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Re: 2nd Test | England vs South Africa at Trent Bridge (Match Thread)

July 18 2017, 8:53 AM 

Root shocked by Vaughan condemnation of England's 'lack of respect' for Test cricket


is root right and it's just a one off or is vaughan right?

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Re: 2nd Test | England vs South Africa at Trent Bridge (Match Thread)

July 18 2017, 9:05 AM 

I'd back the opinion of one of England's best ever captains, and I'm worried that Root doesn't seem to consider taking some of this criticism on board, given that they've had such parallel careers.
Re Dobell article, he's obviously read my post here...

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Geoff B
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Re: 2nd Test | England vs South Africa at Trent Bridge (Match Thread)

July 18 2017, 9:34 AM 

Extremely enjoyable article which raises quite a number of points.

A couple of times this season we've seen first hand, as Yorkshire supporters, how dangerous and aggressive the opposition bowlers suddenly look compared to yours when you've failed to get the runs on the board in the first innings.

I'm glad the England players feel relaxed and comfortable in the environment created by Bayliss, doesn't yet show signs of being the formula for a successful sports team though.


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Re: 2nd Test | England vs South Africa at Trent Bridge (Match Thread)

July 18 2017, 10:51 AM 

Some pundits are of the opinion that some of the players in our Test side do not play enough first class cricket to be match-ready for test matches. This might account for England's up and down form in tests. Note that England have now lost seven of their last ten test matches.

Anthoy Rowe
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2nd Test- Eng v. S.A.

July 18 2017, 4:49 PM 

Yes, Alex, I have long held the opinion that our Test Match , Centrally Contracted, players do not play enough First Class cricket. We are not privy as to what they , actually, do when not playing in a Test Match. That is , in their so called ,'Rest Periods'. I suspect that the idea was introduced to enable rest from the mental pressure of playing Test Matches.Thus, I would like to think that playing any other type of first class cricket is less , mentally, stressful but enables each player to execute his shots, attacking and defensive, so that the movement is "grooved in'.Thus, each player is playing cricket and ingraining the mechanics of the game. This has the added bonus of replicating the actual kinesthetic movement required in cricket and, in doing so, uses the same muscles over and over again. The idea of playing football and lobbing Medicine Balls (anybody remember them?)at each other utilises muscles that are not the essential prime movers in bowling or batting. I suspect that the amount of injuries , these days, is far higher than in the fifties, sixties, seventies when players played 28 (even 32) first class games a season. So, maybe too much resting plus the wrong type of practice.

Geoff B
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Re: 2nd Test | England vs South Africa at Trent Bridge (Match Thread)

July 18 2017, 6:31 PM 

I find it very difficult to understand exactly what Bayliss means when he is interviewed. However, in an interview with Jonathan Agnew I heard today it sounded to me like they had picked Dawson as a cricketing version of a sacrificial anode.

Moeen Ali it seems can't perform at his best if he's the only spinner, so they played Dawson to take the pressure off him.

I suppose it does explain the unexplainable.

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