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Parking for T20 Blast - Wednesday

July 24 2017 at 8:08 PM
Dave  (Login harker0)

Hi All

Coming to 1st match at Headingley on Wednesday, bringing elderly but mobile ish parents

Where is the best place to park close by, don't mind paying.

Thanks in advance happy.gif

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(Login sid-don)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Parking for T20 Blast - Wednesday

July 24 2017, 8:11 PM 

Lots of free parking just of Kirkstall lane. Check Headingley Mount and thereabouts on a map. If you're early(ish) you should be ok

Gavin Gray
(Login yorkie1863)

Re: Parking for T20 Blast - Wednesday

July 24 2017, 9:31 PM 

I usually park just off Cardigan lane. About a 4 minute walk from there.

(Login Coastalview)

Headingley taps/shopping area

July 24 2017, 9:55 PM 

As advised earlier you'll be unlucky not to find a spot in the terraces just off Kirkstall Lane very close to the ground.

If your late look out for some 2 hour controlled parking spots (0800-1800) on North lane and Ash Road, near the Headingley taps and the Arc bar which are yours till the the following morning at that time.

If you're feeling generous you can always use car park F on the St Micheal's lane side for £5 which goes to the club.

(Login shaunm-a)

Kirkstall Lane Blue Badge Parking

July 25 2017, 9:24 AM 


If you or your parents benefit from a blue badge there are usually parking spaces for disabled people on Kirkstall Lane itself; on the same side as the ground and past the gates heading towards Kirkstall. To use these though you have to be early as they fill up quickly and sometimes helpfully they are coned out of use.

Please though only use if you/parents have a blue badge as it is in my opinion a poor person who takes a blue badge space when they have no entitlement to use it and of course, it is an offence and I have seen wardens ticketing on these bays.


Steve C
(Login stevecowton)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Parking for T20 Blast - Wednesday

July 25 2017, 9:26 AM 

Well said Shaun.

(Login WibseySimon55)

Re: Parking for T20 Blast - Wednesday

July 26 2017, 12:34 AM 

I find it's closer to park in the streets around Headingley Mount, Estcourt Terrace etc and go in at the Kirkstall Lane entrance than it is to park in the 'official' car park F and walk to the St Michaels Road entrance.

And leaving car park F after the match can be a long and tedious business sometimes. But do arrive early (3/4 hour before the match) to find a parking space close to the ground in the streets off Kirkstall Lane.

Have a good time, and I hope your parents enjoy it.

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