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County heros (from the Guardian)

August 24 2017 at 8:20 PM
sid  (Login sid-don)
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Re: County heros (from the Guardian)

August 24 2017, 8:47 PM 

Fred Rumsey anyone? John Inchmore? Wasn't it Inchmore, sporting a huge bushy beard, of whom Jim Laker said on the TV commentary during a tedious passage of play: 'There's no truth in the rumour he was clean shaven when he started this over'?
Norman Gifford? Phil Edmonds? What about the great Dane, Ole Mortensen?
Any more great characters from the county game's past?

remit 1
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A one-off

August 24 2017, 9:53 PM 

Derek Randall - obviously.

But my favourite ‘character’ must be Nottinghamshire’s Charlie Harris, who was indeed a ‘one off’. When expected to open the batting (usually with Walter Keeton) after a long day in the field, he would offer the broadest of hints that the light was fading. On one occasion, he walked right across the middle of the square, and when he arrived in front of the spectators on the far side of the ground, enquired, “Please can anyone tell me the way to the wicket?” On another, he emerged from the pavilion with Keeton, but whilst his partner continued on his way to the middle, Harris rattled his bat along the pavilion railings, calling plaintively, “Walter, where are you Walter?”

An enigmatic batsman, he would play defensively with a straight bat for over after over, and then, as if a demon were unleashed, strike cross-bat boundaries for four or five successive balls.

An occasional off-spin bowler, he once handed his false teeth, wrapped in a handkerchief, to a close to the wicket fielder who had just dropped a catch off his bowling, saying, “Hold these - they’ll catch it as well as you can!”

The young autograph hunters loved him. On receiving the request to, “Do me a big one, Charlie!” He would take up to five minutes signing his name with all the loops and flourishes that calligraphy could muster.

A true original…

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Re: County heroes (from the Guardian)

August 25 2017, 9:34 AM 

Wasn't it Charlie Harris who was allegedly taken to hospital having dislocated a finger whilst fielding. Whilst having it put back into place in casualty the pain was so bad he started screaming and shouting. This brought the arrival of a formidable nursing sister who chided Harris for making such a fuss as a tough old sportsman undergoing a relatively minor procedure. She went on to say that by contrast a young girl was further along the corridor giving birth to twins but not making half the noise that Charlie was.

"Aye" replied Charlie, "but you try putting the buggers back in".


Dave Morton
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Re: County heros (from the Guardian)

August 25 2017, 5:05 PM 

A nice selection by the Grauniad - I'm pleased Boof made it, and I can't fault the others.

Wasn't there a little group of nutters from Essex? Ray East, Keith Pont and 'Tonker' Taylor.

I think it was Pont who, fielding at 3rd man at both ends, borrowed a bike off a young kid. Imagine a player doing that nowadays! They'd have his small parts pickled in a case at whatever gulag the ECB carries out its inquisitions.

Taylor was captain of Essex 2s under Gooch's humourless regime and said that if they ever played against a batsman who could hit it a mile, this lot will be fit enough to go and get it back.

Steve Kirby might have made the list. And what about Jack Russell?

Leg Glance
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Re: County heros (from the Guardian)

August 25 2017, 5:25 PM 

"In 88 matches he scored 8,871 runs,....." from the 'Boof' synopsis

A remarkable stat surely, averaging over 100 per game played?

Never realised that

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