and Stuart.
Thanks, Dave, yes, indeed 1968-towards the end of Fred's career rather than the beginning. I wasn't sure when I suggested 1953 , hence the question mark.He would only have been a very young man then.Great photos ,as always - keep them coming.
Alibor - would not it have been a 'pigment' of your orange ball rather than figment?
Yes, I know 'figment' refers to your imagination not orange- I've written the 'joke' badly.

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 29 2017, 4:53 PM 

My first game was at Scarborough festival in the mod 60's it was against a Rest of the World side which included Sobers, Engineer, Kanhi, Pollocks, sadly can't remember the rest of the team. I remember it was played in front of a full house.

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 29 2017, 7:46 PM 

This has been a very enjoyable thread to read through and testament to people's genuine love of the game during a rain-wrecked match.

Like some others my earliest memories are rather sketchy now, but for what it's worth, my interest started as a young boy in the early sixties. I used to read the Yorkshire Evening Post and take pride that, almost invariably, Yorkshire sat at the top of the championship. My granddad bought me a junior membership in 1966 and took me to my first match vs Derbyshire at Bramall Lane. I do recall the World Cup was on at the time. I also recall Derbyshire being shot out for not many, mainly by Trueman who I had only previously seen on the telly in the Tests. But Yorkshire didn't do much better. The person I most wanted to see was Geoff Boycott but he was soon out, as were all the others. I think we were all out by the end of the first day, but my granddad wasn't bringing me back for any other days. I don't even recall the eventual result of the match.

As an aside, a few weeks ago a friend of mine was honoured by YCCC for 50 years membership. This got me thinking, I would have had 51 years now had I not let it lapse in the mid 80s - a combination of circumstances, having kids, moving away and above all disenchantment at the perpetual strife in the Boycott years. Exiled in the West Midlands I maintained a close interest with occasional visits but it was retirement in 2009 that led to renewing membership in a vastly changed club. We moved back to the county in 2014, very much as a 'coming home' and my attendance improved significantly. Of course the last few years have been an absolutely great experience but, like others, I suspect we are in for a transition now. Reading my copy of 'A Champion Year' (2014) now just underlines how time and fortunes march on.

East Coast Type
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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 29 2017, 10:54 PM 

YCCC v Gloucestershire, JPL, August 1975 at Scarborough. Y 200-1, G 189.

Steve C
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Assistant Moderator

Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 30 2017, 11:12 AM 

I've shared this before but i'll repeat it for the benefit of new comers.
My first game was at Scarborough and i cant remember anything about it. It was probably around 1970/71 and the only player i can remember was Arthur "Rocker" Robinson - although i seem to recall my father going very sombre when Boycott came out to bat.
I was there with my Dad and his brother - my Uncle Joe who lived in Helmsley who i idolised because he was a game keeper. It was the first time i'd ever been with my Dad and his brother with no wives being present and i remember thinking how differently they seemed to behave. It was like they were boys again for a day.
We sat in the "new" stand where i always still sit. Its one of the happiest memories of my childhood.

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first Yorks match

June 30 2017, 7:03 PM 

Worcester in 1959 for me. Yorks batted but I can't remember exactly who opened. Stott? Sharpe? Bolus? Taylor?
I know we got to just over 130 and then had to leave yo get back to our hotel in West Malvern for supper. I was nine, or thereabouts, lived in Northumberland and my mother was from Rise. She her father and two brothers were all life members with the Scarborough festival the highlight of their year.
Still, it was better than watching rain for two days as I did this week in Headingley.......

I have enjoyed this board for a few years now but this thread has finally persuaded me to join in.

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

June 30 2017, 7:39 PM 

"i seem to recall my father going very sombre when Boycott came out to bat."
Yes, he had that effect, didn't he?

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

July 1 2017, 1:01 AM 

Welcome, Risep. It was Stott and Taylor. Bolus played, but not Sharpe. And a win by six wickets:


(Login risep)


July 1 2017, 4:37 PM 

Thanks Dewsburian. I also remember Doug Padgett batting well at number three (I think). He was one of my favourite players -- neat, organised, unhurried. He never seemed to get quite the recognition he deserved.

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First match memories

July 1 2017, 4:41 PM 

Is it bad that we've lost every game I've been to?

Anthony Rowe
(Login tonyinsiam)

first tied match

July 2 2017, 10:41 AM 

Yes, risep, Doug Padgett was all you suggest and I always liked his batting- he was so correct and neat. Although not my first match, the Yorks v. Lancs game (1969 at Bramall Lane)was my first tied match. Doug Padgett played a significant, but unfortunate part in that result. Yorks needed only 65, in their second innings, to win with 19 overs to play. We reached 64 with 2 overs left (only 3 wickets down) and Padgett to face. He played all 6 balls dead batted, thus leaving 1 over to get 1 run. Incredibly, Yorks lost 3 wickets in that last over (all to Ken Higgs)and thus the game finished tied. All this against Lancs of all teams.From memory those last 3 wickets were B. Leadbeater,and D.Wilson and R.Hutton. At the time the Lane crowd really let poor Dougie have it for playing out that maiden. Rather unfairly, I thought. A great example of how CC (3 or 4 day) can be every bit as exciting as the one day or T20 stuff.

Idle man
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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

July 2 2017, 11:34 AM 

Sorry, but that sounds like a draw, not a tie.

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

July 2 2017, 12:00 PM 

For me, the greatest expectation and excitement in attending first class matches has always the first morning of a match and especially if the opening partners are real class. Hutton and Washbrook/Lowson, Boycott and Edrich/Lumb or Greenicge and Haynes or Trueman and Statham, Miller and Lindwall, Hall and Griffith, Ambrose and Walsh, Lillee and Thomson etc. The first session of a match is always so fascinating 😀

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

July 2 2017, 12:04 PM 

Here's the scorecard for the 1969 roses match at bramall land referenced above.


Interesting that Old was stumped Engineer off Higgs bowling in the final over!

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Re: First Match Memories | It was 55 years ago today!

July 2 2017, 1:28 PM 

"Thanks for welcome, Third Umpire. Yes, I saw Yorks beat the Aussies
with Fred at the helm. What an accolade that was for the great man.
Without checking was it around 1953? Sadly no more first class cricket at Bramall Lane nor Abbeydale.
However, tell your lad to get down to Bramall Lane to see the Blades, now in the Championship.
Incidentally, Bramall Lane is one of the few grounds (if not the only one)to have housed a Cricket test Match and an F.A. Cup Final. "

You could also add England international football and now World Championship boxing to that list

Anthony Rowe
(Login tonyinsiam)

last match tied

July 2 2017, 7:00 PM 

Yes, you are quite correct Steel City Blade International Football and World Championship Boxing as well as Test match and FA Cup Final being played at the ground.
Thanks,Idle Man- I remember going away from the ground thinking it was a tie as if you add together the 4 innings scores they amount to 354 each side. Whereas a draw can be achieved with one side amassing , say, 400 and the other, say , 300, but with wickets left.The official scorecard does, as you say, call it a draw.
Interesting point, does anybody know the rule?
Yes, Third Umpire, thanks for the score card- it does, indeed , show Old (not Leadbeater) being stumped by Engineer. I was writing from memory and didn't check the official scorecard until after I had posted.

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My first match

July 2 2017, 10:13 PM 

My first match was at Scarborough in 1983 versus Kent in The John Player Sunday League although I had been to Headingley a week or two earlier to see England v New Zealand. England lost. It was the first time the Kiwis had beaten England on English soil! I might of been a jinx! By that I mean the Kiwis won a series in England. In 1983 I was 13 and coming down from Scotland to visit Uncles and Aunties I got to go to the cricket for the first time. I was born in Yorkshire you see although always living in Edinburgh. Yorkshire were bottom of the County Championship (so I really was a jinx) and that is where they finished. However in The Sunday League Yorkshire were firmly in contention and they got some big crowds for the final few matches. But I made it a hat-trick of doom and gloom as the Kent match lasted just one over. It was rained off with Kent 8 for no wicket. Lots of thunderstorms ruined the day and it was 2 points each for a no result game. I remember a huge line of young lads trying to get Graham Dilley's autograph as he was very much an England regular then. The Yorkshire team had Boycott, Fletcher (who bowled the only over), Dennis, Illingworth, Sidebottom, Sharp and Love in their ranks. Justice was done in the last round of matches when Yorkshire traveled to Essex (I think) and 4 points clear but that too was rained off and the 2 points gained that day clinched the John Player Title for Yorkshire which meant nearest challengers Sussex could not catch us..I watched that day on Sunday Grandstand on BBC2 now hooked as a Yorkshire Cricket Fan!
A Buchan

(Login risep)


July 3 2017, 11:54 AM 

In fairness, Anthony Rowe, Ken Higgs was more than a handful when steaming in, as plenty of test level batsmen found out as well

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