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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 10:45 AM 

I'm beginning to wonder if I was at the same match as some on here. Brooks looked poor, but Ryan bowled decently. Yes Amir bowled well but he was helped by a completely inept batting display from Yorkshire. In the 2nd innings we were 0-2. Lyth didn't play at one he should have & Lees nicked one that he was well outside his off stump.

Let Ryan finish his season as he will take wickets. But Coad should open with him. Whenever I've seen Wiley in the Championship he looks like a one day bowler rather than someone who could run through a team.

Oh yes, and why did Bresnan leave it so long before trying Rashid? Yes ten Doescatha could hit him, but he was the batsman who effectively farmed the bowling get take Essex from 150+ to 230+

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August 9 2017, 11:57 AM 

I was at scarbourgh for the 2 days Sidebottom was poor he should have never been allowed to play this season he can only bowl four overs then has to rest should never have been given a contract for this year its the old boys club , and what do you bet he wants to be a bowling coach nice little number .

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August 9 2017, 12:26 PM 

Sorry, but I remain baffled at any suggestions that we should cut our ties with Ryan (before the end of the season) only due to one laboured performance when, along with Ballance and Coad, he's been amongst our best performers this year and actually given us a chance of staying up. He will be a huge miss next year.

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August 9 2017, 12:34 PM 

Some of you need to give the credit to Amir aswell. That is one of the best spells of bowling ive seen live.
He gives nothing away as a freebie. Perhaps a little more backing for the team and we will be fine this season.
A certain Ryan Gibson was at Scarborough and when asked if we should be playing he replied with a yes of course I
should!! Clearly one very mistaken young man as he is a long off 1st team quality.
Matty Fisher to lead us forward.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 12:42 PM 

Agree re Amir, it was a superb spell of bowling, but why, when it was 100% certain we would be batting first, did OUR groundsman prepare a very green wicket for him to use. I would think he would like to roll that wicket up, carry it around with him and use it every time he played.

Our bowling attack was as good as theirs, if not better, without Amir.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 12:58 PM 

we had a cloudburst in whitby the afternoon before the game. it flooded everything it would have been impossible to keep the pitch dry. and not much sunshine in the previous week to provide good batting conditions. do,nt blame the groundsman it was not his fault.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 1:23 PM 

No blame to the groundsman then, and apologies from me, but we were just unfortunate with the "no toss" rule, that we got the worst of the wicket.

Lets hope at Chelmsford, that we have a similar outcome with the weather and the wicket, then we can put them in.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 1:26 PM 

Credit to Amir who is clearly a class act, but we shouldn't allow this to mask yet another dire performance. Amir aside, that's now three defeats in row in the Championship added to our freefall in T20. Gale and co look increasingly out of their depth at this level, it's time for the players to show their worth.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 1:49 PM 

Amir is probably the best bowler in the division. We won't come up against that too often, well, once more!

If David Willey can't get un the current side, something is very wrong, and obviously we can't continue with the current opening pair. I would be tempted to let our experienced overseas player to earn his money and get him to open. I know it's not his gig, but he can't do any worse.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 2:46 PM 

When I suggested to one rather outspoken Yorkshire supporter that Lees should not have been playing, he countered by saying there was no realistic choice of replacement. So David Willey, nor any of the second team batsmen are apparently good enough to replace an opener who is completely bereft of form and confidence, a slow runner and poor fielder and who does not bowl in CC?
The inclusion of both the ageing Sidebottom and Brooks after injuries was risky and the exclusion of Willey and Patterson or even Fisher did not help our cause. The failure to even try Rashid until almost 50 overs was just ridiculous and he was clearly frustrated.
We may have lost the match anyway, but capitulation in less than two days was not only embarrassing but costly to Scarborough. The time to start building for next season should begin now with the inclusion of younger players in preference to most old timers.

Kevin Owens
(Login kevinowens)

Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 3:32 PM 

Peter, I'd happily have Ryan as our bowling coach. After what the man has given us during his two spells at the club. We need someone of Ryan's character coaching our bowlers.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 4:07 PM 

Amid was excellent but was lucky to be allowed to bowl after aiming four balls in one over at Coad's head instead of the wickets. The inexperienced umpire was weak and was responsible for most of the marginal decisions in the match, favouring the bowlers.
The innings of the Essex captain was crucial after he was given a couple of reprieves early in his innings. The old adage of good umpires of the past of "if there is doubt, then It is not out" seems to have been replaced with a new one which says "let's get the match over as soon as we can so we can get home early"! It would have been better for players and spectators if the marginal decisions at Scarborough had been more in favour of batsmen as the ground conditions were sufficiently in favour of the bowlers.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 4:19 PM 

I'd go as far as giving Ryan Sidebottom the 1st team coaching role, his fire and passion alone would inspire the batsmen to get back into form and not tolerate this slump for much longer. Jack Brooks hailed his 2014 success to his opening bowling partner.

Andrew Gale is as inspirational as a wet fart at the moment. Questioning batsmens mindsets and mentioning club psycologists to get players back into form, when what's really needed is to create and instill a winning mentality. That is up to the coaching staff and captaincy to create and motivate a largely talented squad.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 9 2017, 10:03 PM 

England have a series of T20 and ODIs starting on the 16th of September so Rashid , Plunkett if fit and possibly Willey too will only play at Lords and miss the final 3 games .

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 10 2017, 12:17 PM 

"When I suggested to one rather outspoken Yorkshire supporter that Lees should not have been playing, he countered by saying there was no realistic choice of replacement."
I saw Alex Lees bat at Worcester for the Second XI and he was head and shoulders above any other batsman in the match.

I'd have thought the only other candidates as batsmen from that eleven were Rhodes, who looked fluent, and Waite. Tattersall would be a more left-field choice, though I feel he's a year or two away from first team standard, which is worrying, as that's how he looked a couple of years ago.

I'm a bit surprised that anyone's surprised by the Yorkshire batting performance at Scarborough. They were facing a world class bowler playing in a team that's currently in the habit of winning. And doing so without either Gary Ballance or an overseas batsman. The history of the Yorkshire top order in recent years has largely resembled a game of Jenga: from the 2014 side, Williamson is long gone and Root and Bairstow are even more important losses; Gale, who was often a source of some serious fight is gone too. It's only stating the obvious to say that the strain being shown by the likes of Bresnan and Lees was fairly predictable. If you keep pulling the bricks out from the bottom, the whole thing will inevitably collapse at some point. It's a minor miracle that didn't happen at the beginning of 2015 when we had six players on the England tour to the Caribbean.

I suspect Andrew Gale's message will be that the batsmen all have to work hard, but it may be that some of them need a holiday. We have a lot of players who have played a lot of cricket - some of them almost all year round. But sometimes a change is as good as a rest. Why not challenge Adil to bat higher in the order (he tends to do better) or bring in Willey in something like a pinch-hitter role?

I actually hope Gale is quite excited by the challenge at the moment. One of the most interesting things I ever did in club cricket was take over a second team that hadn't won for an entire season and shake it up pretty seriously. When we began winning, I was enjoying it so much that I carried on playing with a broken finger (and I'm not particularly brave, so I really was enjoying it).

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 10 2017, 12:50 PM 

As so often, some thoughtful and sensible words from Dewsburian.

Rashid up the order is quite a good idea. He has been a bit too flirty in his batting of late. Spending time in the lower order for England won't have helped him.
Willey should play. As Sidebottom's ultimate replacement he needs time in the first eleven whether it's with Ryan or not. He does have a considerable batting potential which is being unused.

The upper and middle order is in a dark place at the moment. Despite the references to Yorkshire's bowling bonus points, I feel and have felt for a while, that some change is needed. Each of our senior seamers might, individually, have a good deal to contribute to the cause. Collectively, they don't any more.
Coad made his breakthrough because of injury to others. I doubt he would have played much at all otherwise. I would like Fisher to play alongside him. Opportunities might also be made available to Waite or Wainman. The loss of Rhodes to Warwickshire was, perhaps, an avoidable misfortune.

It can be argued that it would be better to wait until the end of the season to make difficult choices. I would suggest that we would be better served by exposing the next generation to the challenge of helping the team avoid relegation. Match experience isn't gained by wearing a yellow bib.

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Re: The Squad - moving forward

August 10 2017, 2:44 PM 

I think it is very likely that Willey will not be part of the one day set up. Whatever we think of him, England see him as a bowler (he never bats high enough to do anything with the bat). He has struggled with his bowling, so I think he will be available. The final four games would give him the perfect challenge. Continue your form with the bat but get your form back with the ball, show England that you still have a future with them and more importantly announce yourself as Ryan's full time replacement for next season.

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