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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Essex at Scarborough (Day One)

August 6 2017, 11:19 PM 

I am a recent poster but to call Scarborough run down is ridiculous, if north marine road is your basis lets play no cricket apart from test grounds. The Essex supporters I talked to in the pavilion commented that it is a better ground than than Chelmsford. I got to the ground at 1050 and apart from a general admission queue nobody had a problem being in for the start and there was no queues at the Woodall avenue end as I walked past for general admission. Everyone that wanted a seat could get one as I wandered round the ground.

As for the game, lees got a decision that the umpire wasn't sure about, it didn't look like he hit it, Bressie got a shocker which was backed up by the same umpire at the peasholm park end giving Adil not out when he was plumb but it didn't matter as Adil played all round a straight one 2 bowls later. The rest apart from Lyth was a team short of confidence so no surprise. The bowlers have done there best to drag it back but somehow we need 300 in the 2nd innings to have a chance or 2 days of rain.

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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Essex at Scarborough (Day One)

August 6 2017, 11:26 PM 

A disappointing day all round. I can't remember the last day the umpiring has been so consistently poor (nearly on a par with our batting) for both sides resulting in the two teams in frustration clearly having no confidence in them and at least 6 clear cases of dissent: Lees (didn't appear to hit it); Bres (big inside edge); Bopara and Amir when Rash given not out; Browne (didn't appear to hit it); Siddy at least twice after TD given not out when plumb; Walter when given to make up for it and then TD as Walter was walking off. Add to that the farce at lunch when they obviously hadn't made it clear that the 8th extra over needed bowling and appeared to need telling by a couple of Essex players when most of their team were on their way off, kids were into their second over on the outfield and the PA was well into announcing the death of Essex stalwart Doug Insole. Talking to an Essex fan in the chip shop queue at the end of the day he had exactly the same opinion though happier at the end of the day. In the end the Ten Doeschate non LBW to Siddy could prove decisive in a low scoring game - they would have been 70 odd for 6, he was on about 10 at the time.

Having said that we appear to be continuing a steady decline with no light at the end of the tunnel. At least Warwicks are in a much worse state than us (but looking to do something about it) and Somerset have a lot of ground to make up but not only are we not winning, we aren't picking up points. If we lose this I make it 16 from our last 4 matches (assuming we get a ninth Essex wicket!). There is clearly no confidence or spirit around the squad as evidenced by every opposing team fielding better than us. Trouble is, much as we castigate our batting, where are the replacements coming from? We are giving Harry Brook a go but coming into such a struggling team when clearly not ready yet will only stunt his development and risks terminal damage to his confidence. TKC has also been rushed into a failing line up and Bres is having the opposite of last year's heroic season with the bat. I still rate Alex Lees but a spell in the second team and a lot of reassurance may help. The same happened to Jennings at Durham two years ago and look at the season he had last year. There was talk of us signing him last year based on that one season but, having been rushed into the England line up he has a career first class average of 24.5. What price Stoneman now? As Adam Lyth showed today we have 2 very good county openers but their form and confidence dips. Similarly, Jack Leaning had a really good season and a half but now looks "shot". Add to that an incoherent and, at times, chaotic and sometimes unlucky overseas situation and we look like a relegation team - very similar to Notts last year. Worryingly, a lot of us saw it coming (see "Momentum" thread) and I suspect so did Dizzy.

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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Essex at Scarborough (Day One)

August 7 2017, 12:04 AM 

well, we were under the cosh, but it was an enthralling days cricket. 18 wickets fell and the batsmen never got on top at any stage. only lyth and ten deschate came to grips at all. scarborough was magic compared to the aneamic plastic bowl that is our leeds hq. the essex member sat next to me enthused about how wonderful it was. and special praise to the groundsman who got the ground fit after cloudbursts flooded the area on saturday, no wonder it seamed, swung and was hard to bat on all day.

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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Essex at Scarborough (Day One)

August 7 2017, 7:30 AM 

Could I compliment Third Umpire and others for their excellent reports on yesterday's play at beautiful Scarborough. There was a touch of green (understandably) in the wicket and the Essex seamers took great advantage from conditions but I thought Adam Lyth batted really well and responsibly. Lees looked woefully out of form and confidence and the rest of the top order was brittle. Crucially, their captain's innings could prove the match winner after he benefitted from umpire reprieves from Sidebottom's end. Could not understand why Rashid was not introduced until almost 50 overs had gone rotating seamers of whom Coad was best.
Looks like being a shortened visit this year although the weather could still intervene if the match is not concluded today.

Idle man
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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Essex at Scarborough (Day One)

August 7 2017, 8:00 AM 

There are a number of comments on here about Andrew Gale. I was surprised by the appointment, but it had some logic behind it, in particular that for two or three years he would be leading the team he knew so well. It was still a risk, and it now looks as if this excellent team may be declining earlier than those making the decision expected.

However several posters have suggested he was 'the cheap option'. There is no evidence that this was the motivation at all. It implies that Moxon's given logical arguments are lies. And if they did indeed try to get Farbrace (whose playing credentials, for those who have mentioned that, are closer to Rich Pyrah's than to Gale's) they would have had to offer him a very good salary to get him to leave England.

We should, incidentally, not forget Pyrah. Ben Coad has suggested that his progress was significantly down to him, and given time, I suspect there will be others.

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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Essex at Scarborough (Day One)

August 7 2017, 8:26 AM 

Lots of gloom and doom, perhaps understandably.

This us still a match that can be won, however.
The pitch flattened as the day progressed. Yorkshire's bowling effort was splendid.
The batting was weak with the magnificent exception of Lyth. Hopefully the team will have been shamed by the woefullness of their first innings effort and bat much more doggedly today.

The response of some players to some umpiring decisions was lamentable.
Some of the umpiring was just as bad as the behaviour of some of the players.

Idle man
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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Essex at Scarborough (Day One)

August 7 2017, 9:06 AM 

I agree about the umpiring. One thing I wondered however is whether dissent from a bowler is treated equally. Certainly Bopara's dissent was as bad as Gale's a year or two back. We shall see.

One of the many things I dislike about modern football is that it is clearly common to dispute difficult decisions in order to build up pressure on the referee so that a later one may go your way. I fear I see signs of that developing in cricket.


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Re: Championship | Yorkshire vs Essex at Scarborough (Day One)

August 7 2017, 6:26 PM 

Lees has no reason to moan. Essex appealed for lbw (which looked an excellent shout) only for the umpire to decide that he hit the ball & was caught out.

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