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Re: 2nds at Worcester

July 28 2017, 1:43 PM 

A theme emerges in 2nd team cricket. Those with first team experience do very well. The gulf is significant.

I hope to be at A&B cricket club on Monday for our T20 double header with Derbyshire. For those missing cricket, have a look at the 2nds fixture list, its good place to be, lots of very decent stuff to watch and always in enjoyable and convivial surroundings.

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2nds at Worcester

July 28 2017, 5:18 PM 

I believe you are not alone in your efforts, Dewsburian. Some of his team mates have also tried. It seems he did not feel he could manage the pre-season fitness work yet again.
Wicket keeper Ben Birkhead is an eighteen year old from Huddersfield and no mean batsman, opening regularly for the Academy. Even when nineteen year old Jonny Read keeps, Birkhead will play for his batting alone. He also captained the under 17 side last season.

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Re: 2nds at Worcester

July 28 2017, 6:05 PM 

The gist of the short conversation with Ryan was that he'd rather go out while he can still do it than be forced out by physical decline. I think that's very fair, though he was the other player in this match - with Lees - who looked in a completely different class.
Alex Lees damaged a hand while batting, by the way. The physio brought him a glass of water and some tablets to begin with and later came on and strapped up what appeared to be his right thumb. He lost a bit of momentum for a while, which may, sadly, have cost the team the game. Having said that, Tattersall got a thick edge through to the keeper at one point and wasn't given out, so there were several "key moments". I do wonder if the ECB tests the hearing of its umpires. The shot was played a long way from the body and was heard by almost everyone on the ground, including one of the Worcestershire fielders who came over to my position at the end of the over. I said, "I'm from Yorkshire, but I'll admit that was out". His assessment of the decision isn't really printable.
It was the third time I'd seen Ben Birkhead from Scholes (the Huddersfield one) and the first time I'd actually seen him score a run. He did make a valiant effort at the end, but he and Brooks hadn't had any time to play themselves in and Hepburn, who came on to bowl that one last over, held his nerve. Twohig and Scrimshaw (who's quick) had kept the pressure on throughout the last 16 and, once wickets began to fall, there were inevitable losses of impetus. I disagreed with the promotion of Plunkett ahead of Waite and, though it could have been different if he'd connected with some of the shots he attempted, it would have been better at the time to get singles and give the strike back to Lees.
For what it's worth (and it's not worth much to us any more, I suppose), the other Yorkshire batsman who stood out was Rhodes. He was very fluent and did some powerful hitting when it was needed. Twohig got some lovely dip on the ball that bowled him. Earlier Twohig had deceived Tattersall with a slightly slower ball which he slapped to backward point, so my verdict on the SLA from Dewsbury is that he looks like a player we should keep monitoring for signs of homesickness.
Sid is so right about the convivial atmosphere of second team games. At various points I sat with a group of parents of the Worcester players and it was fascinating to see the game from their angle. Actually they were so pleasant that I wasn't at all unhappy when Worcs. held on for the draw. I was also able to have some conversations about the Malvern College thing, TKC etc. The England U19 player Zen Malik is another one who's at Malvern, though he's from Stoke and his father, with whom I had a long chat at close of play, is a pro in the North Staffs/South Cheshire league.

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