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Re: T20 Blast | Derbyshire vs Yorkshire at Chesterfield (Match Thread)

July 8 2017, 7:01 PM 

We are on Sky on Tuesday

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Re: T20 Blast | Derbyshire vs Yorkshire at Chesterfield (Match Thread)

July 8 2017, 7:04 PM 

When comparing the spinners figures, the thing that stands out is Masden being allowed to bowl 4 overs straight through for 22 runs. He had only bowled 13 overs in his t20 career before today. Tahir is obviously very good.

Geoff B
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Re: T20 Blast | Derbyshire vs Yorkshire at Chesterfield (Match Thread)

July 8 2017, 7:15 PM 

As other people have said fine margins.

Maybe some confusion as to who should go for it between Willey and Lyth in the first couple of overs. With Kohler-Cadmore going so quickly they seemed to let Madson get away with it.

I was up for getting Waite into the game but he certainly shouldn't have taken one of Bresnan's overs.

Tahir's reputation may also have meant he was treated with too much respect.

(Login Spanishnick)

Re: T20 Blast | Derbyshire vs Yorkshire at Chesterfield (Match Thread)

July 9 2017, 11:57 AM 

very nearly as good as it gets at Chesterfield. Fine weather, big friendly crowd and exciting cricket to the death.For me, a couple of things made the difference between a good win and an agonising defeat.Their ground fielding was better than ours- we rolled over a few boundaries that could have been stopped.We also fluffed a run out where both batsmen were all but at one end(cost was 8-10 runs if i remember).Someone mentioned paying too much respect to Tahir. In my opinion the opposite happened.It was immediately obvious that we would score very few runs from him-in fact not a single shot from 24 balls went precisely where the batter intended.I felt we should have settled for the odd single off him and effectively treat it as a 16 over target. Willey and Marsh were both out playing rash shots to force a score off Tahir-Leaning much less so.Marsh and Willey would have continued to score handsomely from other bowlers had they stayed at the crease.Had we not "given" those wickets away we would have won comfortably.
But to be honest it was a smashing game enjoyed by everyone there I'm sure, so i feel a bit picky focusing on a few negatives. My abiding memory of the day was in the delay between the penultimate and final ball.With the crowd buzzing and on their feet, the bowler in conference (how long?)with half the derby team- the other half swapping and changing by the second, there he was.....Brez, leaning on his bat with his legs crossed looking like he didnt have a care in the world.He's a had a tough long week yet he could have been stood at the seas edge admiring a lovely sunset.If only....
Oh, and speedy recovery Fletch


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Re: T20 Blast | Derbyshire vs Yorkshire at Chesterfield (Match Thread)

July 10 2017, 8:46 AM 

Was at Queens Park on Saturday.
T20 not normally my favourite format but thought this was as good as it gets for T20.
Sell out crowd, lovely setting, good weather and a last ball finish.
A few things going Yorkshires way here and there and we would have won but some our fielding was sloppy and we did get rub of green with more then one mis shot going where there was no fielder rather then to hand.
I thought Bresnan had got the final shot over the fielder to win it but didn't get enough on it and was an easy catch.

The only downside was a few Derbyshire fans behind me who had too much to drink and were a bit leary and one point arguing with someone over the Miners Strike (yes really).
They were of an age where they should know better. But overall didn't spoil a good day.

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