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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 6:51 PM 

Pretty disappointing position at close given we had them 200/9 at one point. I'm not yet worried about relegation but I do think this game is absolutely pivotal to our season; win and we're back in touch with the leaders but lose and we really do risk being dragged into a battle.

Worryingly it is the group of players who have formed the core of our recent success who are letting us down this season: Lyth, Lees, Bresnan, Patterson and Brooks are all having very poor seasons. Lees especially is a massive concern: if he's not careful he may find himself having gone from being Club Captain elect and opening in all three formats to not being in the first choice XI in any of them.

270 isn't a great total and can quite easily by overhauled with a couple of decent partnerships, but that's looking easier said than done the way we're batting at the moment.

Gavin Gray
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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 7:23 PM 

Surely the decline started with Sir Geoff's retirement.

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 7:27 PM 

Even if we do win this after scoring 400+ in the first innings, it should not mask the issue of poor top five batting, GB aside, for some time. I am still to be convinced by Gale, his appointment seems a cop out and possibly cheap option by Moxon et al after Dizzy left. As said elsewhere Silverwood/McGrath are doing wonders at Essex - did this pass YCC management by - I would find it hard to believe they would turn down the chance to coach there own county.

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 8:39 PM 

The team at present is nothing but a rabble.

Perhaps Gale's captaincy virtues were more down to Dizzy's coaching skills

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 8:51 PM 

A very poor final session by us.

We have a strong looking 6 to 9, far stronger than any other match this season, and we will need it.

A bowler light for the rest of the match, so vital we get a substantial first innings lead.

Let's hope we do, or this match will slip away from us.

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 9:08 PM 

Some rather silly comments above. 'Rabble' is just nonsense. Also comments about the openers, and the suggested 'solutions' are wide of the mark although I agree helping Lees and Lyth regain their confidence is a test for AG and MM. They remain by some distance the best openers at the club. I hope AG is up to the job, time will tell.

Today the rabble minus a front line bowler did rather well until the final wicket partnership produced a major momentum change - a couple of poor overs by Rashid, some agricultural blows and some clean hitting and 61 disappointing runs went against us. Fine margins, Rashid (and me from high behind the bowlers arm) was convinced Groewold (sp) was LBW for 0 and Bres grassed a routine 1st slip catch when the partnership was worth 6. Generally we bowled well enough without being great. Plunkett being the pick, and given his lack of four day cricket full marks for his stamina and fitness.

Somerset with tails up bowled, and caught, very well. Lyth, Lees and, to a less extent, Hanscomb, are really struggling and early wickets were not unexpected, although not all three. All went playing 'nothing' shots, taken in the slip cordon to chances that sometimes go down.

Brook looked very solid, at home in this company, full marks to him. TKC got to stumps, so well done, but looked less secure.

The pitch has pace, bounce and carry. Until the final wicket partnership we were definitely ahead. Now I'd say 60/40 Somerset. If we're say, 80-4 after the next hour but by then Somerset are bowling with a 30 over old ball, I'll take that and hope some combination of Bres, Ras, Hood and Plunkett can get us a lead.

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 9:18 PM 

I was there today (missed the first hour). In summary, I thought we had much the better of the exchange until a few overs after tea when the momentum shifted.

Plus points for me were Bresnan's captaincy. I thought he marshalled the bowlers well for the most part, and given that there was no Sidebottom, managed our seam resources well. Brook had a long bowl over lunch which payed dividends, since his spell with Rashid in the immediate period before tea gave our seamers an important breathing space, this allowed Plunkett to have a spell immediately before and after tea which on other days might have wrapped up the innings quickly - and but for a drop by Bresnan just after the interval, might well have done. I thought Bresnan also bowled well today. Coad might not have been quite on song (had one over that went for 16 - to his credit, Bresnan whipped him off, but brought him back after not too long a break, by which time he had regained his equilibrium. Plunkett was good, he likes this ground, he can be a handful (even if he maybe got a little carried away with the short stuff).

Minus points - we were a bit ragged immediately after lunch, before pulling things back. I though Rashid bowled absolutely fine until Groenevald got hold of him. Is the bowler to blame? You got the feeling that Yorkshire thought he might hit one up in the air after a couple of swipes - problem was he connected with his handful of swipes and took the momentum away. Although a number 11, he does have several first class 50s. It isnt difficult to clear the boundary at Scarborough, and maybe Rashid could have tried something different- bowling down legside for a stumping for example - but it all happened in the space of a couple of overs.

The last wicket partnership handed the momemtum to Somerset, which they took into the Yorkshire innings. They bowled OK - but not good enough to have taken three top order wickets. Much has been said about the two Ls - Hansdscomb now joins the ranks - he is in danger of repeating ins inauspicious season with Gloucestershire, where he averaged less than 30 I think.

Brooks (in particular) and K-C looked reasonably comfortable. You feel that one of them needs to get a 70 odd and someone else a half century, for us to be close. Somerset should not have scored more than 200 - and could easily have been bowled out for much less. Weather permitting, you feel that this is heading for a result - and Yorkshire could win it even if they have a deficit on first innings if Somerset as brittle in the second innings - in normal circumstances. These are not normal circumstances- our batting is so brittle - so you wouldnt back us chasing more than 150.

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 9:25 PM 

Can Brook open? Makes less sense now we're getting rid of Rhodes, he'd probably be useful right now.

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 9:53 PM 

Some positive reports about the captaincy and bowling - thanks for those, they're in sharp contrast to the comments of one or two armchair captains earlier today!

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 3 2017, 10:11 PM 

One of Groenewald's sixes narrowly cleared Alex Lees on the boundary. Another skier off Rashid fell safely between three fielders. As someone else said, fine margins.

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July 4 2017, 7:27 AM 

As I wrote on an earlier post Handscomb is clearly out of form / not good enough ( as overseas ). Without his hundred at Old Trafford made when it did not really matter his average is just 28 !!
Hope new signing is significantly better !!

Geoff B
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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 4 2017, 8:41 AM 

Nothing better, if it's your team, nor worse, if it's the opposition than a last wicket thrash.

From a distance checking the scores on-line I was happy.

Worrying about the 3 early wickets of course, but it's the score with 10 down that really matters.

I think the inclusion of TKC and Brook shows that action is being taken and it's difficult to see what else can be done mid season.

I'm sure one of the openers would have been dropped if Ballance hadn't been whipped away, or if it was felt that Leaning was in better form.

Perhaps a grizzled old Aussie like Shaun Marsh might be a better option than the relatively inexperienced Peter Handscombe in the present situation.

That may be a decision for the next CC match.

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Re: County Championship | Yorkshire vs Somerset at Scarborough (Day One)

July 4 2017, 9:00 AM 

scarbados is Lyths home patch so I'm backing him to do well second innings. I'm not sure the selection of Brook and TKC was an option more a case of them being next cabs on the rank after England have creamed off the ones they want.

We are missing Bresnans runs more than ever

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