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Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Re: England women Vs NZ women match today

July 12 2017, 9:39 PM 

Good win.

Any of the 3 teams through already, and whichever of India or NZ who make the semi-finals are each capable of winning the event. England's batting depth may give them the edge.

I haven't hardened my heart to watch it, but it was a good listen while pottering about in the garden.

(Login Dewsburian)

Re: England women Vs NZ women match today

July 12 2017, 10:06 PM 

It was a close decision to opt for Derby rather than Cheltenham today, but, despite one sunburnt knee, I'm glad that I did. Very sensible batting by Beaumont and Sciver rescued an awkward position and they batted with purpose and control until quite near the end, when I thought Sciver could have kept the ball on the floor and pushed the total up to around 300.
An amusing incident as I was leaving: Katharine Brunt seemed to have injured her back after an enterprising bit of fielding and the management sent over a sub in the person of Danielle Wyatt. Since Wyatt thought she was definitely coming on, she didn't have a yellow bib with her. When she reached the supposed injury victim, Brunt told her in no uncertain terms that she wasn't going off. "I'm 32 years old. I'm not a child. I know when I need to go off... Tell him I'm quite offended." I don't know if "him" was Mark Robinson or the team physio, but it seemed in the best tradition of Yorkshire fast bowlers.
Wyatt (unlucky to have been left out in my opinion) seemed to think it was all quite hilarious, but had to crouch down behind the advertising boards because she was dressed in England team colours. In the end, the reserve seamer Beth Langston brought her a bib and she was able to go back to the pavilion. I think the last wicket probably fell before she got there.
As someone said earlier in the week, there's quite a lot for the purist to enjoy about the women's game. I could make quite a long list, but two items will do: (i) the batting of Alex Hartley will delight the Society for the Preservation of Genuine Tailenders (I can see why she's in Mark Robinson's team, since she doesn't just treat the ball with suspicion but seems to fear that the bat is about to explode); and (ii) The League for the Concoction of Incomprehensible Nicknames would have to applaud Heather Knight being known as "Freddie".
The announcer began by referring to the incoming player as "the next batsman" but I noticed that he'd changed this to "the next bat" by the end of the NZ innings (I suppose a bit of synecdoche never did anyone any harm and this one seems happily gender-neutral). Sarah Taylor behind the stumps kept shouting "Come on ladies, come on girls", neither of which would please the conscientious feminist. Brunt occasionally chipped in with "Come on lasses", which felt a bit dated - or have I just forgotten my northern roots. Perhaps that's what happens when you programme in a day at the Cheltenham festival every year (even if you don't always make it).

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